Important Notice for FrontPage Users:


Many of our users have been unable to publish or update their sites for several months. We apologize for that and will proceed to provide the explanation for the problems and the only available solutions.

The Problem:

Microsoft FrontPage and the server extensions were developed in the mid-90's. The software was not written to support websites over 300 folders and sub-web's. Once a server exceeds a certain amount of folders, sites, and files, performance degrades. Then after a certain limit is reached, the extensions themselves start to fail and cause recurrent and perpetual problems.

We never expected to grow so large but has well over 900 sub-webs and folders. Each site in turn may have dozens of additional folders and hundreds of files in them. In short, our service has become too bloated and large and the FrontPage Server extensions cannot cope with a site this large. The FrontPage extensions parse and index each and every folder and file within a FrontPage extended website, and keeps track of changes made to each file. We've been tweaking and juggling things for a couple of years now in order to keep the extensions working, but have reached the point where nothing can be done on the server side to make it work. In speaking to a Microsoft Software Engineer who had experience with the FrontPage Development Team, he is surprised that we've been able to manage for this long. Our site is three times past the typical limit where things will fall apart. This is why most Hosting Services no longer support FrontPage and why Microsoft has dropped the product and support from their line.

The Solutions:

We understand that many of our users have design elements in their sites which are dependent on FrontPage extensions. Some but not all of them include: Shared Borders, hit counters, hover buttons, and FrontPage forms. We could take the easy way out and eliminate the extensions but a lot of our users would have to redesign their sites and remove any elements that rely on the extensions. So to accommodate these users a plan has been devised to move the FrontPage dependent sites to our other domain of: Mastermason.Org.

For FrontPage users who have FrontPage Access Logins but do not have FrontPage components in their pages, we can issue FTP access. These users can continue to use the FrontPage Web Editor but will have to use FTP and not FrontPage to upload their files.

If your site is FrontPage dependent and you do not want to rework your pages to take out the FrontPage-specific elements, then the only option is to have your site moved to Mastermason.Org where the extensions work perfectly. Your Site Name will remain the same but the address will be changed to:

What we will do is move your current site for you, assign a new FP Login and then delete the contents of your original location. However we will insert a 'Redirect Page' informing your visitors of the new address and automatically redirecting them to within a few seconds.

Once we have balanced the load between the Dot Com and Dot Org sites, the extensions can be reinstalled on and they will work again as long as we don't overload the extensions with too many sub-sites & folders. If you have a FrontPage site on Mastermason.Com which DOES NOT require periodic updating, then you can sit pat until after the transition is complete. But if you need to update regularly, then you will need to apply for either FTP Access or agree to having your site moved to Mastermason.Org.

A form has been provided for each situation. Form responses will be handled in the order they are received. Just let us know whether you want to wait it out, get immediate FTP access, or be moved to and receive a new login.

We're sorry it had to come to this and for the inconvenience it has caused our users. Microsoft did not readily publish information or give warnings about FrontPage sites becoming too large and it took a long time to find out if the problem was with the server or not. Now that we know that nothing can be done short of reducing the size of our site, we're ready to get things back on track.

Links to FrontPage User Forms:

If you would like to stay on and receive an FTP access account, click here.

If you agree to have your site moved to and receive a new Login, click here.

If you wish to retain your FrontPage Login, stay on and can wait while we complete the transition, click here.