Famous Freemasons


Buchanan, James - President of the U.S.

Ford, Gerald R. - President of the U.S.

Garfield, James A. - President of the U.S.

Harding, Warren G. - President of the U.S.

Jackson, Andrew - President of the U.S.

Johnson, Andrew - President of the U.S.

McKinley, William - President of the U.S.

Monroe, James - President of the U.S.

Polk, James Knox - President of the U.S.

Roosevelt, Franklin D. - President of the U.S.

Roosevelt, Theodore - President of the U.S.

Taft, William Howard - President of the U.S.

Truman, Harry S. - President of the U.S.

Washington, George - President of US, 1st



Black, Hugo L. - Supreme Court Justice

Blair, Jr., John - Supreme Court Justice

Blatchford, Samuel - Supreme Court Justice

Baldwin, Henry - Supreme Court Justice

Burton, Harold H. - Supreme Court Justice

Byrnes, James F. - Supreme Court Justice

Catton, John - Supreme Court Justice

Clark, Thomas C. - Supreme Court Justice

Clarke, John H. - Supreme Court Justice

Cushing, William - Supreme Court Justice

Devanter, Willis Van - Supreme Court Justice

Douglas, William O. - Supreme Court Justice

Ellsworth, Oliver - Supreme Court Justice

Field, Stephen J. - Supreme Court Justice

Harlan, John M. - Supreme Court Justice

Jackson, Robert H. - Supreme Court Justice

Lamar, Joseph E. - Supreme Court Justice

Marshall, John - Chief Justice U.S. Supreme Court

Marshall, Thurgood - Supreme Court Justice

Mathews, Stanley - Supreme Court Justice

Minton, Sherman - Supreme Court Justice

Moody, William H. - Supreme Court Justice

Nelson, Samuel - Supreme Court Justice

Paterson, William - Supreme Court Justice

Pitney, Mahlon - Supreme Court Justice

Reed, Stanley F. - Supreme Court Justice

Rutledge, Wiley B. - Supreme Court Justice

Stewart, Potter - Supreme Court Justice

Swayne, Noah H. - Supreme Court Justice

Todd, Thomas - Supreme Court Justice

Trimble, Robert - Supreme Court Justice

Vinson, Frederick M. - Supreme Court Justice

Warren, Earl - Supreme Court Justice

Woodbury, Levi - Supreme Court Justice

Woods, William B. - Supreme Court Justice



13 signers of the U.S. Constitution

9 signers of Declaration of Independence

Austin, Stephen F. - Father of Texas

Bowie, James - Alamo

Brant, Joseph - Chief of the Mohawks 1742 - 1807

Burnett, David G. - 1st President of the Republic of Texas

Carson, Christopher "Kit" - Frontiersman, scout and explorer

Clark, William - Explorer

Cody, "Buffalo Bill" William - Indian fighter, Wild West Show

Colt, Samuel - Firearms inventor

Crockett, David - American Frontiersman and Alamo fame



Henry, Patrick - Patriot

Houston, Sam - 2nd&4th President of the Republic of Texas

Jones, Anson - 5th President of the Republic of Texas

Lamar, Mirabeau B. - 3rd President of the Republic of Texas

Lewis, Meriwether - Explorer

Livingston, Robert - Co-Negotiator for purchase of Louisiana Territory

Revere, Paul - Famous American

Travis, Colonel William B. - Alamo



Aldrin, Edwin E. - Astronaut

Armstrong, Neil - Astronaut

Glenn, John H. Astronaut and U.S. Senator

Grissom, Virgil - Astronaut



Bartholdi, Frederic A. - Designed the Statue of Liberty

Baylor, Robert E. B. - Founder Baylor University

Beard, Daniel Carter - Founder Boy Scouts

Borglum, Gutzon & Lincoln - Father and Son who carved Mt. Rushmore

BuBois, W.E.B. - Educator/scholar

Chrysler, Walter P. - Automotive fame

Drake, Edwin L - American Pioneer of the Oil industry

Dunant, Jean Henri - Founder of the Red Cross

Ervin Jr, Samual J. - Headed "Watergate" committee

Fitch, John - Inventor of the Steamboat

Fleming, Sir Alexander - Invented Penicillin

Ford, Henry - Pioneer Automobile Manufacturer

Gatling, Richard J. - Built the "Gatling Gun"

Gillett, King C. - Gillett Razor Co.

Hedges, Cornelius - "Father" of Yellowstone National Park

Henson, Josiah - Inspired the novel "Uncle Tom's Cabin"

Hilton, Charles C. - American Hotelier

Hoban, James - Architect for the U.S. Captial

Hoe, Richard M. - Invented the rotory press, revolutinizing newspaper printing

Hoover, J. Edgar - Director of FBI

Houdini, Harry - Magician

Jenner, Edward - Inventor - Vaccination

Jones, Melvin - One of the founders of the Lions International

Lake, Simon - Built first submarine successfull in open sea.

Land, Frank S. - Founder Order of DeMolay

Mayer, Louis B. - Film producer who merged to form Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

Mayo, Dr. William and Charles - Began Mayo Clinic

Maytag, Fredrick - Maytag

Michelson, Albert Abraham - Successfully measured the speed of light in 1882

Montgolfier, Jacques Etienne - Co-developer of the first practical hot-air balloon

New, Harry S. - Postmaster General who established Airmail

Olds, Ransom E. - American automobile pioneer

Otis, James - Famous for "Taxations without Representation is Tyranny"

Penny, James C. - Retailer

Pullman, George - Built first sleeping car on train.

Ringling Brothers - All 7 brothers and their father were Masons.

Stanford, Leland - Drove the gold spike linking the intercontinental railroad & Stanford University

Still, Andrew T. - American Physician who devised treatment of Osteopathy

Thomas, Dave - Founder of Wendys Restaurant

Warner, Jack - Warner Brothers Fame

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