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Feast of St John Dec 27th @ 6:30



Eastern Star - 2nd Monday @ 7:00PM

Rainbow - 1st & 3rd Mon @ 7:00 PM

DeMolay - 1st & 3rd Wed @ 7:00 PM

York Rite - 2nd Tuesday @ 7:30 PM


Blue Lodge CRAFT CLUB meets Every  Thurs. (We could all use a little practice.)

York Rite Chap & Council - 2nd Tues @ 7:00 PM

York Rite Commandry (B-town) 4th Tuesday @ 7:00

Scottish Rite (Terre Haute) - 2nd Wed @ 7:30 PM 

Try the forums link. There is something for everyone in there. This forum is national and even international in scope.

This is where a lot of new lodge proposals and programs are explained