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    All Stated Meetings Are Held On The First Tuesday Of Each Month

    Dinner Starts At 6:30 P.M.  Lodge Starts At 7:30 P.M.



Lodge  History

The current Monrovia Lodge #654 was chartered in 1904. The Master of the lodge was Homer Hubbard,

Senior Warden was Frank Shields and Junior Warden was Ben Ballard.

Monrovia actually had Lodge #261 in the 1800's, but was dis-banned for reasons unknown at this.

(From the Lodge archives)

During the early spring of 1903 the subject of organizing a Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons at Monrovia was abdicated by Brothers A.L. McCracken, H.H. Hubbard, B.F. Ballard and Frank McCracken, Frank Shields, D.E. B-------, Edward Hadley and Jessie F. Lambert members of Hall Lodge and Brothers Saunders Hubbard, I.M. York, E.F. York, W.H. Thompson, James McCracken, Charles Ballard and C.E. Brewer formerly members of Monrovia Lodge # 261. These members together applied to Grand Lodge for a dispensation which was granted June 20, 1903.


Sometime in 1919 Worshipful Master Milton R. Bowmon requested permission from the Grand Lodge of Indiana, to use the K. of P. Hall temporarily for meetings. At this time, it is unknown as to why this request was made. There was a fire in Monrovia around about that time, so it is speculated that this is the reason for the request. Permission was granted on August 21st 1919, from the Grand Lodge to use K. of P. Hall temporarily, but stated that Worshipful Master Bowmon "use due diligence in finding a sutable place where you can dwell seperate and apart from any other fraternal organization". Permission was granted "because of the spirit and zeal" displayed by their membership, "as evidenced by the number of petitioners who applied for admission" into their Lodge. Grand Lodge stated that they "sincerely trust that the time is not far distant when you will be located in a home of your own".

K. of P. Hall, is the dark red brick building you see in the photo just west of the Lodge.


(More from the Lodge archives)


On Nov 30 a conclave of Morgan County Lodges was held at Martinsville. On this date a shield was presented by Martinsville Lodge #74 to the best craft team in Morgan County Monrovia Lodge #654 with out question was superior to all competition and was granted the shield for which they sought and was in their hands until some Lodge in the county could surpass their perfection.


Dec 20, 1927  The trustees were ordered to purchase the bldg now known as Monrovia Lodge #654.

Nov 27, 1928  Again Monrovia Lodge proved their superior ability with their craft team and was presented with the championship shield.


Feb 21, 1928  the New Hall was opened to the public entertainment by the High school band &carnations were give as favors 93 visitors registered & wished their great success.

Nov 1929 Shield again was awarded to Monrovia and after 3yr straight became permanent property of this Lodge for their excellent work.






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