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A Masonic Trip to the Mall

  1. Drive in a car developed by Henry Ford, Walter Chrysler or Ransom Olds.
  2. Shop at J.C.Penny's, K-Mart (founded by S.S.Kresge), or Bloomingdales.
  3. Buy a Maytag appliance (Fredrick Maytag), a color television (David Sarnoff), a vacuum cleaner (Frank Hoover), a Gillette safety razor (King Gillette).
  4. Eat at Wendy s (Dave Thomas), Kentucky Fried Chicken (Harland Sanders).
  5. Listen to the music of John Philip Sousa, Irving Berlin, Jerome Kern, Mel Tillis, Roy Clark or perhaps a classic by Sibellius, Mozart, Hayden, Lizst, of Ferde Grofé's Grand Canyon Suite or the kind of music I like: Tex Bnenke and the Glen Miller orchestra, Vaughn Monroe, Duke Ellington, Count Basie and Louis Armstrong.
  6. Watch an old movie featuring Clark Gable, George Brent or Roy Rogers, John Wayne or Gene Autry or Ben Hur written by Lew Wallace and directed by William Wyler or any of the man Cecil B. deMille or Warner Brothers extravaganzas - or perhaps a comedy starring Laurel and Hardy, Red Skelton or Danny Thomas.
  7. Maybe you'll watch the Pubic Broadcast Channels featuring the story about the Pledge of Allegiance by Dr. Ralph Bellamy, the Statue of Liberty by Frederick Bartholdi or perhaps Mt. Rushmore created by Gutzon and Lincoln Borglum.
  8. Or perhaps a story about our astronauts starting with Buzz Aldren and his trip to the mood preceded by Senator John Glen, who is also our latest hero, the late Gus Grissom or Walter Shirra, or the other 14 astronauts who are Masons.
  9. Maybe instead of going to a Masonic meeting, your husband will take you to a meeting of the Lions founded by Melvin Jones or your kids will be at a non-Masonic youth activity organized by the Boy Scouts of America begun by Daniel Carter Beard or the Future Farmers of America; all four founders were Masons.
  10. If all doesn't go well and there's a little bit of illness in the family, you might need the services of the Mayo Brother founded by Charles Mayo, or penicillin discovered by Alexander Fleming, or smallpox vaccine developed by Edward Jenner.

All of these were Masons and many, many more who contributed to our health, welfare and entertainment. But who knows about it? Spread the word.