The Square, Compass and Letter G

Terre Haute 19, F & AM

Worshipful Master, David M Peter
February 2004 Message

My Brothers,

We are off to a wonderful start. January has seen not only the stated meeting, but three Entered Apprentice Degrees - on the 15th, 22nd, and 29th. We are well on our way! The Secretary and I have also been busy. The Secretary attended a Secretary's Conference on January 10th, and both of us attended Founder's Day on the 17th.

If you know of a brother who has not been to lodge in a while, invite him back. Give him a call. Offer to pick him up and bring him with you.

On Saturday, January 24th, we will have our monthly "Clean the Temple." Meet with us at 7:30, help us clean our Masonic Temple, and enjoy some great fellowship.

And don't forget to support YOUR local lodge by participating in the Masonic License Plate Program. An application is available here for you.

Together we can have an extremely successful year!

W...M...  David M. Peter


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