"Freemasonry is a many-sided subject. There is something in it which arrests and appeals to the shallowest mind or the most frivolous character. At the same time, there is much in it which has chained the thought and attention of the world's greatest intellects and wisest philosophers. It presents many aspects for study and investigation, either of which will amply repay the efforts of the intelligent mind and will lead to knowledge not merely curious, as some suppose, but of the most value."

Oliver Day Street
Symbolism of the Three Degrees, (1922, p.34)

What is Freemasonry ?
A reading for non-Masons prepared by the Global Fraternal Network

The Regal Philosophy Of Life In Freemasonry
by VWBro. Amancio S. Donato, Past Grand Orator

What Makes Masonry Distinct
by VW Bro. Mabini G. Hernandez, PDDGM

Test Of A True Mason
by VW Bro. Cesar L. Go, Past Grand Orator

Living Into Masonry : Answer To Disunity
by MW Bro. Enrique L. Locsin, PGM


The Grand Lodge of F&AM of the Philippines Hymn
(With its MP3 format !)


Dr. Jose P. Rizal : Illustrious Master Mason

Masonry and Philippine Revolution
by MWBro. Reynold S. Fajardo, PGM


Religion Has Given Us The Way To Live, Masonry The Way Of Life
by VW Bro. Godofredo O. Peteza, Jr., PSGL

Yes Virginia, Masons Do Pray !
by WBro. Manuel Ridao, PM

Masonry and the Catholic Church
by MW Oscar Bunyi, PGM


Masonry..... A Fraternity Blessed By God
by Rev. Ranhillo C. Aquino

Challenge To Freemasonry In Todays Context
by Jose Ma. "Boy" Montelibano

Masonic Mystique
by Manuel L. Quezon III

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