Lodge Officer List of Toowoomba Lodge 132,

Worshipful Master: W.Bro. G.D. O'Donohue
IPM: W.Bro. J.J. Bishop
Senior Warden: Bro. W. Howard
Junior Warden: Bro. G. Pavlides
Chaplain: R.W.Bro. R. Allen PJGW
Treasurer: To Be Advised
Secretary: V.W.Bro. D.B. Gwynne, PDGDC
Director of Ceremonies: V.WBro G. Geizer PDGDC
Senior Deacon: Bro P. Cochrane
Junior Deacon: Bro. W. Smith
Organist: R.W.Bro. D. Malcolm PJGW
Inner Guard: Bro. S. Fisher
Tyler: Wor. Bro. N. Heyer

Congratulations to all new elected Officers, and good luck with the new year
Neil Street~Toowoomba~Queensland~Australia
Toowoomba Lodge 132H
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