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If you would like to receive an additional copy of our Lodge’s newsletter, Jerusalem Times, please send an e-mail to JerusalemLodge99@aol.com.


The latest edition of Jerusalem Times was taken to the Post Office on Saturday, December2, 2006.  If you did not receive your copy, or would like an additional one, please e-mail jerusalemlodge99@aol.com!


To View Pictures From Our Lodge, Please Enter The Following Pages By Clicking The Links Below:

(Warning: The pictures contained within are all large in size.  If using a dial-up connection, please be patient.)

ENTER HERE (2005 & Older Pictures)

2005 Labor Day Pictures

2006 Labor Day Pictures

Spring CHIP Pictures

Golf Outing Pictures

Jim Helms 50 Year Presentation

***NEW***  2006 Fall CHIP Pictures

2006 Past Masters Night