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Messages from the Lodge Officers:


Grand Lodge of Georgia:

These materials may be ordered from the Grand Secretary's Office,
The Grand Lodge of Georgia
811 Mulberry Street, Macon, GA 31201-6779.

Description Price
Masonic Manual Vol. I $6.00
Masonic Manual Vol. II $7.00
Masonic Code - 2006 $8.50
"List of Georgia Lodges" $5.00
"From You to Me" $5.00
"Leaves from Georgia Masonry" $5.00
"Books of the Book" $5.00
"Lodge System of Masonic Education" $2.00
"Masonic Investigation" $2.00
"Masonic Etiquette" $2.00
"W.M. Program Notebook" $4.50
"Mentor's Manual" $2.00
"Secretary's Guide" $1.00
Officers Planning Pack $5.00
Grand Lodge History (1786-1980) $10.00
Masonic Code on Disk (.pdf) $10.00
Outstanding Georgia Freemasons $20.00
Above Prices (as of 3/2006) do not include GA Sales Tax or Postage.

When ordering any of the above, include Your Name, Address, City and State, Zip Code, Lodge Name and Number and Your Dues Card Account Number. Handling and Shipping Charges will be added to the Invoice. Make Checks Payable To: Grand Lodge of Georgia.


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