A most pleasant and enjoyable journey it is.. To the Oasis!!!


The Foot Patrol Of Kabala Temple Welcomes you!!!  Relax, and refresh yourself as we tell you

the tales of our humble beginnings, right up to the present.


We began as a group of nomads wondering through the desert.  We came upon a Oasis, which was

most pleasant and refreshing.  There Noble Ronniere Burton became our Captain on 8 Jan 1992.

Our first time in exhibition drill was at our Region II Gala Days in Charlestown, West Va, May 1992.

Next we traveled to our first national competition (Imperial Session) in Louisville, KY and captured 4th place.

Our second trip to the Nationals (Imperial Session) in New Orleans we maintained by capturing 4th place again!!

Our third year in competition was better as we took 1st place at N.C. Gala Days and 2nd place at the Nationals in St Louis, MO.

Our fourth year in competition, we maintained our previous year's achievement (1st place Gala Days & 2nd place at Nationals Indianapolis, In.

Our fifth year in competition, no change as we continued to maintain our present level of readiness (1st place Gala Days & 2nd place at Nationals in Houston, TX.

Our sixth year traveling the desert was notable as we finally achieved our goal and found our Oasis.  (1st place Gala Days and 1st Place at the Nationals in Atlanta, Ga.

Our seventh year was me with some adversity as our Capt Burton had his arm amputated due to an accident