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These Lodges meet at the Neil Street Masonic Centre:

Southern Cross No 18
Meeting Night: 2nd Monday (except January)
Installation Meeting: 2nd Saturday, MARCH

Services Memorial No 393
Meeting Night: 2nd Thursday (except January)
Installation Meeting: 3rd Saturday, AUGUST

Gowrie No 396
Meeting Night: 4th Wednesday (except December)
Installation Meeting: 3rd Friday, OCTOBER

Darling Downs No 66
Meeting Night: 3rd Thursday (except January)
Installation Meeting: 4th Saturday, JUNE

Toowoomba No 132
Meeting Night: 1st Saturday (except January)
Installation Meeting: 1st Saturday, NOVEMBER

Lodge of Instruction
Meeting: Quarterly
Installation Meeting: 1st Thursday, APRIL

These Lodges meet at the Robert Burns-Anzac Avenue Masonic Centre:

Robert Burns No 431
Meeting Night: 3rd Saturday (except December)
Burns night is held on the 3rd Saturday in JANUARY

Halcyon No 492
Meeting Night: 1st Tuesday
Installation Meeting: 2nd Saturday, FEBRUARY

Garden City Daylight No 531
Meeting Day: 2nd Wednesday (except January -- tyle @ 9 a.m.)
Installation Meeting: 2nd Wednesday, March


Ashlar No 127, meets at the Oakey Masonic Centre, York Street, Oakey - Reg.Meeting 2nd Friday (excl January),
Installation Meeting : 2nd Saturday, OCTOBER

Bunya No.373, meets at the Roche Street Masonic Centre, Dalby - Reg Meeting 1st Thursday at 7.30 pm(except January),
Installation Meeting : 4th Saturday, MAY

Burstow No 195, meets at the Middle Street Masonic Centre, Chinchilla - Reg Meeting 2nd Monday at 7.30 pm (except January),
Installation Meeting : 2nd Saturday, SEPTEMBER

Cambooya No 190, meets at the Cambooya Public Hall, Cambooya - Reg Meeting 1st Saturday
Installation Meeting : 1st Saturday, SEPTEMBER

Crows Nest/Cooyar No 159, meets at the Crows Nest Masonic Centre, Crows Nest - Reg Meeting 3rd Friday
Installation Meeting: 3rd Saturday, MARCH

Clifton No 111, meets at the Clifton Masonic Centre, Clifton - Reg. Meeting 3rd Tuesday
Installation Meeting: 4th Saturday, SEPTEMBER

Hope No 72, meets at the Allora Masonic Centre, Allora - Reg. Meeting 1st Friday (except March)
Installation Meeting: 1st Saturday, MARCH

HuttonNo 238, meets at the Masonic Centre, Jandowae - Reg Meeting 1st Saturday at 7.30 pm (except January)
Installation Meeting: SEPTEMBER

Jondaryan No 350, meets at the Jondaryan Masonic Centre, Jondaryan - Reg Meeting 2nd Saturday (except January)
Installation Meeting: 2nd Saturday, MAY

Meandarra No 461, meets at the Masonic Centre, Meandarra - Reg Meeting 2nd Friday at 7.30 pm (except February)
Installation Meeting: 2nd Saturday, OCTOBER

Millmerran United No 219, meets at the Millmerran Masonic Centre, Millmerran - Reg Meeting 2nd Wednesday
Installation Meeting: 4th Saturday, MARCH

Murilla No 265, meets at the Dawson Street, Masonic Centre, Miles Reg Meeting 4th Wednesday at 7.30 pm (except May)
Installation Meeting: 3rd Saturday, MAY

Pittsworth United No 91, meets at the Pittsworth Masonic Centre, Pittsworth - Reg Meeting 1st Thursday (except January)
Installation Meeting: 2nd Saturday, APRIL

Sir Joshua Peter Bell No 180, meets at the Roche Street Masonic Centre, Dalby - Reg Meeting 3rd Saturday (except January)at 7.30 p.m.
Installation Meeting: SEPTEMBER

Tara No 358, meets at the Masonic Centre, Tara - Reg Meeting 1st Wednesday at 7.30 pm
Installation Meeting:OCTOBER
Neil Street~Toowoomba~Queensland~Australia
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