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Hyde Park Lodge #589

2853 Madison Road

Cincinnati, Ohio 45209-2265

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Chartered October 20, 1904

Stated Meetings are on the
First Tuesday at 7:30 PM
Dinner at 6:30 PM



Tuesday, October 28 - Fellowcraft Degree - 7:30 PM - Dinner at 6:30 PM
Tuesday, November 4 - Annual Meeting - 7:30 PM - Dinner at 6:30 PM - Election of Officers - Vote on Merger - Vote on Petition 


DUES           DUES          DUES          DUES          DUES

In the September Trowel, you received a dues notice for 2015.  Dues are due one more time before the Endowed Memberships kick in.  After this time you will not have to pay dues anymore.  Please pay by the November Annual Meeting or you may lose your Endowed Membership.

To date I have received dues for 70 of the 121 Master Masons in Good Standing.  That is only about 58%.  If you have not done so already, please send in your dues ASAP.  Thanks.


Message from the Worshipful Master

Dear Brethren,

Well brethren, we are coming close to the upcoming vote on merging with Norwood Lodge and also our annual elections. A year ago, I would have guessed that the election was a mute point and that we would have already merged. It is a longer process than thought and so we will continue into the next Masonic year. This also means that we will need to pay one last set of dues to Hyde Park Lodge. Please be sure that this is done and that the secretary can close out the books with as little hassle as possible.

I hope that if you haven’t had the chance to visit Norwood Lodge, you will do so soon. They are anxious to welcome us into their lodge and want to get to know us. This should be mutual. Let’s make sure they know that we too are looking forward to being members of their lodge, or I should say OUR lodge.

We will need to have a meeting of Past Masters this month to review what we will do regarding our election and who will fill the chairs and places. At this point, anyone not a past master may want to come and give their input.

We have a candidate at this time, and we will be continuing with degree work as we move him along. If you can, please come and take part in this work.

Finally brethren, it is my very sad duty to inform you that Candy Storer, WB Bob Storer’s wife passed away Saturday, September 27th after a long illness. There will not be a service, but there will be a memorial service in November. As most of you know, Candy was the wife, mother, mother-in-law and grandmother of Hyde Park Masons. She will be missed by all who knew her. Please keep Bob and family in your thoughts and prayers.

Karl P. Power, PM, Worshipful Master

Message from the Secretary 


At the June 3rd Stated Meeting, Hyde Park Lodge voted to purchase an endowed membership for every Master Mason in Good Standing as of June 3, 2014.  An endowed membership means that after paying dues one more time in November, you will never have to pay dues again.  This endowed membership is transferable should you decide to demit to another Lodge.  The only time you can transfer your Endowed Membership is in the event of a Merger and then only within 60 days.  It also continues to pay your dues to the Lodge even after you pass on to the Celestial Lodge above.


On the subject of merger, I personally feel that it is a shame to allow a Lodge with 110 years of history to fall by the wayside.  But attendance is down and it is a struggle to find Officers and speaking parts every year.  Grand Lodge now requires that all speaking parts at the Inspection be done by a member of the Lodge.  Our Annual Inspection was postponed from February and was cancelled for May due to a lack of Brothers to do the work.  It will not be rescheduled.  Merger seems to be the only alternative left unfortunately.


The Merger Committe has recommended that we merge with Norwood-Winton-Carthage Lodge #576.  This motion must lay over for 3 Stated Meetings.  We will be voting on the Merger Proposal to merge with Norwood-Winton-Carthage Lodge #576 at the Annual Meeting on November 4, 2014.  Hope to see everyone there.

Robert L. Duerler, PM, Secretary   




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