Kabala Temple #177 - Raleigh North Carolina

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Description: H:\MyWebs\Kabala177\sphleft.gifHere is a listing of all our Parade Units and Team Captains Description: H:\MyWebs\Kabala177\sphright.gif

Captain of Kabala Temple Patrol Units - PP Charles A. Phillips

Kabala Temple's MarshalNoble Alexander Herring

        (Chairman, Past Potentate's Council) (Budget and Finance)

Youth and Group Supervision - Noble Carl Hill

        (Youth Marching Unit)

Talent & Scholarship - Noble Ervin L. Gibbs

        (Kabala Temple's Queen)

Patrol Drill Team / Foot Patrol - PP Robert L. Williams

Flag Color Guard/Banner Unit - TBA

Son's of the Desert - Noble Ernest L. Butler

Motor Patrol Unit - Noble Bobby Deans

Clown Unit -  TBA

Creations - PP Willie Harris

Jr. Illustrious Potentate - PP Carl L. Hill

Deputy of the Oasis of Raleigh - PP Weston B. Butler

        (Jubilee Day)