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Updated on 12/27/2011

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I want to personally wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and may 2012 bring happiness and joy to everyone. 
I hope everyone enjoyed Thomas B. Hunters’ annual Christmas Party and thanks to everyone that came out to celebrate this wonderful time of year, we had a great turn out along with some great tasting food and entertainment.  Special thanks to all the Brethren that helped with the cooking set-up and cleanup; we could not do this without your support.

Brad Hill W.M.

What Is The Lodge Of The Holy Saints John Of Jerusalem?

Bro. Carl H. Claudy says “There is not now and never was such a Lodge. Originally, lodges were dedicated to King Solomon.
    Dedications to the Saints John were made by other organizations as early as the third century, when the church adopted the two pagan celebrations of summer and winter solstices and made them our St. John’s Day in summer and St. John’s day in winter. It was wholly natural for operative Masons, having dedicated their Craft to the Holy Saints John to begin to believe that both St. Johns were themselves Craftsmen. Craftsmen must have a Lodge-where should that Lodge be but in Jerusalem?  Hence the Lodge of the Holy Saints John at Jerusalem came into imaginary existence.
    Today we use the phrase as a starting point for a Masonic career. Masons mean only that their Craft is dedicated to these holy men, whose precepts and practices, ideas and virtues, teachings and examples, all Freemasons should try to follow.’’

Why Does Freemasonry Forbid Brethren To Ask Their Friends To Become Masons?

     One of the fundamental concepts of Freemasonry is that the application for membership must be wholly a voluntary act. A man must seek for himself and join. Under no other formula can men unite brethren of a thousand religious and political beliefs. Under no more constricting act could Freemasonry accomplish her only end, the building of character among men. Men who become members of a Masonic lodge for any other reason than their own desires can neither receive nor give to others the advantages of a wholly voluntary association. Freemasonry is bigger than any man; the man must seek its blessings; it never seeks the man.


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January Birthdays

Aubrey L. Bilbrey Jr., James W. Bowen, David L. Brown, Russell A. Clausen Jr., Jack D. Cooper, Allen D.Doverspike, Jr., James J. Ellis Sr., Clayton Fleming, Boyd Hansbro III, Dudley I. Harvey, Davis E. Hopkins, Warren S. House, Wendel T. Hulse, William L. Hundley, David John Jakstas, Johnny F. Jinks, Richard V. Keating Jr., Tommy G. Lee, W.Everett Morris, W. Ed Morris, James F. Pengelly, Reginald J. Phillips, Michael D. Poteete, Bobby J. Selft