Inside Ruston Lodge

Listed below are all the officers in Ruston Lodge.
Beside each page is a picture of their station or jewel of their office with a description of that office.

(Diagram of a common lodge room)


The East

The Worshipful Master, or presiding officer, is located in the East.
In nature, the sun rises in the East to spread light on the earth.
Similarly, the Master is the source of Masonic knowledge and light.

Worshipful Master

The Worshipful Master's station is where he takes responsibility for everything that takes place in lodge during a meeting.
He also manages the lodge's affairs outside of meetings. The jewel of his office is the Square,
a tool used to ensure the angle of a stone is "true" and a symbol of morality and virtue.


Seated directly to the left of the Master, the Chaplain's jewel is an Open Volume of Sacred Law. He conducts all devotional prayers in lodge:
opening and closing meetings, during ritual, and before meals. The Chaplain does not have to be a professional clergyman.


The Secretary is situated to the far-left of the Master. His jewel is the Crossed Quill Pens. He maintains the records of the lodge,
handles all correspondence, and receives money from the members and transfers the receipts to the Treasurer.


The Treasurer's Desk is to the far-right of the Master. He controls and accounts for the money and other property of the lodge,
receives all money from the Secretary, keeps a record of it, and pays it out at the order of the Master, with the consent of the lodge.
His Jewel is the crossed keys, a symbol of trustworthiness.

The West

The Senior Warden, along with the Junior Deacon, occupies the West. Just as the sun sets in the West at the end of the day,
the Senior Warden assists the Master in opening and closing the lodge.

Senior Warden

The Senior Warden's jewel is the level, an instrument for proving horizontal services, signifying all Masons meet on the level (or are equal)
regardless of their background. Second to the Master, the Senior Warden assumes the responsibility of the lodge during the Master's absence.

Junior Deacon

At the right of the Senior Warden, the Junior Deacon assists the Senior Deacon, delivers messages as directed by the Worshipful Master and Senior Warden,
and helps ensure the door is secure. Like the Senior Deacon, the Junior Deacon's jewel is the square and compasses.
The Junior Deacon has a moon within the compasses to signify he is in the West.

The South

The Junior Warden, and the Senior and Junior Stewards who assist him, sits in the South, or the position of the sun at midday while at its highest point.
Because he respresents the sun at noon, the Junior Warden calls the craft from labor (work) to refreshment (recess);
and when the lodge is ready to begin again, from refreshment to labor.

Junior Warden

The third ranking officer in the lodge, the Junior Warden supports the Master and often arranges the lodge's meals and beverages. His jewel is the plumb,
a tool used to measure vertical alignment. In Masonry it is an emblem of moral rectitude, or upright behavior.

Junior and Senior Stewards

The Senior and Junior Stewards set up and break down the lodge room for meetings, participate in processions,
and aid the Junior Warden during times of refresment. Their jewel is the cornucopia, or "horn of plenty."

Other Officers

Senior Deacon

Situated to the right of the Worshipful Master in the Northeast corner of the lodge room is the Senior Deacon.
He assists the Master and delivers his message wherever directed. The Senior Deacon also conducts candidates inside the lodge room.
His jewel is the square and compasses with a sun in the middle signifying his position in the East.

Master of Ceremonies

The Master of Ceremonies assist the Senior Deacon and other officers in perfomring their duties,
and prepares the candidates for degrees. His jewel is the Crossed Swords.


The Marshall's duties are to arrange all processions of the Lodge, and to preserve order according to the forms presrcibed.
His jewel is the Crossed Batons


The Tyler's station is outside the closed door of the lodge room to "keep off all cowans and eavesdroppers." His jewel is the sword.

The Altar

Located at the center of the lodge, the altar is the focal point of many of the lodge's rituals and ceremonies.
It is the place where a newly initiated Brother takes his obligation to follow the moral code of the fraternity and agree to abide by its regulations.
The three Great Lights of Freemasonry: The Holy Bible (of other Volume of Sacred Law), Sqaure and Compasses,
respresenting the three leading principles of Masonic philosophy, rest on the altar.