Jackson Council No. 32

Jackson-Coolidge Masonic Temple
355 Napoleon Rd.
Michigan Center, Michigan 49254-1264
(517) 764-9962

The Degrees conferred by Jackson Council #32, Royal & Select Masons

The Council degrees are largely an elaboration and explanation of the Royal Arch degree and, to a lesser extent, the Master Mason degree. The next degree, Select Master, concerns itself with the construction and adornment of the subterranean vault introduced in the Royal Arch degree of the Chapter and alluded to in the Royal Master degree. The last degree is that of Super Excellent Master, and tells the story of the treachery of King Zedekiah, the destruction of Jerusalem and Solomon’s Temple.  Council Masonry is also referred to as "Cryptic Masonry" in allusion to the vault or crypt referred to in the degrees

Royal Master Degree
There are two main sections in this degree.  The first takes place just before the legend depicted in the Master Mason degree, and the second takes place immediately after it. 
In the first section, the candidate represents one of the Craftsmen who are preparing items for the Sanctum of King Solomon’s Temple.  As such, the candidate has a very impressive conversation with the Master Architect of the Temple.  In the second section, the candidate bears silent witness to the grief of the two Grand Masters.

Select Master Degree
This degree explains how the Subterranean Vault, introduced in the Royal Arch degree, was created and for what purpose. The Select Master degree is the culmination of what has been styled Ancient Craft Masonry, or Masonry related to the building of the Temple of King Solomon.

Super Excellent Master Degree
This is an optional degree.  However, any Companion desiring to serve as an officer in a Council must have received it.

The story depicted in this degree is that of King Zedekiah, the last King of Israel, in the final days of his reign.  Treachery in contrast to fidelity is the overwhelming theme of this degree.  This degree is perhaps the most dramatic of all the Lodge, Chapter, & Council degrees.