From the East

Happy New YEAR!

I hope the Holidays have been joyous. One may not believe we are indeed in the winter months.

This month brings much business to attend to. The installation of officers, audits, budgets and Holding Corporation election of Trustees, to name a few.

Open Installation Rehearsal helps familiarize newly elected officers in our installation ceremony. It is also a great opportunity to inquire knowledge. Newly elected Officers attendance is mandatory.

Laurel Meat Market is catering our Open Installation on January 8th. Dinner will be served about 6:30 P.M.

Our Holding Corporation will hold an Election of Trustees following our second communication.

Received petition on a Michael Garner
4927 Hollywood Rd, College Park. Take due notice thereof.

Wednesday evenings are Rehearsal nights for degree work. If you are interested in becoming a Line Officer, refresh the mind or be entertained for a brief time, please join us.

The Lodge requires help in attendance & instruction, in fellowship & providing charitable work. Suggestions are always welcome, either in Lodge or via Email.

The Trestle Board is available electronically in PDF form upon request. Photos taken at events are usually posted on our Facebook page.

“Masonry is an opportunity. It gives a man a chance to do and to be, among the world of men, something he otherwise could not attain.”
~ Carl H. Claudy, P.G.M., 33°

Such is the nature of our constitution that as some must of necessity rule and teach, so others must of course learn to submit and obey. Humility in both is an essential duty.

Sincerely & Fraternally,

Line Officers

Worshipful Master
Charles F. Schaefer
Senior Deacon
Michael Gustafson
Senior Warden
Jeffrey Duby
Junior Deacon
Philip Stevens
Junior Warden
Marcellus Adams
Senior Steward
Michael Oberg
Laurence Hinds, PM
Junior Steward
Daniel Chelliah
Cecil Ramsey
Jeff Zimmerman