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Petitioning a Masonic Lodge

If you are not a Freemason and would like to become one, you may find this page useful.  The process in Ohio is as follows:

1)    You must obtain a "Petition for Degrees" from the Lodge you wish to join by asking for it. You must be at least 19 years of age.

2)    Two members in good standing will sign at the bottom after you have filled out the Petition completely to show that they are "Recommending" you to the Lodge.

3)    The Petition will be turned in to the Lodge accompanied by the appropriate fees.

4)    The Petition will be read at a Stated Business Meeting and an Investigating Committee will be named to contact you for an interview.

5)    The Investigating Committee will report back to the Lodge at another Stated Business Meeting with their findings.

6)    Your Petition will be voted on by all members present and if elected by a unanimous vote you will be contacted by the Lodge to inform you when you will receive your first degree in Masonry

Below is an example of a Petition for degrees as used by the Lodges under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Ohio, F. & A. M.


Side A

Side B

Request Information about Freemasonry

If you are not a Freemason, and would like additional information, you can do any of the following:

Contact a local lodge, which you should be able to find in the phone book under Fraternal Organizations (look for either A.F. & A.M. or F. & A.M. after the lodge name),

Ask any person you know who is a Freemason; he should be able to answer any of your questions.

Contact the Grand Lodge of F. & A.M. of Ohio, (located at P.O. Box 629, Worthington, Ohio 43085-0629). Their telephone numbers are (614) 885-5318 --- 1-800-292-6092, Fax (614) 885-5319. An actual petition may be obtained by downloading it from the Grand Lodge Web Site. Go to page: http://www.freemason.com/forms.htm and click on the link marked "Petition". To view the form you will need a copy of Adobe Reader. The Grand Lodge Web Page has a link to download a free copy of this program. Be sure to mention that your inquiry originated from the Internet If you are interested in joining New Holland Lodge No. 392 contact the secretary (Jeff Garringer), who would be happy to respond to your inquiry on behalf of the Lodge. You can email him at jgarringer3409@scpwildblue.com.

Although Masons cannot directly solicit members, our Lodge would be pleased to respond to your inquiry, answer any questions, and provide a petition for membership at your request.


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