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Welcome to

Bethel No.1 Anchorage, Alaska


2nd & 4th Saturday, 10:15 a.m.

15th and Eagle Street

Anchorage, Alaska  


What Is A Mason Ceremony

Due to the overwhelming number of requests for the "What Is A Mason Ceremony" performed by Bethel #1, Anchorage, AK at Supreme Session, Bethel #1 is happy to post the ceremony.   Copyright is held by Bethel #1, Anchorage, Alaska with all rights reserved.  Permission is granted to any Job's Daughters International Bethel to reproduce the ceremony or parts of the ceremony in any form as long as recognition is given to Bethel #1 Anchorage, AK and Author.

Click here to view the "What Is A Mason Ceremony"


In all the Land there were no women found so fair as the Daughters of Job!

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For questions concerning Bethel No. 1 e-mail: Mrs. Susan Anderson 

or Mr. Thomas Schram, Director of Fraternal Relations

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