Five NCT families living in Dowling Park,  Florida felt there was a void in chapter coverage in North Central Florida and South Central Georgia. There were existing chapters in Jacksonville on the extreme east coast and Pensacola on the extreme west coast.  For NCT to grow, a chapter was needed to serve the central area.

On February 5, 2000 eighteen interested people met with a goal of forming a new chapter to serve the camping needs of central area families. Pro-tem officers were appointed to serve for the next three months. The group continued to meet at monthly campouts and worked toward obtaining our charter.  The chapter received its charter on May 20,2000.

In three months the membership grew from five interested families to twelve member families and eleven associate members.

As of December 2002 the chapter membership stands at twenty one member families and twenty one associate families.

Chapter #229 members are dedicated to fellowship, fun and community service.

Don & Joanne Mott and George Steel receive the Chapters Charter from Roger Simmons,  National NCT President.

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