Dear Brethren,

Wilmette Park Lodge is up and running and off to a great start. At our first stated meeting in December we had distinguished visitors from Istanbul Turkey and Prevo Italy who were in town for a Radiological Conference at McCormick Place. These visiting brothers expressed a desire to visit a Masonic lodge while in the United States and made their wishes known to Howard Graff, Grand Chancellor of the M.W. Grand Lodge of Illinois who suggested Wilmette Park. We thank you brother Graff. We opened 1-2-3 to demonstrate to our foreign visitors how the Masonic ritual is performed in the state of Illinois in the United States. After the opening we then proceeded to the installation of our remaining officers, our Treasurer, Secretary and Senior Deacon. The installing officer was RT. Worshipful Bro. Edward Rund the installing Marshall was RT. Worshipful Bro. Donald Dykinga. We had a great turnout for this event with many visitors from other lodges in the Chicago area. After the introductions of all of our visitors was attended to, our brothers from Italy and Turkey approached the east individually in the manner customary to their lodges to tell us something about masonry in their respective countries as well as some of the differences from what they had just witnessed. After lodge was closed pictures were taken of the lodge officers and foreign guests for the Illinois Freemasonry Magazine.

The upcoming Officer's Competition for 2000 consists of the conferral of the 1st Degree. The competition begins when the Master sounds the gavel prior to ascertaining if there are any candidates in waiting, and ends when the Senior Deacon divests himself of the receiving tool and resumes his rod after the Marshal is seated, The Secretary's Interrogatories are a part of the competition. This competition is in conjunction with operation Blue Lightning announced at the Grand Lodge Session just ended whose goal is to raise and or re-instate 5000 Masons by September 30, 2000 or "5k" in Y2k. In order to participate in a Blue Lightning Initiative where the 2nd and 3rd degrees are conferred after the Entered Apprentice Degree has been conferred by the home lodge, a lodge must have at least 10 candidates or 15 from the district.

For those of you who missed it, our holiday party was a huge success. There were over 40 adults and children in attendance and we were treated to holiday songs led by Ana and Ernie Valenzuela and their accompanist Sandi Stoltz. Santa later paid a visit to the delight of all those present.

For those with computers a set of "e-groups" has been set up to post notice of any Degree Work being done in our area. You can request subscription by sending an e-mail {including name, and the name, number, and location of Lodge} to:

Looking ahead mark your calendar for the 12th of February at 6:30PM, which will be our Valentines Dinner.

I would like to wish you all a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. As always, we encourage you to come out and participate in some of our many events. Watch the trestleboard and flyers for the timing of coming activities.


Joseph P. Chasey W.M.




Dear Brethren,

The new year is well under way and I hope you have escaped the flu epidemic that has been plaguing the area. For those of you who missed it, our Valentines Dinner was another huge success with over thirty adults and children in attendance. We were entertained to the delight of all those present by Mr. Ash who presented the mystery of magic, mentalism and comedy.

The DDGM will be making his official visit during our March 2 stated meeting. As has been the custom the past few years, his visit will coincide with the judging for the annual degree competition. This year we will have an actual candidate for the competition which consists of conferral of the first degree. The officers have had practice under the tutelage of Bro. James Southard {GL}, Bro. Russell Johnson {GL} and Bro. Erlindo Derupe {CLI}. Please try to make it to the March 2 meeting to greet Bro. Dykinga our DDGM, welcome our youngest Entered Apprentice and cheer your officers on in the competition. The officers can always use moral support and it makes them feel better to have the sidelines full. Looking ahead Bro. Crawford will treat us to one of his famous Spaghetti Dinners at our April 6 stated meeting. Dinner will be served at 6:30PM.

Finally on a sad note, it becomes my duty to inform you of the death of one of our brethren. Brother Warren Joseph Norton born 7-16-1913, died on 10-21-1999. We will all miss him.

At our January meeting Bro. Mark Thal {PM} gave a very interesting presentation on his view of Masonic Lights. Bro. Mark has agreed to reinstate Soapbox { a form of Masonic education} started several years ago during his term as Master. I found his presentation to be most interesting and educational and I am sure that many others did also; therefore, I have included the account of his presentation in this news letter for those of you who were unable to attend our January meeting. Any ideas or articles of interest for future inclusion in the Soapbox discussion or this Trestleboard will be most welcome.

I have found in my progress in Masonry, that there are many valuable lessons to be found in our rituals such as was discussed in Masonic lights. In my view in Masonry under all of the dressing, beneath the allegory, it all ties to what we learn in these first three degrees.


Author Bro. Mark Thal {PM}

In December I went to a wedding in New York with my wife and son. After we had eaten dinner at the reception my 5-year-old son found the music too loud, so we went into the next room. This was the synagogue sanctuary. Aaron picked up a book and asked me to read it to him. It was the Bible. I began "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. The earth was without form, and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep: and the spirit of God moved and said 'Let there be light, and there was light.'" I continued to read and after telling about God separating the light from dark and creating night and day, my son stopped me and asked how there could be light and dark if there was no night or day.

I started to tell him about the other meanings of light. Perhaps God in creating a special kind of light was creating knowledge, which can exist without separation from an opposite. I quickly realized that there was no way to communicate any of this to a 5-year-old. I told him the truth, "I don't know."

Because of that conversation with my son I started thinking about the Masonic meanings of "light."

These words from the beginning of the Bible are, of course, a part of the ritual we use when conferring a degree. They refer first to the literal meaning, we remove the hoodwink. After we snatch the hoodwink from his head our new brother can now see light and all that is illuminated by the light. I don't believe that any of us has ever believed that this is the most important meaning of these words from our ritual. I also think that modern electric light hides the meaning and impact that the literal light had in the past.

I have been thinking about our ritual and impact it would have had before electric lighting. Imagine yourself in a lodge of those days. Perhaps imagine yourself back even a little earlier, before gaslight. The Lodge hall would have been dark, illuminated by several small oil lamps, and the lesser lights. Imagine yourself as a new brother. You have just finished with your obligation. You may be a little overwhelmed by the importance of that obligation. You are kneeling at the altar of Masonry for the first time. You hear the Worshipful Master speak the words "Let there be light, and there is light." The hoodwink is snatched from your head and now you can see. In front of you are the Holy Bible, Square and Compasses lit by three burning candles. These candles combined with the dim light in the rest of the room focuses your attention on the Three Great Lights of Masonry. You look up and see the face of the Master in front of you, framed by darkness. On either side of the Great Lights and the Master you see rows of brothers on the due guard. The farther back you look the dimmer the light. You may not even be able to see the back of the lines. The light and locations of your new brothers focuses your attention on the Great and lesser Lights about which the Worshipful Master now addresses you. Our modern lodges have lost this visual (and likely emotional) impact intended by the original ritual.

After being "brought to light" in the First Degree a new brother discovers the "Three Great Lights in Masonry by the assistance of the three lesser." The first meaning that we receive for "light" is the literal meaning. In the pre-electric Lodge we are able to see them because of the three lesser lights, literally assisting by being sources of photons. Without the "three burning tapers" our eyes would never register the Great Lights. Next the "Three Great Lights" are given as knowledge and as reminders of how we are expected to behave as FreeMasons. We were next told that the lesser lights also represent three of God's creations. The sun and the moon are sources of light by which we can see, in addition to being reminders of the power and wonder of the Supreme Being who each Mason recognizes in his own way. The third lesser light is the Master of the Lodge who is also a creation of that Supreme Being and is a source of knowledge and wisdom, referring back to a metaphorical meaning of the word. As soon as we become Masons, we are presented light in Masonry as encompassing several different meanings.

I have been asking myself what "being brought to light" is supposed to mean in our daily lives. I don't believe that it should be limited to, quoting from our ritual, "the rule and guide to our faith" and "to square our actions" and "to circumscribe and keep us within due bounds." A wiser brother told me that he sees (a reference to a need for light) the "rule and guide" as being a sort of instruction guide for our faith and actions. The square and compasses as being a reminder to continually measure our behavior in relationship to those instructions.

In our proficiency exams we tell of being brought to light with the "assistance of the brethren." If being brought to light refers only to the Greater and lesser lights we would speak only of the "order of the Worshipful Master and the assistance of" A Brother. I believe that the other brothers are providing light by the teaching which is to come in the future, with the lectures, training for the proficiency exams, and through example by leading a Masonic life. Our brothers should also assist us in seeing by providing some of the feedback (another form of light) we need to help us to measure our success in living by the instructions in our "rule and guide."

Our ritual is filled with the concept of "light" in its literal and metaphorical meanings. We display the Great Lights and illuminate the lesser lights at the beginning of each meeting and yet, rarely do we stop to consider the purpose of this display.

I don't think that before reading to my son I ever gave thought to this topic. I owe a debt to Aaron for turning my attention to this, and I ask you to help me and all of our brothers by considering and discussing the Masonic meaning of "light."


March 2 Stated Meeting April 2 District Breakfast

DDGM Annual Visit April 6 Stated Meeting +

District Competition Spaghetti Dinner

March 5 District Breakfast



May / June 2000

Dear Brethren:

The weather has started to show signs of spring after a mild winter and just a few snow falls, time to sharpen up the lawnmower, and get that yard and garden back into shape.

Your Lodge has been quite busy since the first of the year. During the soapbox portion of our February Stated Meeting, Brother Hoover made a very interesting and informative presentation on some of the lodges that he has visited in his travels around the country. He mentioned the cordiality shown him and the various ways that he was received at these lodges, as well as some of the differences found in the ritual from that of the State of Illinois. We seem to be getting plenty of volunteers for the soapbox portion of the meeting lately, these presentations are usually short and I do feel the various topics discussed contribute to making the meetings more enjoyable to all.

At our March Stated meeting we had a very busy schedule. We obligated a candidate {my first as Worshipful Master}, and also had the honor of officially receiving Bro. Donald Dykinga, Right Worshipful District Deputy Grand Master of our district. In addition we had our state competition for the first section of the first degree, and for the second time in the last two years WE WON for our district with a score of 958 out of a possible 1000 points. That's an A+!! We were lucky to have an actual candidate for this competition by the name of Bro. Roger L. Sanchez, who was initiated as an Entered Apprentice and received a fine degree. Welcome to our fraternity Bro. Sanchez. All of the Wilmette Park Brethren who competed in the competition and the degree, in my opinion, were outstanding. Bro. Richard L Fox was in the West, Bro. Mark W. Thal was in the South, Bro. William G. Hilburn was the Senior Deacon, Bro. Michael P. Hoover was the Junior Deacon, Bro. John P.Tompary was Secretary, Bro. Harold H. Lundberg was the Treasurer, Bro Steven A. Mick was Chaplin and Bro. William L. Ekvall was the Marshall, Bro's. William J. Crawford and Anthony M. Ciffone were Senior and Junior Stewards, respectively.

At our April Stated meeting we were treated to a delicious Spaghetti Dinner before Lodge prepared by Bro. Crawford. Bro. Crawford sure does know how to make spaghetti. If we could have a dinner like Bro. Crawford prepares before every Stated meeting attendance would be increased significantly in my opinion. I would like to discuss the possibility of Dinner before each Stated meeting at our next meeting in May. Perhaps we could order pizza or have food brought in. Any ideas or feedback you may have concerning this possibility, please let me know. The highlight of our April meeting was the presentation of a 50 year pin to Bro. William Craig. The presentation to Bro. Craig was made by Bro. Edward A. Rund who conducted a very impressive Ceremony. Bro. Craig brought his wife along to witness this Masonic milestone. Congratulations again Bro. Craig on 50 years as a Mason. Also, Bro. Erlindo Derupe certified lodge instructor {CLI} and Worshipful Master of Northwest Lodge No. 271, was appointed Lodge Instructor for Wilmette Park Lodge No. 931. Bro. Derupe has informed me that he will be available for Lodge Instruction in the evening on the third Thursday of each month.The soapbox portion of this meeting included Bro. Pat Kansoer from Loyal Lodge No. 1007 who made an interesting presentation about a scholarship fund for his niece. Pins can be purchased from him for this purpose. Anyone wishing to contact him can do so by calling 847-583-8007 or e-mail at

It now becomes my sad duty to write, the Obituaries:

Bro. William R. Fowler {Our Junior Warden} was born June 14, 1936 and passed to that undiscovered country February 15, 2000 in Evanston Illinois.

Bro.Everett C.Groves was born November 27, 1898 and passed to that undiscovered country on March 22, 2000 in Evanston Illinois.

Bro. Everett M. Cox {Past Master 1957 Equity Lodge 878} was born April 30,1911 and passed to that undiscovered country on February 17, 2000 in Chicago, Illinois.

Bro. George W. Martin was born March 5,1910 and passed to that undiscovered country January 29, 2000 in Evanston Illinois.

Bro. Norman M. Moyle was born January 7,1908 and passed to that undiscovered country on January 24, 2000 in Florida.

Bro. Daniel M. Price was born May 17,1922 and passed to that undiscovered country on February 26, 2000.

Funerals were requested and performed by the members of Wilmette Park Lodge for Bro. William R. Fowler, at the Kenilworth Union Church, Kenilworth Illinois, and for Bro. Everett G. Groves at Scotts Funeral Home in Wilmette.

Thus ends the records of these Masonic brethren may there souls rest in peace. They will be missed by all of us, and we offer our sincere sympathy to their families and friends.

On a lighter note congratulations to our Webmaster and Junior Deacon Bro. Michael Hoover and his wife Cathy on the birth of their new baby boy Zachary Michael Hoover. Photos of this awesome event may be viewed on the Wilmette Park Lodge Web Site

The following are the important days to remember during the months of May and June:

May 4 Stated Meeting June 1 Stated Meeting

May 7 District Breakfast June 4 District Breakfast

May 18 Degree or Instruction **June 11 Celebration 2000 10AM to 4PM

June 15 Degree or Instruction:

June 24 Bring Your Own Barbecue Dinner




Dear Brethren:

I hope this communication finds everyone happy, healthy and ready for another wonderful summer. Relax and enjoy the summer brothers, the Solstice is here! Keep in mind that for July and August stated and special meetings are business as usual; as per our By laws. By laws are like a road map, they show the direction a lodge should take.

The highlight of our May Stated Meeting was the presentation of a 50 year card and lapel pin to Past Master Bro. Jack Coussens. The presentation was made by his own brother, Past Master Edward Coussens with his nephew Past Master Brian Coussens serving as Chaplain. Bro. Jack brought his wife Doris along to witness this Masonic milestone, and she in turn brought delicious deserts for us all to enjoy after the meeting. Congratulations again Bro. Jack and thankyou again Doris for those wonderful deserts. The soap box portion of the May Stated Meeting was provided by Bro. Chuck Horwitz {Assistant Area Deputy Grand Master N.E.} who made an informative presentation on the current changes underway at the Illinois Masonic Hospital. At the may meeting I am sorry to inform you that we had to suspended several brethren for non-payment of dues for two years. If you received the suspension notice and are still interested in paying off those dues, please call me and I will send you an application for reinstatement. The names of the suspended brethren have been reported to the Grand Secretary. This is in line with the administration procedures of the Grand Lodge code.

At our June Stated Meeting a Memorial Service for Everett Cox was discussed and it was decided to schedule it on the night of our upcoming bring your own BBQ dinner, which will be sometime in August. The soap box portion of the June Stated Meeting was provided by Bro., Mark Thal who made an informative presentation on the first degree lecture on Tenets and Cardinal Virtues with the discussion point being, that as Masons we are taught that in the exercise of brotherly love we are to regard the whole human species as one family, which led to a lively and interesting discussion by the members present. All members were reminded that we will be having Lodge Instruction in the evening on the third Thursday of every month at 7:30PM starting on June 15, unless otherwise noted with refreshment afterward. This Lodge instruction is open to all Master Masons {not just Officers} who would care to participate and improve upon their Ritual. I feel we are very fortunate to have found a Certified Lodge Instructor {CLI} in Erlindo Derupie who is willing to give us Instruction once a month. Lets all try to have a good turnout on the third Thursday of each month.

At both our May and June Stated Meetings our Senior and Junior Deacons advanced by one chair and our Junior Stewart advanced by two chairs. All went well so Bro. Fox is in good shape for the upcoming year.

We still have empty seats on the sidelines. If you can find time in your busy schedule, come out to Lodge. You might renew a friendship or meet someone new. We meet for stated meetings on the first Thursday of the month. We also meet on the third Thursday which is planned for degrees, instruction or other special events. Refreshments are provided after all the meetings.

We will be having our BYO BBQ dinner party on Saturday, August 19th at 5:00pm. Bill Hilburn will be running it this year and he has informed me that it will include entertainment so it should be a wonderful time. I hope to see you all there.

WE NEED PETITIONS! Why not bring a prospect or two to our BYO BBQ. We currently have only one candidate in our Lodge working through the degrees on the way to becoming a Master Mason. If you know any friend who is interested in joining the fraternity, please let me know so brochures can be sent to that person.

Finally on a sad note Bro. Charles Middleton has passed away. Bro Middleton was born on February 11,1912 and passed away May 12, 2000. Bro. Middleton was a member of the fraternity for over 60 years. Thus endeth the record of a just and upright Mason. A Masonic Funeral was requested and performed by members of the Wilmette and Glenview Lodges at the Donnllan Funeral Home in Evanston. Attendance was good at the service and the family was very appreciative. Thank you to all who were able to attend.

In accordance with Masonic Instructions Emphasis is always placed on Charity. Our Lodge currently collects food for the needy and all members should be aware of our efforts and help out with their contributions. We collect canned goods and non-perishable food items. Much needed contributions may be dropped off at the Lodge Hall on any meeting night or at other times by prior arrangement.

Please send me your news items and keep me informed of anyone who is sick so I can report about what is happening to the membership.

Happy Summer!


J.P. Chasey W.M.




Dear Brethren:

I hope everyone is doing well and making the most of these last days of summer. Fall is in the air and will be quickly upon us. If anyone has any news of any kind that you would like to see in the Trestleboard please write, phone or e-mail me, so I can put it in. My e-mail address is and I can put it in as soon as possible.

First, congratulations to our Chaplain Bro. Steven Mick and his wife Amy on the birth of their new baby boy Ethan Harold Mick born June 27,2000 weight 8 pounds 4.5 ounce.

At our July Stated Meeting our Senior and Junior Deacons advanced by one chair and our Junior Steward by two chairs. The soap box portion of this meeting was given by Bro. Mark Thal who read a poem by Rudyard Kipling on his Masonic experiences in India.

At our August Stated Meeting in preparation for the upcoming year our Senior and Junior Deacons advanced by two chairs and our Junior Steward by three chairs with Bro. Fox, S.W. filling in for me in the east. Bro. Fox and the Officers did an excellent job in their new positions consequently this Lodge will run smoothly next year under the capable hands of Richard Fox. At the August meeting we had three brothers who came prepared to give soapbox presentations so we are now beginning to get plenty of volunteers. Bro. Steven Mick ended up making this presentation from information that he had gleaned from the internet on various ways to make our Stated Meetings more interesting and not just a dialogue between the Master and Secretary. Various ideas were discussed such as reading the minutes from meetings of years ago etc. up to our current practice of soapbox.

For those of you who missed it our Bring Your Own BBQ was a huge success with over 35 adults and children in attendance. We were entertained to the delight of all those present by The Four Spacious Guys a barbershop quartet who performed many old time favorites in their vast repertoire of Barbershop Favorites. After the performance Bro's. Crawford and Hilburn served each person present with the individual Ice Cream Sundae of there choice. Also, a special thanks to our SD Bill Hilburn for organizing this event and a huge thank you to his wife Denise for all the effort and time she put in to preparing all that wonderful homemade food for our enjoyment.

At our Stated Meeting on September 7 a Memorial Service will be preformed for Everett Cox Past Master 1957.

The District Breakfast has been changed from Jaspers in Glenview to Maxwell's at 6415 Dempster Morton Grove, and will be on September 10 due to the Labor Day Holiday.

The Past Masters Night will be held on Thursday September 28. This is an important evening where once a year we gather to specifically honor our Past Masters. Remember that it is through this dedicated group of Masons who have led the Lodge that myself and the current officers and the many less involved members gain the benefit of good council and support.

The Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday October 19. This will be the date when the new officers are elected and the annual report given. Rick tells me he is well on his way to presenting a slate of officers for election. Come out and show the incoming officers your support.

Installation of Officers will be on Saturday November 4, Bro. Richard Fox incoming Worshipful Master, has been working hard to put together a slate of officers and a nice evening of events. Lets show up and demonstrate to the new officers we appreciate the commitment they are making

Bro.'s. Fox, Hilburn, Rund and myself will be attending the Grand Lodge meeting in Springfield, IL. October 6th and 7th . Most Masonic instructions manuals, texts, rituals pieces, pins, rings…etc. are available for sale. Let me know if there is anything you would like me to pick up for you while there.

The following are the important dates to remember during the months of September and October up to Installation:

Thur. Sept. 7 Stated Meeting and Memorial Service for Everett Cox

Sun. Sept. 10 District Breakfast at Maxwell's in Morton Grove 8:00AM

Thur. Sept. 28 Past Master's Dinner 6:30PM {Invitation Enclosed - Please R.S.V.P.}

Thur. Oct. 5 Stated Meeting

Fri./Sat.Oct. 6-7 Grand Lodge Communication

Thur. Oct. 19 Annual Meeting

Sat. Nov. 4 Installation of Officers

The Royal Arch Masons {RAM} have a chapter that meets on the second Tuesday of every month at the Wilmette temple. Many brethren from Wilmette Park Lodge No. 931 regularly attend these meetings. Meetings are held at 7:30PM with a dinner before hand at 6:30PM. I can personally vouch for the fact that these dinners are always delicious. At the September 12 meeting Ralph E. Roberts a certified Holistic nutrionalist specializing in nutritional counseling,

weight loss etc. will be speaking. If interested Please inform Bro. Bill Crawford {847}251-3500 that you will be coming as he needs a head count for meal preparation. The cost of the dinner is $7.00.

My year in the east is rapidly drawing to a close. It has been a good year. We have been more active in the 7th Northeast District and community events, as well as getting good coverage in local newspapers. I want to thank my fine corps of Officers for their hard work and the confidence they have shown me.


When the Temple was finished, the monarch called the Craft together in the ample enclosure, and, standing between the glittering shafts J. and B., he extorted them as his last injunctions, to perfect themselves upon the sublime principles of Brotherly Love and Relief. The duty of Relief be applied to the column on his right, that of Brotherly Love to the column on his Left.

'Twas in the years of long ago

The mighty task was done,

The waiting Craft in silence bow

And list to Solomon:

"Oh, bind the tie, Freemasons dear,

Where're your feet may rove,

With gifts the empty hand to cheer,

The wounded heart with love!

"Whatever lands your skill reward

With Level, Plumb, and Square,

Oh, teach the Golden Rule of God,

And be Freemasons there.

"The bread, the wine of quick relief,

Have ready in your hand;

For tear and sigh of brother-grief

Fulfill my last command.

"And though from Zion you depart,

Still do your Master's will,

That you may build, with hand and heart,

Upon the heavenly hill !"

Reprinted from "Masonic Odes and Poems," by Rob Morris, published by The Masonic Book Club.

Submitted by Bro. William G. Hilburn


J.P. Chasey W.M.





Dear Brethren:

I want to thank you in advance for my upcoming year in the East. I hope it is very eventful and that we have a great turnout in the lodge meetings for the next year.


Our installation of officers for the 2000/2001-year took place on November 4, 2000 at Eight o'clock in our lodge hall. The installation was a huge success and a good time was had by all. We had many brothers from our lodge, their guests and visitors from other lodges in the area.

The officers installed that evening were:

Worshipful Master - Richard F. Fox Jr.

Senior Warden - William G. Hilburn Jr.

Junior Warden - Michael P. Hoover

Treasurer - Harold H. Lundberg, P.M.

Secretary - Edward A. Rund P.M.

Chaplain - Steven A. Mick, P.M

Senior Deacon - William J. Crawford

Junior Deacon - William L. Ekvall

Senior Steward - Peter H. Lundberg, P.M.

Junior Steward - John R. Nye, P.M.

Marshal - Joseph P. Chasey, P.M.

Tyler - Edward P. Coussens, P.M.

I also want to thank installation officers who participated in the installation.

Master - Rt. Wor. Bro. Russell E. Johnson

Marshal - Rt. Wor. Bro. Donald L. Dykinga

Senior Deacon - Wor. Bro. Frank H. Welter Jr.

Chaplain - Wor Bro. Emmet Goff

Secretary - Rt. Wor. Bro Charles R. Horwitz

November Stated Meeting

At our November meeting, which was the last meeting Bro. Joseph Chasey was in the East, Bro. Joe thanked everyone for his past year in the East. Following Joe will be very difficult task for me, since he did an exceptional job as Worshipful Master.

Important Dates:

The following are important dates to remember during the following months.

Thursday December 7, 2000 - Stated Meeting For December

Sunday December 10, 2000 - District Breakfast at Maxwell's in Morton Grove 8:00 a.m.

Thursday December 14, 2000 - Lodge Holiday Party

Monday December 25, 2000 - Christmas

Monday January 1, 2001 - New Years Day

Thursday January 4, 2001 - Stated Meeting for January

Wednesday January 17, 2001 - Practice at Glenview Lodge

Thursday January 18, 2001 - Practice for competition

Thursday February 1, 2001 - Stated Meeting for February

Thursday February 15, 2001 - Practice for competition

Tuesday February 20, 2001 - Wilmette Park #931 host Grand Lodge School

Thursday March 1, 2001 - Competition

December Stated Meeting

At our December 7, 2000 stated meeting, we will be presenting a grant check to Lillian Konwinski. Lillian is going to Europe as part of a youth choir, and Wilmette Park Lodge #931 is very happy to help contribute funds for a portion of expenses for her trip. We hope to have a large number of brothers in attendance at this ceremony.

Holiday Party.

Our holiday party coming up on December 14, 2000 should be very entertaining. Dinner will start at 7:00 p.m. Please be sure to call Mike Hoover at (847) 853-4406 with your reservation. Cost for the event is $6.00 or $5.00 with a pantry item. As usual, parents should bring a wrapped, labeled gifts for their children.

John Tompary

We would also like to thank John Tompary for all his years of service as secretary of Wilmette Park Lodge. John is passing these duties over to Edward Rund who was installed as the Secretary of the Lodge. In the spring we will be having a function to honor John for all of his work. The date for this event is yet to be determined.


Please note, if you have access to the World Wide Web (WWW), be sure to visit our web site at

Also, if you are interested in receiving the trestleboard by e-mail rather than snail mail, please send me an e-mail at I will be happy to send these out to you. This way the Lodge can save the cost of the mailing.


Richard F. Fox W.M.

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