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Neil Street~Toowoomba~Queensland~Australia
Toowoomba Lodge 132H
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The greater Toowoomba Region in Queensland is well known for its exciting history, parks, gardens, cultural events, facilities and scenic views.
Nothing reinforces Toowoomba's reputation as the Garden City more than the annual Carnival of Flowers.  Held each year in the last full week of September, this is a celebration of the richness of Toowoomba's environment when local people and thousands of visitors take pleasure in the beautiful gardens and enjoy the many cultural events staged at this time.

The earliest township in what is now the immediate Toowoomba area was Drayton, a small trading and service settlement, in a gully where the tracks of the early bullock teamsters met.  Land at a nearby swamp was surveyed in 1849 as the Drayton Agricultural Reserve.  Town blocks between the east and west swamps were surveyed in 1853 and became Toowoomba.  Early urban development of Toowoomba was in James Street which carried the traffic from the Toll Bar on the range en route to Drayton and beyond.  Freemasonryin the region started soon after the area became known as Toowoomba.

From its early beginning, Toowoomba Lodge has not been without some trials and tribulations and its survival to reach its centenary must be attributed to those members who have shown commitment and love to their lodge.

The reason for the creation of an Irish Constitution Lodge in Toowoomba is not known due to a fire in April 1901 which destroyed all of the early records.  However it is known that Toowoomba Lodge No. 346 IC was consecrated and officers were installed in the Lodge Rooms, the Institute, Margaret Street on Friday 12 October 1900 at 7pm.  Nearly 40 brethren were present including nine Grand Officers from Brisbane when WBro

John Henzell, PM was installed as its first Master with all other officers being Master Masons.  The ballot in those days needed to be "fair in the south", "clear in the west" and "square in the east" and if a member was absent for three meetings out of six, he received a "strongly worded letter".  Members seeking election to office needed to prove their fitness before being elected.

Early records show that the Lodge flourished and membership increased, despite the rent for the Masonic Hall set at 40.00 per year (approximately $95 today) in 1909 and in 1913 the singing of "For he's a jolly good fellow" and the "giving of McDuffs" were banned.

Today the Lodge is prospering.  New members are joining on a regular basis with an influx of newer and younger applicants.  It is pleasing to note that many Master Masons occupy office in the Lodge.  Currently its proud Master is WBro Gordon O'Donohue.

For more detailed information, you may wish to obtain the Centenary Booklet prepared by VWBro G Geizer from the Secretary.

The present day Toowoomba Lodge 132 is an "A. F. & A. M." Lodge.

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