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Ask a relative, neighbor or friend. Masons or Freemasons are all around us. If you can't find one, contact your local Lodge. Either way, it must be of your own free-will and accord to be a Mason. You will have to ask 1 to be 1 !

what are the requirements to become a mason ?

Believe in a Supreme Being

You must be a man of 18 years of age

Be a man of good moral character

Ask a Mason to join the Lodge

when I find a mason, what happens next ?

You may be given a petition for membership, which you will have to fill-out and return to the Lodge and/or the Mason whom you received it from. You may even ask the Mason for assistance in properly filling it out!

After I turn in the petition, what happens next ?

 Your petition will be reviewed at the next monthly Lodge meeting, and a committee will be appointed to contact you and set-up an interview with you.

 What happens during this interview ?

The Lodge members will try to get to know you a little. This will be especially the case, if you have not been in the community very long. If you have been in the community for awhile, then the Lodge members may already know a little about you. Either way, it will be a harmless, friendly meeting.

what happens after this interview ?

The committee will report on your interview at the next Lodge meeting. The Lodge will then take a vote on your request to join the Lodge.

 If I'm voted in, what happens next ?

You will be contacted either by the Mason whom you turned your petition in to, or the Master of the Lodge. You will then be given a date or ask to schedule a date to come to the Lodge to be initiated as an Entered Apprentice.

  What happens during this initiation ?

You will be properly prepared and introduced to the Lodge. Rest assured, you need not worry. There will be no embarrassing or compromising situations that will come up during this initiation.

may I bring my family and friends with me ?

Not unless they are Masons themselves.

what happens after I am initiated ?

You will be given further instructions as to what is expected of you to complete your journey to the Sublime Degree of A Master Mason.

how much Does it cost to join the lodge ?

 This will vary between Lodges. Currently (2009) the initiation fee for joining Monrovia Lodge #654 is $150.00.

This cost covers first years dues (currently $50.00) and other items that you will be presented with at a later date.



If you are interested in joining our Lodge, please e-mail us at and someone will be in contact with you within 24 hours. You may also print out an application from the Link below or one of our other Links, and bring it to the Lodge. We have stated meetings the first Tuesday of the month. You will not be able to attend the meeting, but dinner starts at 6:30 p.m. and someone will be available until 7:30 p.m. to speak with you.

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