Notice: has provided free webspace to lodges, Grand Lodges, the various appendant bodies, and our Masonic brethren since 1997. While there are no current plans to remove the site and free service, this notice is to inform everyone that we are no longer accepting new clients. Brother Carl Davenport and myself are in our 60's and looking forward to retirement, so the idea is to scale back the work and responsibilities associated with this labor of love which we have provided the craft for over 2 decades. Should the day come when we are no longer able to maintain the server and associated costs and do plan to retire the site, we will provide at least a year's notice to everyone who we are currently hosting. I wish to state it once again that there are no immediate plans to do so but that time will arrive eventually. Before doing so we will make an announcement that any interested brethren who wish to carry on this mission are welcome to contact us and we could ship the server to anyone who would like to make a contribution to the fraternity by continuing the work we started. Should none of our brethren volunteer to keep going, then we will give due & timely notice at the appointed time and give our residents sufficient time to find another hosting service.

Users who need to contact us for password or login reset's, to have an abandoned site removed, or whatever, may contact me at the following email address.

Fraternally Yours,

-Fred Broecker PM-
Union Park #610
AF & AM, Illinois