UFO's - What the Government won't tell you

UFO's - What the Government won't tell us.

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There will be numberous debunkers to the articles presented. This information is presented with the ideal being; come to your own conclusions. We conclude that, along with the other evidence we have presented, on Forbidden Knowledge, there is probably more truth to this than anyone ever imagined.

We will not make any comment about abductions or sightings as these play no part in the investigation which pertains strictly to the verification that we are being visited by beings that are non-human and those officials of high government levels in the U.S. and other civilized cultures don't want us to know about it. Along with the information we have presented on Forbidden Knowledge, there is little doubt that the incident described here did not happen.

London Daily Herald, July 9, 1947, front page U.S. Army says it has a 'saucer'

The United States Army air force station at Rosswell [sic], New Mexico, announced just before midnight that it had a "flying saucer" in its possession.

Lieut. Warren Haught [sic], the station public relations officer, stated: "The many rumours regarding the flying discs became [a] reality yesterday when an [was "the"] intelligence office of [the] 509th (Atomic) Bomb Group of the 8th Air Force at Rosswell Army Air Field, was fortunate enough to gain possession of a disc through the cooperation of one of the local ranchers and the sheriff's office of Chaves County. "[The flying object landed on a ranch near Roswell some time last week.] Not having telephone facilities, the rancher stored the disk until such time as he was able to contact the sheriff's office, who in turn notified Maj. Jesse A. Marcell of the 509th Bomb Group Intelligence office. "Action was immediately taken and the disc [was] picked up at the rancher's home. It was inspected at the Rosswell Army Air Field and subsequently lent ["loaned"] by Major Marcell to higher headquarters." Brigadeer General Roger Ramey, commanding the Eighth Air Force, later confirmed from his headquarters at Fort Worth that the object had been received there. There was no sign of any power plant nor was it strong enough to support a man. It was battered, but might possibly have been 20 ft. in diameter. No on had seen it in the air.

London Daily Mail, July 9, 1947, front page
Landed on ranch
From Daily Mail Reporter New York, Tuesday

A "FLYING SAUCER" has been found in New Mexico and is now being studied by the U.S. Army Air Force, it was announced tonight.

The announcement calls it a "battered object of flimsy construction almost like a box-kite," and says it was found on a remote ranch in the Roswell area--not far from one of America's atomic bomb experimental stations.

The find was made by the rancher "one day last week" after local residents had seen a "strange blue light" in the middle of the night.

Because he is not on the phone the rancher kept the disc until he could get in touch with the sheriff of Chaves County, who in turn yesterday notified 509th (Atomic) Bomb Group at Roswell Army Airfield.

The object was at once taken to the airfield, and after preliminary inspection, sent off in a Super-Fortress to the Air Force Research Centre at Wright Field, Ohio.

Then the story changed

[Page 1 update] Late News "Flying Saucer" See page 6 From our Correspondent
New York, Tuesday
Stated at Fort Worth tonight that the object might be some meteorological device such as "weather balloon"

Same story - Different source

Roswell Daily Record for July 8, 1947

The intelligence office of the 509th Bombardment group at Roswell Army Air Field announced at noon today, that the field has come into possession of a flying saucer.

According to information released by the department, over authority of Maj. J. A. Marcel, intelligence officer, the disk was recovered on a ranch in the Roswell vicinity, after an unidentified rancher had notified Sheriff Geo. Wilcox, here, that he had found the instrument on his premises.

Major Marcel and a detail from his department went to the ranch and recovered the disk, it was stated.

After the intelligence officer here had inspected the instrument it was flown to higher headquarters.

The intelligence office stated that no details of the saucer's construction or its appearance had been revealed.

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Wilmot apparently were the only persons in Roswell who saw what they thought was a flying disk.

They were sitting on their porch at 105 South Penn. last Wednesday night at about ten o'clock when a large glowing object zoomed out of the sky from the southeast, going in a northwesterly direction at a high rate of speed.

Wilmot called Mrs. Wilmot's attention to it and both ran down into the yard to watch. It was in sight less then a minute, perhaps 40 or 50 seconds, Wilmot estimated.

Wilmot said that it appeared to him to be about 1,500 feet high and going fast. He estimated between 400 and 500 miles per hour.

In appearance it looked oval in shape like two inverted saucers, faced mouth to mouth, or like two old type washbowls placed, together in the same fashion. The entire body glowed as though light were showing through from inside, though not like it would inside, though not like it would be if a light were merely underneath.

From where he stood Wilmot said that the object looked to be about 5 feet in size, and making allowance for the distance it was from town he figured that it must have been 15 to 20 feet in diameter, though this was just a guess.

Wilmot said that he heard no sound but that Mrs. Wilmot said she heard a swishing sound for a very short time.

The object came into view from the southeast and disappeared over the treetops in the general vicinity of six mile hill.

Wilmot, who is one of the most respected and reliable citizens in town, kept the story to himself hoping that someone else would come out and tell about having seen one, but finally today decided that he would go ahead and tell about it. The announcement that the RAAF was in possession of one came only a few minutes after he decided to release the details of what he had seen.

The Cover-up

Roswell Daily Record for July 9, 1947 - AP

An examination by the army revealed last night that mysterious objects found on a lonely New Mexico ranch was a harmless high-altitude weather balloon - not a grounded flying disk. Excitement was high until Brig. Gen. Roger M. Ramey, commander of the Eighth air forces with headquarters here cleared up the mystery.

The bundle of tinfoil, broken wood beams and rubber remnants of a balloon were sent here yesterday by army air transport in the wake of reports that it was a flying disk.

But the general said the objects were the crushed remains of a ray wind target used to determine the direction and velocity of winds at high altitudes.

Warrant Officer Irving Newton, forecaster at the army air forces weather station here said, "we use them because they go much higher than the eye can see."

The weather balloon was found several days ago near the center of New Mexico by Rancher W. W. Brazel. He said he didn't think much about it until he went into Corona, N. M., last Saturday and heard the flying disk reports.

He returned to his ranch, 85 miles northwest of Roswell, and recovered the wreckage of the balloon, which he had placed under some brush.

Then Brazel hurried back to Roswell, where he reported his find to the sheriff's office.

The sheriff called the Roswell air field and Maj. Jesse A. Marcel, 509th bomb group intelligence officer was assigned to the case.

Col. William H. Blanchard, commanding officer of the bomb group, reported the find to General Ramey and the object was flown immediately to the army air field here.

Ramey went on the air here last night to announce the New Mexico discovery was not a flying disk.

Newton said that when rigged up, the instrument "looks like a six-pointed star, is silvery in appearance and rises in the air like a kite."

In Roswell, the discovery set off a flurry of excitement.

Sheriff George Wicox's telephone lines were jammed. Three calls came from England, one of them from The London Daily Mail, he said.

A public relations officer here said the balloon was in his office "and it'll probably stay right there."

Newton, who made the examination, said some 80 weather stations in the U. S. were using that type of balloon and that it could have come from any of them.

He said he had sent up identical balloons during the invasion of Okinawa to determine ballistics information for heavy guns.

Story 2 - What the Rancher saw

W. W. Brazel, 48, Lincoln county rancher living 30 miles south of Corona, today told his story of finding what the army at first described as a flying disk, but the publicity which attended his find caused him to add that if he ever found anything else short of a bomb, he sure wasn't going to say anything about it.

Brazel was brought here late yesterday by W. E. Whitmore, of radio station KGFL, had his picture taken and gave an interview to the Record and Jason Kellahin, sent here from the Albuquerque bureau of the Associated Press to cover the story. The picture he posed for was sent out over AP telephoto wire sending machine specially set up in the Record office by R. D. Adair, AP wire chief sent here from Albuquerque for the sole purpose of getting out his picture and that of sheriff George Wilcox, to whom Brazel originally gave the information of his find.

Brazel related that on June 14 he and an 8-year old son, Vernon, were about 7 or 8 miles from the ranch house of the J. B. Foster ranch, which he operates, when they came upon a large area of bright wreckage made up on rubber strips, tinfoil, a rather tough paper and sticks.

At the time Brazel was in a hurry to get his round made and he did not pay much attention to it. But he did remark about what he had seen and on July 4 he, his wife, Vernon and a daughter, Betty, age 14, went back to the spot and gathered up quite a bit of the debris.

The next day he first heard about the flying disks, and he wondered if what he had found might be the remnants of one of these.

Monday he came to town to sell some wool and while here he went to see sheriff George Wilcox and "whispered kinda confidential like" that he might have found a flying disk.

Wilcox got in touch with the Roswell Army Air Field and Maj. Jesse A. Marcel and a man in plain clothes accompanied him home, where they picked up the rest of the pieces of the "disk" and went to his home to try to reconstruct it.

According to Brazel they simply could not reconstruct it at all. They tried to make a kite out of it, but could not do that and could not find any way to put it back together so that it could fit.

Then Major Marcel brought it to Roswell and that was the last he heard of it until the story broke that he had found a flying disk.

Brazel said that he did not see it fall from the sky and did not see it before it was torn up, so he did not know the size or shape it might have been, but he thought it might have been about as large as a table top. The balloon which held it up, if that was how it worked, must have been about 12 feet long, he felt, measuring the distance by the size of the room in which he sat. The rubber was smoky gray in color and scattered over an area about 200 yards in diameter.

When the debris was gathered up the tinfoil, paper, tape, and sticks made a bundle about three feet long and 7 or 8 inches thick, while the rubber made a bundle about 18 or 20 inches long and about 8 inches thick. In all, he estimated, the entire lot would have weighed maybe five pounds.

There was no sign of any metal in the area which might have been used for an engine and no sign of any propellers of any kind, although at least one paper fin had been glued onto some of the tinfoil.

There were no words to be found anywhere on the instrument, although there were letters on some of the parts. Considerable scotch tape and some tape with flowers printed upon it had been used in the construction.

No strings or wire were to be found but there were some eyelets in the paper to indicate that some sort of attachment may have been used.

Brazel said that he had previously found two weather observation balloons on the ranch, but that what he found this time did not in any way resemble either of these.

"I am sure that what I found was not any weather observation balloon," he said. "But if I find anything else besides a bomb they are going to have a hard time getting me to say anything about it."

Colonel Philip J. Corso - The Day After Roswell By Sean Casteel

Colonel Corso's background:

Military officer during World War II and Army intelligence officer on General Douglas MacArthur's staff during the Korean War; member of the President Eisenhower's National Security Council as a Lt. Colonel for four years; head of Foreign Technology in Army Research and Development at the Pentagon in the early 1960s, where he was in charge of the Roswell Files, the cache of UFO parts and information which "an Army retrieval team ... pulled out of the wreckage of a flying disk that had crashed outside the town of Roswell in the New Mexico desert in the early-morning darkness during the first week of July 1947."; retired from the Army in 1963 with nineteen medals and ribbons; then served as National Security specialist staff to U.S. Senators James Eastland and Strom Thurmond; and subsequently has worked as a consultant and contracts administrator in the private sector.


Col. Corso tells that there were five extraterrestrials, 4-1/2 feet tall with greyish-brown skin, four-fingered hands and oversized hairless heads, found at the Roswell UFO crash site, two of them still alive. One tried to run away and was shot by nervous soldiers. The other was still alive but dying when he arrived in the back of an Army truck at Roswell Army Air Field. He was Post Duty Officer at Fort Riley, Kansas in 1947, the night a shipment of Roswell artifacts arrived from Fort Bliss. Colonel Corso examined the shipment, which included one of the dead extraterrestrials preserved in a thick light-blue liquid. The shipment was destined for what is now called Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. Corso speaks about serving in President Eisenhower's National Security Council, and seeing the memos about the Roswell incident and the "goods" retrieved from it.

The Colonel divulges how he spearheaded the Army's supersecret reverse-engineering project that "seeded" extraterrestrial technology at American corporations such as IBM, Hughes Aircraft, Bell Labs, and Dow Corning - without their knowledge. He describes the devices found aboard the Roswell craft, and how they became the precursors for today's integrated circuit chips, fibre optics, lasers, night-vision equipment, super-tenacity fibers (such as Kevlar plastic armor), and classified discoveries, such as psychotronic devices that can translate human thoughts into signals that control machinery, Stealth aircraft technology, and Star Wars particle-beam devices. He also discusses the role that extraterrestrial technology played in shaping geopolitical policy and events; how it helped the United States surpass the Russians in space; spurred elaborate Army initiatives such as SDI (Star Wars Projects), Project Horizon (to place a military base on the Moon), and HARP; and ultimately brought about the end of the Cold War.

Colonel Corso also said that captured UFOs were/are kept at Norton, Edwards and Nellis (Area 51) Air Force Bases. He said a UFO Working Group was set up by President Truman in September, 1947, a group some call MJ-12, and that it has functioned ever since. In the 1950s two crude prototypes of antigravity craft were constructed, but were powered by crude human nuclear fission generators, and were inefficient and leaked radiation. He says that the Star Wars program was always primarily to prepare for war against the extraterrestrials in case of invasion.

Corso was one of the ultraconservative Cold Warriors who continually feared a Communist takeover. The military and political groups he allied with adopted the same outlook on the extraterrestrial Visitors, fearing them as some invasion force that had to be repulsed by a crash program of back-engineering Star Wars weapons from captured UFO technology. His reactionary Strom Thurmond conservatism, lumping extraterrestrials with Communists as insidious potential invaders, distorts his otherwise clear and factual portrayal of events in the decades after Roswell.

What Corso Didn't Reveal:

Since Colonel Corso was U.S. Army, he was not privy to developments in the Navy and Air Force, which also received some of the Roswell technology for back-engineering purposes. We know separately, from sources like Ben Rich of Lockheed-Martin and retired Colonel Steve Wilson of USAF's Project Pounce, that the Air Force ultimately developed manned antigravity flying discs and triangular craft, Stealth technology including radar and optical invisibility, killer- laser satellites, and electromagnetic-pulse low-frequency microwave cannons to shoot down UFOs.

Colonel Corso died in June 1998 of heart failure.

Retired Army Colonel Philip J. Corso brings a very unique perspective to the many versions of what really happened at Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. Unlike most people who describe their own experiences with the crashed UFO and the aliens who supposedly died there, Corso comes to the story several years after the fact and tells us what happened in the aftermath of that hugely mysterious incident in the New Mexico desert.

Corso has provided his testimony about how the U.S. government, and especially the military, responded to what they presumed to be the sudden appearance of a hostile alien race in a recently released book called The Day After Roswell (Pocket Books, 1997). From the first hours of initial shock at the crash site to the implementation of the Strategic Defense Initiative (also called "Star Wars") nearly 40 years later, Corso leads us through the twisted trail of secrecy and reveals the desperate need felt by the Defense Department to achieve a military defense capability that would allow the U.S. to respond to an attack from the extra-terrestrials.

After telling what he acknowledges is simply one of numerous accounts of the actual crash of the UFO and the hurried retrieval of it by soldiers from the nearby 509th Army Air Force Base, which was then followed by an organized intimidation of the locals to force their silence, Corso moves on to tell how he encountered, seemingly by accident, the physical remains of a dead alien that was being shipped to Wright Air Field in Ohio.

Corso was on night watch at the time at an army base called Fort Riley in Kansas. An enlisted man with whom he had a friendship through a local bowling league was posted as a sentry that night in July 1947, and when Corso approached the enlisted man's post, he was asked in a whisper, "You know what's in here?"

Having had his curiosity aroused, Corso walked into what had formerly been a veterinary hospital for horses during the days of the cavalry. He saw about thirty or so wooden crates stacked together against the far wall of the building. He crossed the room to one of the crates that was already partially open, loosened the nails and looked inside.

"My stomach rolled right up into my throat," he said, "and I was almost sick right then and there."

Corso talked about what he saw.

"The contents," he said, "enclosed in a thick glass container, were submerged in a thick light blue liquid, almost as heavy as a gelling solution of diesel fuel. At first I thought it was a dead child they were shipping somewhere. It was a four-foot human-shaped figure with arms, bizarre-looking four-fingered hands-I didn't see a thumb-thin legs and feet, and an oversized incandescent lightbulb-shaped head that looked like it was floating over a balloon gondola for a chin. I know I must have cringed at first, but then I had the urge to pull off the top of the liquid container and touch the pale gray skin. But I couldn't tell whether it was skin because it also looked like a very thin one-piece head-to-toe fabric covering the creature's flesh."

Corso went on describing the alien body he saw that night.

"Its eyeballs must have been rolled way back in its head because I couldn't see any pupils or iris or anything that resembled a human eye," he said. "But the eye sockets themselves were oversized and almond shaped and pointed down to its tiny nose, which didn't really protrude from the skull. It was more like the tiny nose of a baby that never grew as the child grew, and it was mostly nostril. The creature had only a tiny slit for a mouth and it was completely closed, resembling more of a crease or indentation between the nose and the bottom of the chinless skull than a fully functioning orifice."

Corso said he could see no immediate cause of death for the alien. "I could see no damage to the creature's body," he said, "and no indication that it had been involved in any accident. There was no blood, its limbs seemed intact, and I could find no lacerations on the skin or through the gray fabric."

Corso checked to see if there were any paperwork or shipping invoice in the crate.

"What I found was an intriguing Army Intelligence document," he said, "describing the creature as an inhabitant of a craft that had crash landed in Roswell, New Mexico, earlier that week and a routing manifest for this creature to the log-in officer at the Air Materiel Command at Wright Field and from him to the Walter Reed Army Hospital morgue's pathology section where, I supposed, the creature would be autopsied and stored. It was not a document I was meant to see, for sure, so I tucked it back in the envelope against the inside wall of the crate."

Corso said he missed some of his appointed rounds that night because of the time he spent looking at the creature, but that what he had seen would be worth any trouble he found himself in.

"This thing was truly fascinating," he said, "and at the same time utterly horrible. It challenged every conception I had, and I hoped against hope that I was looking at some form of atomic human mutation. I knew I couldn't ask anybody about it, and because I hoped I would never see it's like again, I came up with explanation after explanation for its existence, despite what I'd read on the enclosed document. It was shipped here from Hiroshima, it was the result of a Nazi genetic experiment, it was a dead circus freak, it was anything but what I knew it said it was-what it had to be: an extra-terrestrial. By the time I slid back behind my desk, it was all a dream. No, not a dream, a nightmare-but it was over and, I hoped, it would never come back."

But whatever destiny decides such things was not willing to let Corso off that easy. When he was assigned in fourteen years later to a post at the Pentagon Research and Development Division, he was presented with a mysterious file cabinet and told it contained extremely sensitive material that would be part of his job duties there at his new assignment.

"I opened the cabinet," he said, "and almost immediately my heart sank. I knew from looking at the shoebox of tangled wires and the strange cloth, from the visorlike head piece and the little wafers that looked like Ritz crackers only with broken edges and colored a dark gray, and from an assortment of other items that I couldn't even relate to the shapes and sizes of things I was familiar with, that my life was headed for a big change. So here it was, some of the material they'd recovered from Roswell. And now, just like a bad penny, it had turned up again."

Corso emphasized that these events were taking place during the time when the Cold War was a constant factor in most political and military situations. Not only was there the uneasy truce between the two super powers, there was also the constant fear that the KGB had infiltrated much of the intelligence network that the U.S. depended on for its defense. Even the CIA was believed to be feeding reports to the White House that were designed by the Russians to make the U.S. more susceptible to the Soviet goal of world domination. Very few people could be trusted and the need to maintain secrecy was considered absolutely vital.

But according to Corso, there was now a second Cold War that was even more fraught with danger. The UFO that crashed at Roswell was presumed to be the downed aircraft of a hostile alien species against whom we had very little in the way of defense. Not only did we seem helpless to fend off any planned invasion that might be the aliens' real purpose here, there was also the constant worry that the Russians themselves might be in league with the aliens as a proxy force to be used in conquering the Free World.

Corso said that it was determined the aliens were hostile soon after the crash at Roswell. That line of reasoning began with a memo from General Nathan Twining, the officer in charge of the Air Materiel Command at Wright Field, who was given the responsibility of dealing with the crash shortly after it occurred.

Twining's 1947 memo acknowledged that the sightings of strange objects in the sky are "something real and not visionary or fictitious." He also marveled at the aircrafts' operating characteristics.

"But when he wrote that the extreme maneuverability of the aircraft," Corso said, "and their 'evasive' actions when sighted 'or contacted' by friendly aircraft and radar led him to believe that they were either 'manually, automatically, or remotely' flown, he not only suggested a guided flight but imparted a hostile intent to their evasive maneuvers to avoid contact. His characterization of the aircraft's behavior revealed, even weeks after the physical encounter, that those officers in the military who were now running the yet-to-be-code-named extra-terrestrial contact project already considered these objects and those entities who controlled them a military threat."

The decision to keep that threat a closely guarded secret even within the military was also part of the government's response.

"You can easily understand why, though," Corso said, "if you remember, as I do, the Mercury Theater 'War of the Worlds' radio broadcast in 1938 when the entire country panicked at the story of how invaders from Mars landed at Grovers Mill, New Jersey, and began attacking the local populace. The fictionalized eyewitness reports of violence and the inability of our military forces to stop the creatures were graphic. They killed everyone who crossed their path, narrator Orson Welles said into his microphone, as these creatures in their war machines started their march toward New York. The level of terror that Halloween night of the broadcast was so intense and the military so incapable of protecting the local residents that the police were overwhelmed by phone calls. It was as if the whole country had gone crazy and authority itself had started to unravel." Thus when Corso was given in 1961 what he often called "the nut file," the cabinet containing some of the debris from the Roswell crash, it had long ago been decided that the aliens were hostile and that the country had an urgent need to develop weapons that could truly do some damage to the UFOs should war ever break out between mankind and the aliens. And the whole business had to be conducted in secrecy in order to prevent a public panic that would critically disable any efforts to resist the feared invasion.

The obvious starting place, Corso said, would be to analyze and then duplicate some of the artifacts that had been collected after the Roswell crash. The term used was "reverse-engineering," which meant to figure out how the alien technology worked and then turn it to the military's advantage. If we could give the aliens back what they intended to give us, then maybe we stood a chance of holding our own in a shooting war with the UFOs.

Together with his commanding officer, Lieutenant General Arthur G. Trudeau, Corso said he developed a plan to "seed" the technologically advanced artifacts to defense contractors who were already working on similar projects. But this had to be done, for the most part, without telling the scientists involved where the artifacts had come from. The idea was to drop the alien technology into the loop of research already underway, thus concealing its alien origin. It would look like the finished product had been developed by earthly scientists in the natural course of their work, Corso said. The Army would offer to fund the work completely and would even permit the various contractors to patent the resulting products themselves.

"As General Twining had suggested in his report to the Army Air Force," Corso said, "'foreign technology' was the category to which research on the alien artifacts from Roswell was to be delegated. Foreign technology was one of the great catch-all terms, encompassing everything from researching French air force engineering advances on helicopter blades to captured Russian MiGs flown in from Cuba. Foreign technology was the absolute perfect cover. All I had to do was figure out what to do with the stuff I had."

According to Corso, he eventually did figure out where to take much of the debris for reverse engineering. Companies like Bell Labs, IBM, Dow Corning and Hughes Aircraft subsequently managed to create new technological breakthroughs that gave the U.S. a decided edge in a projected military response to the aliens.

Among the products that Corso says resulted from the Roswell debris were: . Image intensifiers, which ultimately became "night vision"
. Fiber optics
. Supertenacity fibers
. Lasers
. Molecular alignment metallic alloys
. Integrated circuits and microminiaturization of logic boards
. HARP (High Altitude Research Project)
. Project Horizon (an attempt to sell the government on the necessity of building a military base on the Moon to compete with both the Russians and the aliens.)
. Portable atomic generators (ion propulsion drive)
. Irradiated food
. "Third Brain" guidance systems (based on the headbands reportedly used by the aliens)
. Particle beams ("Star Wars" antimissle energy weapons)
. Electromagnetic propulsion systems
. Depleted uranium projectiles

Corso had access to most of the preeminent scientists in fields related to the development of the technology listed above. But one is forced to question whether he is telling the absolute truth in regard to two scientists who had never publicly acknoweldged that they knew anything at all about the Roswell crash.

One of those scientists is Dr. Wilbert Smith, who, according to Corso, wrote a memo in 1950 that urged the government of Canada to investigate the nature of alien technology that the United States had retrieved from crashed extraterrestrial vehicles.

Corso said that his commanding officer, General Trudeau, had joked that although Smith knew that we had acquired technology at Roswell, he didn't really know what it was.

"I can't wait to see his face when you open your briefcase in front of him, Phil," the general said, thinking about how his old friend had always wanted to know the specifics of what he had secreted away in 1947.

The problem is, and this is also true of statements Corso makes about Professor Herman Oberth later in the book, there was never any public statement made by either scientist about their having any prior knowledge at all about Roswell. Even though they spoke in contexts where they were withholding nothing, the idea of their having known about the crash or the technology that later came from it does not appear anywhere in the public record.

Corso also recounts conversations with the likes of then Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and J. Edgar Hoover, both of whom were in dire need of the intelligence he had to offer. He even claims to have been the person who leaked the buildup of Russian nuclear missiles in Cuba to the press in October of 1962, thus creating the Cuban Missile Crisis. President Kennedy had been refusing to take action about the Russian missiles being shipped to Cuba, Corso tell us, because he was being fed false intelligence reports by the CIA, whose real loyalty was to the KGB. By his own account, it was Corso who had stepped in and saved the day.

In any case, after many years of sweat and strain, good old American know-how eventually led to that list of 14 "inventions" mentioned earlier. Ronald Reagan's courage in fighting for the Strategic Defense Initiative against a great deal of political resistance led to the country's having a viable military defense in outer space against an alien invasion. Corso maintains that the implementation of the "Star Wars" project led to the end of the Cold War. And, while neither Reagan or Chairman Mikail Gorbachev said so publicly, the U.S. and Russia now present a united front against the common alien enemy. The paranoia that had existed between the two countries since the end of World War II had now given way to a determination to fight together for the sake of mankind as a whole.

"These creatures weren't benevolent alien beings," Corso said, "who had come to enlighten human beings. They were genetically altered humanoid automatons, cloned biological entities, actually, who were harvesting biological specimens on Earth for their own experimentation. As long as we were incapable of defending ourselves, we had to allow them to intrude as they wished.

"They dictated the terms," he continued, "because they knew that what we most feared was disclosure. Hide the truth and the truth becomes your enemy. Disclose the truth and it becomes your weapon."

Now that the truth is being disclosed a full 50 years after the crash in Roswell, when the alien enemy can be dealt with in military terms, Corso somehow manages to hint that we owe it all to him and his greatly revered commanding officer General Arthur Trudeau, two little men working valiantly in their Pentagon offices to save the world from the alien menace in a treacherous atmosphere of secrecy, danger and betrayal. One can't help but wonder if he's laying it on a little thick when it comes to his own personal heroism, but then that often happens when a soldier writes his memoirs.

The Day After Roswell still manages to be an interesting read in spite of the embarrassment of what are probably Corso' embellishments. While he covers little new ground about the crash, the cover-up, or the subsequent creation of the government working group convened to deal with the crash that is often referred to as "Majestic-12," he does offer a logical narrative that explains how the alien technology recovered from the crash site was disseminated to various defense contractors who managed to produce tangible results from prototypes that were not of this Earth.

And the question remains whether we could have ever developed things like silicon computer chips or night vision viewers (and especially the particle beam weapons now potentially being trained on UFOs just outside our atmosphere) without some kind of nudge from an alien culture whose technological development undoubtedly still remains many light years ahead of our own.

It is the "Star Wars" technology that gives Corso the most satisfaction, he says, because "We used the extra-terrestrials' own technology against them, feeding it to our defense contractors and then adapting it for use in space-related defense systems. In the end, we were able to deploy enough of the Strategic Defense Initiative to achieve the capability of knocking down enemy satellites, killing the electron guidance systems of incoming enemy warheads, and disabling enemy aircraft, if we had to, to pose a threat. It was alien technology that we used: lasers, accelerated particle-beam weapons, and aircraft equipped with 'Stealth' features. And in the end, we not only outlasted the Soviets and ended the Cold War, but we forced a stalemate with extra-terrestrials, who were not so invulnerable after all."

One can only hope that if Corso is correct in believing the aliens are hostile, that he is equally correct in his belief that they can be stopped by the SDI weapons system he so proudly claims partial credit for.

The Truman Letter - The Government cover-up

Stanton T. Friedman is a dual citizen of the USA and Canada and lives at 79 Pembroke Crescent, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada E3B 2V1.

Stanton T. Friedman received BSc and MSc degrees in physics from the University of Chicago in 1955 and 1956. He was employed for 14 years as a nuclear physicist for such companies as GE, GM, Westinghouse, TRW Systems, Aerojet General Nucleonics, and McDonnell Douglas on such advanced, classified, eventually cancelled, projects as nuclear aircraft, fission and fusion rockets, and nuclear powerplants for space.

Since 1967 he has lectured on the topic "Flying Saucers ARE Real!" at more than 600 colleges and over 100 professional groups in 50 states, 9 provinces, 16 other countries. He has published more than 80 UFO papers and appeared on hundreds of radio and TV programs. He is the original civilian investigator of the Roswell Incident and co-authored "Crash at Corona: The Definitive Study of the Roswell Incident." TOP SECRET/MAJIC, his explosive book about the Majestic 12 group established in 1947 to deal with crashed saucers, was published in 1996 and went through 6 printings. The 2nd edition with a new 5000-word afterword was published in September 2005 and is in its 2nd printing. Stan was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award in Leeds, England, in September, 2002, by UFO Magazine of the UK. A documentary "Stanton T. Friedman IS Real" was broadcast in Canada in 2002.

One of the most controversial documents to be uncovered in the anals of UFO research is called the MJ Documents. These documents were left under Jaime Shandera home door (as I recall reading) by an unknown source in 1984. At this Mr. Shandera was a producer in the Los Angeles area and was working with Bill Moore, to undercover the secret about the UFOs. At this time, Bill Moore was working with scientist Stanton Friedman and so the three of these men upon receiving these documents did extensive research. These documents have been re- published in a Richard Hall's book, "Uninvited Quests" as well as "Crash at Corona" by Stanton Friedman and Don Berliner in 1992. Mr. Friedman believes based on other documents they found in the National Archieve that the documents are geninue and other researchers have found some inconsistancies with page number and type face of the 1950's.

My personal feeling is that the information shared is essentially correct and could have been copied and duplicated to try to show what the real documents looked like. In any case, quite a bit of information related to Roswell here seems to correspond with information found by various researchers and we share this here for your own evaluation. It seems that the events at Roswell in July of 1947 triggered off a sequence of events which began the coverup and how the U. S. government (and eventually other goverments) decided to deal with UFOs.

This information was posted by Wright Adams on the newsnet ......

The Truman Letter


On 24 June, 1947, a civilian pilot flying over the Cascade Mountains in the State of Washington observed nine flying disc-shaped aircraft traveling in formation at a high rate of speed. Although this was not the first known sighting of such objects, it was the first to gain widespread attention in the public media. Hundreds of reports of sightings of similar objects followed. Many of these came from highly credible military and civilian sources. These reports resulted in independent efforts by several different elements of the military to ascertain the nature and purpose of these objects in the interests of national defense. A number of witnesses were interviewed and there were several unsuccessful attempts to utilize aircraft in efforts to pursue reported discs in flight. Public reaction bordered on near hysteria at times.

In spite of these efforts, little of substance was learned about the objects until a local rancher reported that one had crashed in a remote region of New Mexico located approximately seventy-five miles northwest of Roswell Army Air Base (now Walker Field).

On 07 July, 1947, a secret operation was begun to assure recovery of the wreckage of this object for scientific study. During the course of this operation, serial reconnaissance discovered that four small human-like beings had apparently ejected from the aircraft before it exploded. These had fallen to earth about two miles east of the wreckage site. All four were dead and badly decomposed due to action by predators and exposure to the elements during the approximately one week time period which had elapsed before their discovery. A special scientific team took charge of removing these bodies for study. (See Attachment "C".) The wreckage of the craft was also removed to several different locations. (See Attachment "B".) Civilian and military witnesses in the area were debriefed and news reporters were given the effective cover story that the object had been a misguided weather research balloon.


A covert analytical effort organized by Gen. Twining and Dr. Bush acting on direct orders of the president, resulted in a preliminary consensus (19 September, 1947) that the disc was most likely a short range reconnaisance craft. This conclusion was based for the most part on the craft's size and the apparent lack of any identifiable provisioning. (See Attachment "D".) A similar analysis of the four dead occupants was arranged by Dr. Bronk. It was the tentative conclusion of this group (30 November, 1947) that although these creatures are human-like in appearance, the biological and evolutionary processes responsible for their development has apparently been quite different from those observed or postulated in homo-sapiens. Dr. Bronk's team has suggested the term "Extra Terrestrial Biological Entities" (EBEs), be adopted as the standard term of reference for these creatures until such time as a more definitive designation can be agreed upon.

Since it is virtually certain that these craft do not originate in any country on earth, considerable speculation has centered on what their point of origin might be and how they got here. Mars was and remains a possibility, although some scientists, most notably Dr. Menzel, consider it more likely that we are dealing with beings from another solar system entirely.

Numerous examples of what appear to be a form of writing were found in the wreckage. Efforts to decipher these have remained largely unsuccessful. (See Attachment "E".) Equally unsuccessful have been efforts to determine the method of propulsion or the nature and method of transmission of the power source involved. Research along these lines has been complicated by the complete absence of identifiable wings, propellrrs, jets, or other conventional methods of propulsion and guidance, as well as a total lack of metallic wiring, vacuum tubes, or similar recognizable electronic components. (See Attachment "F".) It is assumed that the propulsion unit was completely destroyed by the explosion which caused the crash.

Text of the Truman letter
The White House Washington September 24, 1947

Dear Secretary Forrestal: It continues to be my feelings that any future considerations relative to the ultimate disposition of this matter should rest solely with the Office of the President following appropriate discussions with yourself, Dr. Bush and the Director of Central Intelligence.
(SIGNED Dwight D. Eisenhower)


A need for as much additional information as possible about these craft, their performance characteristics and their purpose led to the undertaking known as U.S. Air Force Project SIGN in December,1947. In order to preserve security, liaison within the Intelligence Division of Air Material Command whose role was to pass along certain types of information through channels. SIGN evolved into Project GRUDGE in December, 1948. The operation is currently being conducted under code name BLUE BOOK, with liaison maintained through the Air Force officer who is head of the project.

On 06 December, 1950, a second object, probably of similar origin, impacted the earth at high speed in the EL Indio-Gurrero area of the Texas-Mexican border after following a long trajectory through the atmosphere. by the time a search team arrived, what remained of the object remained almost totally incinerated. Such material as could be recovered was transported to the A.E.C. facility at Sandia, New Mexico, for study.

Implications for the National Security are of continuing importance in that the motives and ultimate intentions of these visitors remain completely unknown. In addition, a significant upsurge in the surveillance activity of these craft beginning in May and continuing through the autumn of this year has caused considerable concern that the new developments may be imminent. It is for these reasons, as well as the obvious international and technological considerations and the ultimate need to avoid a public panic at all costs, that the Majestic-12 Group remains of the unanimous opinion that the imposition of the strictest security precautions should continue without interruption into the new administration. At the same time, contingency plan MJ-1949-04P/78 (Top-Secret - Eyes Only) should be held in continued readiness should the need to make a public announcement present itself. (See Attachment "G".)

Text of the briefing document
National Security Information
For Information as an early warning
18 NOVEMBER, 1952

WARNING: This is a TOP SECRET - - EYES ONLY document containing compartmentalized information essential to the national security of the United States. EYES ONLY ACCESS to the material herein is strictly limited to those possessing Majestic-12 clearance level. Reproduction in any form or the taking of written or mechanically transcribed notes is strictly forbidden.



NOTE: This document has been prepared as a preliminary briefing only. It should be regarded as introductory to a full operations briefing to follow.

OPERATION MAJESTIC-12 is a TOP SECRET Research and development/ Intelligence operation responsible directly to the President of the United States. Operations of the project are carried out under control of the Majestic-12 (majic-12) Group which was established by special classified executive order of President Truman on 24 September, 1947, upon recommendation by Dr. Vannevar Bush and Secretary James Forrestal. (See Attachment "A".) Members of the Majestic-12 Group were designated as follows:

Adm. Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter Dr. Vannevar Bush Secy. James V. Forrestal* Gen. Nathan F. Twining Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg Dr. Detley Bronk Dr. Jerome Hunsaker Mr. Sidney W. Souers Mr. Gordon Gray Dr. Donald Menzel Gen. Robert M. Montague Dr. Lloyd V. Berkner

The death of Secretary Forrestal on 22 May, 1949, created a vacancy which remained unfilled until 01 August, 1950, upon which date Gen. Walter B. Smith was designated as permanent replacement.

Text of the Cutler memo - July 14, 1954
SUBJECT: NSC/MJ-12 Special Studies Project. The President has decided that the MJ-12 SSP briefing should take place during the already scheduled White House meeting of 16 July, rather than following it as previously intended. More precise arrangements will be explained to you upon arrival.

Your concurrence in the above change of arrangements is assumed. ROBERT CUTLER Special Assistant to the President.

*ATTACHMENT "A"........Special Classified Executive Order #092447.
(TS/EO) *ATTACHMENT "B"........Operation Majestic-12 Status Report #1, Part A. 30 NOV '47. (TS-MAJIC/EO)
*ATTACHMENT "C"........Operation Majestic-12 Status Report #1, Part B. 30 NOV '47. (TS-MAJIC/EO)
*ATTACHMENT "D"........Operation Majestic-12 Preliminary Analytical Report. 19 SEP '47. (TS-MAJIC/EO)
*ATTACHMENT "E"........Operation Majestic-12 Blue Team Report #5. 30 JUN '52. (TS-MAJIC/EO)
*ATTACHMENT "F"........Operation Majestic-12 Status Report #2. 31 JAN '48. (TS-MAJIC/EO)
*ATTACHMENT "G"........Operation Majestic-12 Contingency Plan MJ-1949-04P/78: 31 JAN '49. (TS-MAJIC/EO)
*ATTACHMENT "H"........Operation Majestic-12, Maps and Photographs Folio (Extractions). (TS-MAJIC/EO)
************** * TOP SECRET * **************


It's clear that over 97% of the people have NOT read any of the five major scientific studies I discuss, and are unaware of the mountains of evidence that support my conclusions. They are also unaware of the scientific data, as opposed to tabloid nonsense. However, it is also clear from the Opinion Polls and from my own experience that indeed most people accept the notion that SOME UFOs are alien spacecraft. The greater the education, the MORE likely an individual is to accept this proposition. In an October 25, 1995, Oxford University Debate on the resolution "Planet Earth is being visited by intelligent extraterrestrial life", the affirmative side, of which I was a part, garnered 60% of Debate Union Member votes on the question. Ninety-two percent of 100,000 people calling during a TV Debate in London on June 27,1997, said Earth has been visited by aliens!

FROM THE PUBLISHER; Top Secret/Majic is the result of nuclear physicist and renowned UFO investigator Stanton T. Friedman's twenty-one year search for the truth about the mysterious Operation Majestic 12, President Truman's top-secret UFO investigation team. In this updated edition of his landmark book, he tells the incredible tale of the July, 1947 recovery of a crashed flying saucer near Roswell, New Mexico, and the establishment by President Truman of a truly all-star cast to deal with the saucer and its non-human inhabitants. The first four Directors of Central Intelligence, the first Secretary of Defense, and several outstanding scientists and military leaders were part of the team. Through painstaking research and startling evidence-including documents that have never before been published-Friedman effectively exposes the U.S. government's biggest-kept secret: a fifty-eight year UFO cover-up.

The problem is NOT that there is not enough evidence to justify my conclusions; but that most people, especially the noisy negativists, are unaware of the real, non-tabloid evidence.

It should be no surprise that the various highly classified Operation Majestic 12 or Majic-12 or MJ-12 documents have been attacked since their existence was first made public. Equally unsurprising is the fact that a number of phony or hoax or fraudulent MJ-12 documents have been released as well. Clearly if the original documents: The Eisenhower Briefing Document (EBD) of November 18, 1952; the Truman-Forrestal Memo (TFM) of Sept. 24, 1947 (page 8 of the EBD); and the Cutler-Twining Memo (CTM) of July 14, 1954 (found in July, 1985, in Box 189 of Entry 267 of Record Group 341 at the National Archives by Jaime Shandera and William Moore) are genuine, then the consequences are enormous. Aliens are visiting earth; the government has recovered at least one crashed saucer and several alien bodies; and a very significant group of outstanding American scientists and military leaders has collected, reviewed, evaluated, and kept secret all kinds of information about the visitors. Man is NOT alone and the government has covered up the biggest story of the millennium at least since 1947.

Ten years after the 1984 receipt of a roll of exposed 35mm film by Jaime Shandera at his Burbank, California home and his efforts with William Moore and myself to evaluate them, a new roll of film showed up in the mailbox of aviation and science writer (and longtime ufologist) Don Berliner. This contained many pages of SOM 1-01: Majestic 12 Group SPECIAL OPERATIONS MANUAL: "Extraterrestrial Entities and Technology, Recovery and Disposal." Meanwhile Tim Cooper, a researcher in Big Bear Lake, California, began receiving loads of supposedly related MJ-12 documents. There would appear to be no connection between the original three documents and the SOM 1.01 (Mailed from Wisconsin rather than Albuquerque, NM) or the mass of Tim Cooper documents which were usually in the form of Xerox copies, often only legible with difficulty and received by him by mail or dropped off at his PO Box.

The Majestic 12 documents

Update on Operation Majestic 12 Documents

The History Channel has recently broadcast a documentary on Mr. Friedman and the entire Roswell incident. Friedman On History Channel's 'Roswell' Documentary

Recent sightings and Srilanka

Humanoid Reports from 1065 to 1869. Echoes of a dim past prove to be reflections of the future. Click the photo. Since 1947 researchers have exhaustively documented the reality of UFOs. But questions still remain about the origins of these strange craft and the intentions of the beings who pilot them. In ALIEN IDENTITIES, Richard L. Thompson shows that the answers may lie in the records of ancient civilization with thousands of years of contacts with extraterrestrial races. Startling parallels between modern UFO accounts and the ancient Sanskrit writings of India give fresh insights into the identity and purposes of
UFO visitors. Recent Sightings sitemap

This is an independent report; Mistakes were corrected when possible, otherwise it is copied as presented.


MAJESTIC TWELVE (PROWORD) MAJIC MAJESTIC TWELVE, MAJESTIC 12, MAJESTIC-12, MJ-12, MAJIC, are all forms of the code name for the control group authorized by President Truman on 09/24/47. The Director of the Central Intelligenge Agency (CIA) is the Director of Majestic Twelve, MJ-1. The control group was formed to oversee a TOP SECRET Research and Development & Intelligence Operation and was responsible only to the President. The need for this group was dictated by the finding of a downed FLYING SAUCER scattered over 2 sites near the town of Roswell New Mexico in July 1947. The dead bodys of 4 very small human like ALIENS were also found.

MAJESTIC TWELVE is the most highly classified secret in the United States and its existance has never been divulged to Congress. The funds for MJ-12 and Aquarius are CIA confidential (non-appropriated).

PROJECTS under MAJESTIC TWELVE The operations listed here were current as late as 1976 with absolute certainty and are still operational to the best of our knowledge. The names of the original operations were changed several times over the years and eventually evolved into those listed.

PROJECT SIGN (PROWORD) MAJIC The first project under MAJESTIC TWELVE. The mission of project sign was essentially the same as that which PROJECT AQUARIUS evolved into. PROJECT SIGN referred to aliens as Extraterrestrial Biological Entities. The reasons for the absorbtion of PROJECT SIGN by PROJECT AQUARIUS were mainly of a political and security nature. PROJECT AQUARIUS stripped the Air Force and Army Generals of their historic control of the UFO/IAC projects and placed most of it under the Intelligence umbrella.

PROJECT AQUARIUS (PROWORD) MAJIC Established in 1953 by President Eisenhower under control of MJ-12 and PROJECT SIGN. The Project contains all information collected by the United States since it began investigating UFO's (Unidentified Flying Objects) and IAC's (Identified Alien Craft). At the time we saw this information it existed in approximately 15 or 16 volumes. This project became an independent project when PROJECT SIGN was eliminated in 1960. PROJECT AQUARIUS referred to aliens as Alien Life Forms. The mission of PROJECT AQUARIUS was to gather all scientific, technological, medical, and intelligence information from UFO & IAC sightings and contacts with Alien Life Forms. The information was to be used in the space program.

PROJECT SIGMA (PROWORD) AQUARIUS Established in 1954 as part of PROJECT SIGN. The mission of PROJECT SIGMA was to establish communication with the aliens. First communication was established in 1959 through binary computer language. On April 25, 1964 a USAF (OSI) officer met with aliens at a prearranged desert location in New Mexico. Information was exchanged and a basic understanding was reached after several hours. It was learned through this effort that several species of alien life existed. Communication was eventually established with all of them. Through communications it was determined that 3 catagorys existed. The three catagorys are MALEVOLENT (DANGEROUS), BENEVOLENT (GOOD-HELPFUL), and NEUTRAL (OBSERVERS ONLY) The project has been extremely successful.

PROJECT PLATO (PROWORD) AQUARIUS Established in 1960 after the United States established communications with the aliens. The mission of PROJECT PLATO was to establ ish diplomatic re lations with the aliens. Project Plato made agreements in order to prevent hostilitys between the United States and the aliens. An agreement was made with the MALEVOLENT aliens whereby they could abduct humans. The purpose of these abductions were to provide blood and other biological fluids as food for the aliens. The aliens agreed to furnish a list periodically to MJ-12 of the names of those abducted. PROJECT PLATO took whatever steps neccessary to prevent public disclosure.

* PROJECT PLUTO (PROWORD) AQUARIUS Established in 1947 after the Roswell incident. The mission of PROJECT PLUTO was to recover all crashed or downed alien craft, to recover all evidence of alien presence or technology, and to recover all alien bodies (alive or dead).

PROJECT PLUTO developed cover stories to satisfy press and civilian curiosity. PROJECT PLUTO was authorized use of deadly force and/or relocation to insure secrecy. PROJECT PLUTO was responsible for and biological intelligence of the Alien Life Forms.

PROJECT POUNCE (PROWORD) AQUARIUS Established in 1968. The mission of PROJECT POUNCE was to evaluate all UFO/IAC information pertaining to space technology. The goal was to duplicate the technology and/or improve upon it. Ultimate use of the technology would establish the United States as the dominate world power and close the gap in any confrontation with the aliens.

PROJECT REDLIGHT (PROWORD) AQUARIUS Established in 1954. The mission REDLIGHT was to test a recovered alien craft. The mission was accomplished in part only. PROJECT REDLIGHT was terminated in 1963 after every (flyable) recovered craft exploded during test flights. There were no survivors among the human test pilots.

PROJECT SNOWBIRD (PROWORD) AQUARIUS Established in 1972. The mission of PROJECT SNOWBIRD was to test fly a recovered alien craft. The project was on going the last time I saw this information.

PROJECT ???????? (PROWORD) AQUARIUS (NOTE.. .We are recall the name of this project nor have we been able to get response from anyone on it. At the time we saw the information the project was ongoing. It cannot be determined if this project is still in existence.) The mission of this project was to develop a low frequency pulsed sound generator. The energy produced from this generator was to be concentrated so that it could be aimed and used as a weapon in order to destroy the alien craft and beam weapons. The alien beam weapons were described as ange but able to incapacitate or destroy any weapons system known to date (1972). The aliens also possess a beam weapon which is described as being able to paralyse any human within range. Tests were described as having shown that the alien craft and weapons were extremely sensitive to low frequency pulsed sound waves. This weapon was to be used to incapacitate the alien defenses in order to allow PROJECT EXCALIBUR to succeed in its mission. The initial technology used in this project was capture the Germans during WW- II. The German sound generators were described as being able to knock down reinforced concrete buildings and shatter 4" thick armour from a great range. This technology is believed to further substantiate that Germany had recovered alien craft and had possibly had some dealings with the aliens prior to or during WW-II. Documents captured during and after WW-II indicated that an alien craft had been recovered by Germany in 1939. A German built flying saucer was captured during last few months of WW-II.

PROJECT EXCALIBUR (PROWORD) AQUARIUS Established in 1972. The mission of PROJECT EXCALIBUR is to develop a weapons system capable of destroying the alien underground base after the alien beam weapons have been incapacitated or destroyed. The alien underground base is located beneath an indian reservation near the small town of Dulce, New Mexico. The device must be capable of penetrating 1,000 meters of tufa / hard pack soil and sustain no operational damage. This typ is commonly found in New Mexico where the alien base is located. Missile apogee must not exceed 30,000 feet AGL. Impact deviation will now exceed 50 meters. The device will carry a 1 megaton warhead.

PROJECT BLUE BOOK A U.S. Air Force project establiahed to determine whether UFO's pose a threat to the security of the United States and to determine whether UFO's exhibit any unique scientific information or advanced technology which could contribute to scientific or technical research. PROJECT was successful in its primary mission outlined above. PROJECT BLUE BOOK was not quite so successful in its secondary mission which was to publicly explain away the UFO phenomenon as natural or known phenomenon in order to eleminate public interest. To completely fulfill the secondary mission it was decided that an outside commission of distinguished scientists would be convened in order to permanantly lay the issue to rest. After this 'study' was completed (Condon Commission) the Air Force state the continuation of Project Blue Book cannot be justified, either on the ground of national security or in the interest of science. PROJECT BLUE BOOK was abandoned and its mission and information was consolidated under PROJECT AQUARIUS in 1969..

SCIENTIFIC STUDY OF UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS Contracted to the University of Colorado in 1966 and Chaired by Dr. Edward U. Condon. The results of the panel were dictated before the first meeting. Despite objections of the other panel members, Dr. Condon led to fulfill the mission. The general conclusion was that "nothing has come from the study of UFOs in the past 21 years that has added to scientific knowledge." A panel from the National Academy of Sciences agreed. The press and the public were satisfied. Except for a hard core element of UFO believers the issue died in the public forum.

OPERATION UFO (NSA OPERATION IN SUPPORT OF PROJECT PLUTO) The mission of Operation UFO was to form intelligence teams versed in all of the knowledge learned which would be the first on scene of any UFO crash site in order to secure the technology and prevent it from falling into foreign hands. Several teams existed over the world. The United States was specifically concerned that it did not fall into Soviet hands. This mission was to be accomplished no matter the country of occurrance. Many subsequent ALIEN CRAFT recoverys would occur in foreign countrys as well as the United States. UFO was also used to recover downed space hardware (especially So d to recover nuclear weapons which became lost (usually by accident).

OPERATION MOONDUST (SUPPORTED SPACE PROGRAM & UFO) The mission of Operation Moondust was to provide a cover which would neutralize public curiosity while recovery of an ALIEN CRAFT was being conducted. The teams that made up the compliment of Moondust were the same teams that made up UFO. Moondust was made public and its mission (to the public) was to identify and recover United States space hardware which might fall to earth. s a bonified mission when circumstances dictated.

OPERATION BLUEFLY (SUPPORTED UFO & MOONDUST) The mission of operation Bluefly was to provide QUICK REACTION COMBAT TEAMS known as ALPHA teams (fight for technology if neccessary), mechanical and technological support in recovery, rapid and secure transport to secure storage and examination areas. There are several of these storage and examination areas in order to limit distance traveled and thus limit the possible chance of an accident that cou e cargo to public knowledge. Several teams existed over the world. Recovery and transport of both EBEs (dead or alive) and Alien craft were accomplished. Bluefly was also utilized in event of recovery of space objects (of terrestrial origin), and event of recovery of lost nuclear weapons (usually due to accident).

NOTE....This account of the history and current status of MAJESTIC TWELVE and the Alien Life Forms has been kept brief. We believe that the intent, however, has been served with th on provided. The whole story would fill several hundred volumes. We realize that even with the combined effort of several memorys we have probably made some mistakes. We have tried to minimize the mistakes and feel that what is represented is true and correct to the best of our combined knowledge. ... from... Sacred Texts

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