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New Holland Masonic Lodge No. 392


Lodge History

The Masonic Lodge in New Holland is in its 144th year of serving the community. On June 27, 1992, the Lodge conducted formal reconsecration ceremonies to commemorate the Lodge's 125th anniversary. Most Worshipful Brother P. Dean Gerber, Grand Master of Masons in Ohio and the officers of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons conducted the ceremony, assisted by members of New Holland Lodge, No. 392.

New Holland Lodge is the second oldest Lodge in Pickaway County. Only Pickaway Lodge No. 23 in Circleville is older.

This article is a capsulated history of the New Holland Lodge.

The following members of Fayette Lodge No. 107 of Washington C. H., Ohio, petitioned the Grand Lodge of Ohio for the privilege of forming a New Holland Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons:

M. V. Rawlings Abram Vlerebome
J. H. Yeoman, Secretary E. H. Dixon, Chairman
J. H. Folks G. W. Gooley
Samuel Hughes J. D. Orihood
A. S. Holloway J. F. Wilson
Benjamin Timmons W. J. Cochran
J. G. W. Donohoe  

New Holland Lodge No. 392 was chartered on October 16, 1867. On November 5, 1867, in the Hall of New Holland Lodge, the Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge acted as proxy for Most Worshipful Master Howard Mathews and officially installed the following officers:

M. V. Rawlings, Master J. H. Yeoman, Senior Warden
A. Vlerebome, Junior Warden Benjamin Timmons, Treasurer
W. J. Cochran, Secretary A. S. Holloway, Senior Deacon
J. D. Orihood, Junior Deacon J. G. W. Donohoe, Tyler

The installation being completed, The Master Mason Lodge was closed and a Lodge of Fellow Craft was opened. The Grand Lodge officers proceeded to pass Hamlin Smith to the degree of Fellow Craft in due and ancient form.

The first lodge hall was the upper floor of a frame building on Lot No. 19, which is on the west side of Main Street. (There is now a house on this location, just two doors to the right of where "Dogtown Stoves" is currently located.) The lodge room and the stairway thereto were purchased from George Vlerebome and Samuel S. Collier on March 21, 1870, at a cost of $700. Communications of New Holland Lodge were held in this building until May 1883.

On May 10, 1883, the lodge hall, being in need of repair, was sold to John B. Barker for the sum of $300.

A room was then leased from Jacob W. Mark. This was an upper room of what was then the Naylor Building. (The present Post Office is now on that site.) Communications were held here through December of 1889.

On January 2, 1890, New Holland Lodge met in the new hall in the Ferguson block, which is located on East Front Street. This served as the meeting place until June 22, 1898.

On November 2, 1898, the lot on which the present building stands was purchased from Henrietta Hearn at a cost of $1,500. The time that construction was begun was not recorded.

The dedication service for the new Masonic Temple was held June, 29, 1899, at 2:00 p.m. Brother Allen Andrews of Hamilton was in charge if the exercises. At 7:00 p.m. on this date, a lodge of Master Masons was opened, and George Kirkpatrick and Harry D. Colwell were both raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason.

On June 29, 1999 to commemorate 100 years in this location, New Holland Lodge No. 392 raised James B. White to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason.

There isn't any direct information concerning the cost of construction of the Temple. An estimate of $6,000 was made, but rumor had it that the actual cost was closer to $8,000.

Before 1952, the stated meetings were held the Thursday on or before the full moon. After this date, stated meetings were held on the second Thursday of each month, unless Lodge is recessed, as it may be in July and August.

New Holland Lodge has been the home of several District Deputy Grand Masters during its 144 years.

In October of 1934, Webber C. French was appointed District Lecturer for the Eighth Masonic District. During his tenure, Right Worshipful Brother French organized an all-district team that consisted of Brethren from various lodges in the district. This team consisted of a "Full Line Officer Corps" and "Fellow Craft Team." This team put on work in the various lodges in the Eighth District and a few lodges outside the district.
On October 25, 1960, in New Holland Lodge, the retiring District Deputy, Raymond Ashbaugh, with the assistance of lodge members; Howard Martin and Woody Workman, proceeded to install Brother John W. Craig as District Deputy Grand Master. He served during the years 1961-62-63.
Robert E. Grim was appointed District Deputy at Grand Lodge in 1986. On October 23, 1986, in the Hall of New Holland Lodge, a special meeting was held. A Lodge of Master Masons was opened in due form. Brother Robert E. Grim was then installed as a District Deputy. Most Worshipful Brother Robert E. See, Grand Master of Masons in Ohio, acted as the Installing Officer. He was assisted in his duties by Normand Lewis, Joseph Wilkins, and James W. Krinn; all Past District Deputies for the Eighth District. Right Worshipful Brother Grim served during the years 1987- 88-89.
James A. Teeters was appointed as the Lodge's fourth District Deputy Grand Master in 1998. On October 24, 1998, in the Hall of New Holland Lodge, a special meeting was called for the purpose of his installation. The Lodge opened in the Master Mason degree in due form. Brother James A. Teeters became Right Worsipful Brother James Teeters in installation ceremonies. Most Worshipful Brother Robert E. See, Past Grand Master of Masons in Ohio, acted as the Installing Officer. He was assisted in his duties by Robert E. Grim, Floyd H "Tony" Perone, and William Copas; all Past District Deputies for the Eighth District.

The Lodge has a current membership of 146 members. During its 144 years, the Lodge has had 99 dedicated men serve as the Master of the Lodge. The Worshipful Master of New Holland Lodge for this year is James Cheadle.


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