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Lodge Location Maps

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Lodge Name
Monthly Meeting(s)
Pickaway Lodge No. 23 1st & 3rd Wednesday 113 1/2 S Court St
Circleville OH
Xenia Lodge No. 49 1st Monday 223 Corwin Ave
Xenia OH
Wilmington Lodge No. 52 1st & 3rd Tuesday 34 1/2 W Main St
Wilmington OH
Fayette Lodge No. 107 2nd Wednesday 113 1/2 S Main St
Washington C.H. OH
Blanchester Lodge No. 191 1st Tuesday 114 E Main St
Blanchester OH
Clarksville Lodge No. 323 1st Thursday MainSt at Second St
Clarksville OH
Sabina Lodge No. 324 1st Thursday 1577 St Rt 72 S
Sabina OH
Jamestown Lodge No. 352 3rd Thursday 6 1/2 N Limestone St
Jamestown OH
New Holland Lodge No. 392 2nd Thursday 19 N Main St.
New Holland OH
Yellow Springs Lodge No. 421 2nd Monday 242 1/2 Xenia Ave
Yellow Springs OH
Bloomingburg Lodge No. 449 1st Tuesday 5892 Main St
Bloomingburg OH
Jeffersonville Lodge No. 468 2nd & 4th Tuesday 23 S Main St
Jeffersonville OH
Heber Lodge No. 501 2nd Tuesday 205 S Water St.
Williamsport OH
New Burlington Lodge No. 574 2nd Tuesday 2551 US Rt 42 S
Spring Valley OH
Dalton Lodge No. 578 3rd Thursday 34 1/2 W Main St
Wilmington OH
Cedarville Lodge No. 622 3rd Thursday 93 N Main St
Cedarville OH
Michael L. Finnell Lodge No. 711 2nd Tuesday 1267 Yellow Springs-Fairfield Rd
Fairborn OH
Beaver Valley Lodge No. 753 1st Thursday 3565 Dayton-Xenia Rd
Beavercreek OH
Fairborn Lodge No. 764 1st Tuesday

1267 Yellow Springs-Fairfield Rd
Fairborn OH

Knollwood Lodge No. 774 2nd Tuesday 3565 Dayton-Xenia Rd
Beavercreek OH


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