Enûma elish - Atlantis Connection

The Enûma elish - Atlantis connection

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Anu, Lord of the Sky 3000 BC The linguist and translator Robert Alter, Professor of Hebrew and Comparative Literature at the University of California, makes the point that the modern English versions of the Old Testament have 'placed readers at a grotesque distance from the distinctive literary experience of the bible in its original language'. In this regard, he maintains that it is quite incorrect to relate the word adamah to dust or soil, for the word has a much wider territorial meaning.
(Notice the large eyes of this 'creator' god)

The Sumerians knew our solar system. They knew 6000 years ago about planets that were only discovered in the last century. However, the Anunnaki knew all about these planets. They described them, including the distances between them. They also said that there was one more planet in our solar system, that comes to Earth´s vicinity every 3600 years and makes a great elliptical orbit. At that time the beings from that planet would go and come from their planet and Earth. They began doing this about 450,000 years ago. These Anunnaki people from Nibiru not only created the Sumerian culture, but also genetically created Man, Homo Sapiens, through genetic manipulation with themselves and ape women (Homo Erectus) (read Adam - a prototype).

Approximately half a million years ago, our Planet Earth / Tiamat was a quite different place than it is today. Our planet's original name is Tiamat. The nickname "Earth", from the Greek "Gaia", is only a recent innovation. A half a million years ago, our planet was not located where it is today. It orbited farther out from the Sun, in between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter and had a much colder environment than today. Mars was orbiting at a distance much closer to the Sun than now and was quite habitable, with a temperate climate and liquid water. This fact has been verified numerous times by NASA and other scientific groups. see The 12th Planet

To date, Sitchin has deciphered more then 2,000 clay cylinders from that ancient land on the Persian Gulf that existed some 6,000 years ago. Some of these fragments, which date to 4,000 B.C., are in museums around the world. One fragment in particular, presently in Germany, indicates that Earth is the seventh planet, counting in from Pluto. The time frame here is four millennia before modern astronomy confirmed the existence of Pluto as an actual planet in our solar system. So how did an ancient race of people know this fact? Sitchin says it is because these ancient people did not come from Earth, but from Nibiru... Zecharia Sitchin

March 2004 - A 10th Planet was named this month - Sedna after the Inuit Goddess of the Oceans.

A planet named Nibiru - Planet X - was thought by many people to be returning in the 21st century....And it has! The 12th Planet.

Note; These people think Nibiru is a metaphoric trigger for awakening to a higher consciousness that something is about to occur - but it is a shift in consciousness not the return of a plant. The 'X' = As is Above So is Below - Emerald Tablets of Thoth

"It is the merge of matter and antimatter. It is the merge of the polar apsects of your soul at which time you become One."

Nibiru Myth.....It is supposedly the home of the Anunnaki - the Nephilim - the Elohim - the Gods - the Giants of the Bible - Those Who From Heaven To Earth Came. Some believe they are a Reptilian Race. The Dogon Tribe of Mali, Africa also have a legend about a race of Amphibious Gods - Nommos - who came to Earth from Sirius approximately five thousand years ago. see Nibiru

The Great Flood supposedly was an attempt to destroy the slave races of humanity by the Nibiruans because they had rebelled against their Nibiruian / Sumerian Gods - Enlil and Enki..
Enlil and Enki were involved in a heated dispute over whether to destroy or preserve the slave races and this power struggle resulted in war - the dualty of our reality - which exists in all creational myths.

We offer three images of Anu, (and Anu-bis) each a depiction of a God known as such in at least two different cultures. Same name - different face or discription of the same deity. Other relifs showing the same figure as this god Anu are also described as the sumerian god Anunnaki. This is no coincidence. In the first image Anu is the figure of a disk and wings in the center of the picture. This is Egyptian. The second image is the two Kings (brothers) Enki and Enlil and their father figure Anu, again the winged disk.

Darius the Great Darius the Great adopted this symbol

Evidence of Ancient visitors

'Dr. Javier Cabrera discovers about 40,000 stone tablets detailing advanced science in the Peruvian desert of Ocucaje. These were called the Ica Stones of Peru One of the great enigmas of planet Earth revolves around a collection of approximately 15,000 pre-Columbian artifacts - the ancient carved gliptolithic rock-library known as the Ica Stones.

They are carved stones supposedly found in a cave in the coastal desert city of Ica, Peru. Ica is a relatively small area, some 300 kilometers from Lima. In the 1960's a farmer claimed to have found piles and piles of rocks deep in various gorges and caves not far from the Nazca Lines. Some were also buried slightly under the ground. The native farmer produced only bags of stones at first, but later, he produced literally thousands of the artifacts. For some time he made a good living selling the stones to tourists.

The farmer became something of a celebrity. Word traveled in the archeological world, and experts descended on Ica.

The tablets detail such complex ideas as astronomy, surgery (heart and kidney transplants), C section, acupuncture, genetic disorders, and more. There were descriptions of vehicles which flew through spaces without consuming fuel, descriptions of the lines drawn at Nazca. They described the evacuation of large-headed small-statured race to a planet which would now be in the Pleaides star cluster. These were found in the Peruvian state of Ica. The city of Ica is only 100 miles from the city of Nazca.

Dr. Cabrera's library is organized by subject matter including the races of man, ancient animals, lost continents, and the knowledge of a global catastrophe.

There are scenes of natives adorned with robes and high crowns, similar to the Incas, performing medical procedures on patients. Several depict heart and brain transplants.

The stones are clearly carved depicting people riding dinosaurs and flying reptiles.
There are stones with genetic codes, and the prolongation of life. Blood vessels are shown being reconnected via re-absorption tubes utilizing the natural regeneration of cells.
There are carvings of a cesarean section with acupuncture as a form of anesthesia. more on the Nazca lines

More Evidence

Xenu (bad guy from Mars) ordered nuking of earth. (Per Scientology.) Radioactive dust still in geologic strata. Geologists can't explain it. Was this in the areas of the USA southwest desert, African desert, and Gobi desert? see.. 75,000 years ago

From beneath the windswept sands of ancient Mesopotamia comes the documented legacy of the "creation chamber" of the heavenly Anunnaki. Here is the story of the clinical cloning of Adam and Eve, which predates Bible scripture by more than 5000 years. The Nag Hammidi texts confirm this experimentation with human DNA. Other evidence of a nuclear blast was found in Iraq that dates to more than 10,000 years ago. To keep this from happening again, the Atlantians (descendents of the Anunnaki) hid the records of their scientific knowledge in the Great Pyramid. Enoch describes it as a piller'.

The Sumerians said that their amazing knowledge was taught to them by people they called "Anunnaki," which means in Sumerian, "those who from heaven to Earth came." In Sumerian Mythology they were a pantheon of good gods and bad gods all of who came to Earth to create the human race. The Sumerians never called the Anunnaki "gods". They were called dingir, a two syllable word. "Din" meant righteous, pure, bright, and "gir' was a term used to describe a sharp-edged object. As an epithet for the Anunnaki 'dingir' meant "righteous ones of the bright pointed objects".

Moses backs it up!

Moses sent some scouts to look at the land near Hebron. Here is a passage from Numbers Ch. 13, mentioning giants, which could be Annunaki:
30; Then Caleb silenced the people before Moses and said, "We should go up and take possession of the land, for we can certainly do it."
31; But the men who had gone up with him said, "We can't attack those people; they are stronger than we are."
32; And they (the scouts) spread among the Israelites a bad report about the land they had explored. They said, "The land we explored devours those living in it. All the people we saw there are of great size.
33; We saw the Nephilim there (the descendants of Anak, called Anakim [and Annunaki], come from the Nephilim). We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them." The Annunaki were the descendants of the fallen angels and earth women. See Numbers 13.

While the Babylonian Enûma elish pre-dates the Genesis account by more than 1000 years, it was itself based on far more ancient records, and the earliest Sumerian Creation story discovered to date is more than 1000 years older than the Emûma elish. Here too, along with the mention of Anunnaki blood, there are specific references to the use of little clay models fashioned by Nin-Khursag, the Lady of Life. We saw, in the Enûma elish, that man was called lullû, which literally means 'one that is mixed'. Moreover, in the ancient Sumerian text from Nippur (now held at the University of Pennslyvania Museum) it is specifically stated that 'Anu, Enlil, Enki and Nin-Khursag had themselves fashioned the black-haired people, those called the Sumerians - the very race whose mysterious origin, language and culture have never been fathomed.

Another take on the same subject from .. Research Examples They call this A Blasphemer's Genealogy of YHWH.
We edited this adding the names that compair with the text from the Nag Hammidi library which backs it up. In considering this, one must realize these seperate versions were created at least 8000 years apart.

ENKI (the Serpent, and god of the Earth), being the Chief Scientist of the gods, was the actual formulator of man. Man was needed by the gods because they needed labor to help produce food and other economic goods. The first experiment was a collaboration between NINHURSAG (ENKI's sister, and wife). In the following quote from The 12th Planet:
... according to Sumerian texts, Man was created by Ninhursag following processes and formulas devised by Enki. She was the Chief Nurse, and one in charge of the medical facilities; it was in that role that the goddess was called NINTI ("lady of life").

Some Scholars read in Adapa (the model man of Enki) the biblical Adama, or Adam. The double meaning of the Sumerian TI also raises biblical parallels. For TI could mean both life and rib, so that NIN.TI's name meant both "lady of life" and "lady of the rib." The biblical Eve -- whose name meant "life" -- was created out of Adam's rib, so Eve, too was in a way a "lady of life" and a "lady of the rib". (translated as such in Genesis).

But we also found that Eve is completely seperate and her creation has nothing to do with Adam. She is the daughter of Sophia called Zoe in the Nag Hammidi texts. Whereas the first two Adams were created by Enlil and his 'seven authorities' as slaves, Zoe/Eve is a product of divine origin resembling her mother. It is she and her mother (NINHURSAG) who give the third Adam, who might be Enki's creation, (the perfect man who is not meant to be a slave) life or 'breath'. Already having partaken of the 'tree of knowledge', she teaches Adam, and her son from Adam's seed, is also of divine origin - Seth.

The The Apocalypse of Adam does not show Adam as the father of Cain or Abel, so they are the products of Enlil's creations.
In it Adam speeks to Seth; "And I saw three men before me whose likeness I was unable to recognize, since they were not from the powers of the God who had created us. They surpassed glory, and men, saying to me , "Arise, Adam, from the sleep of death and hear about the Aeon and the seed of that man to whom life has come, who came from you and from Eve, your wife" (Seth)........... "Then the God, who created us, created a son from himself and Eve, your mother. I knew sweet desire for your mother."
If we read from the Origin of the World , in the Nag Hammidi texts, Sophia says, "she escaped from the authorities and went into a tree." She left her 'likeness' with the authorities and they defiled that likness which resulted in Cain and Abel. This 'likeness' is called Lilith or NINLIL.

"When God had created me out of the earth along with Eve, your mother, I went about with her in a glory which she had seen in the Aeon from which we had come forth. She taught me a word of knowledge of the eternal God. And we resembled the great angels, for we were higher than the God who had created us and the powers with him, whom we did not know. Then we recognized the God who had created us. For we were not strangers to his powers. And we served him in fear and slavery. And after these events we became darkened in our hearts."

The Sumerian clay tablets show Enki as the actual "inventor" of Man. ENKI was constantly trying to improve Man by teaching him. ENKI was also in constant rivalry with ENLIL, who was the all powerful being.

The Hebrew god YHWH is probably Baal, the son of ENLIL and rival of ENKI; because it is observed that the Hebrew calendar is a lunar calendar in honor of the moon god, the name YHWH is almost YHRH which in Hebrew means "moon", and name of the holy mountain considered to be YHWH's place is SIN.AI meaning SIN (Semitic for NANNA) AI (place). SIN is one of Enlil's sons. INANNA is the Sumerian Ishtar who stole the ME's from ENKI.

At this point, the reader may asking: "So what?" Well, if SIN is the God of Abraham, then all the stories pertaining to NANNA in the Sumerian myths also refer to SIN. This means that YHWH is the Sumerian god NANNA who is a descendant of ENLIL and NINLIL. According to Sumerian and Babylonian Myths Nanna is not the creator/formulator of Man. As a matter of fact, ENKI and NINHURSAG who are the creators of Man, are rivals of ENLIL and NINLIL.

Moses was rewriting the Sumerian myth to turn Nanna into the creator of Man. However, from the context of Sumerian myth we can interpret Man's fall from grace with less guilt. Nanna, in collaboration with ENLIL, banished Man from the Garden of Eden because they were angry at ENKI for teaching too much knowledge to Man. (eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil).

This verse in 'Origin' from the Nag Hammidi Scrolls - confirms the whole episode; "Now Eve had confidence in the words of the instructor (Enki). She gazed at the tree and saw that it was beautiful and appetizing, and liked it; she took some of its fruit and ate it; and she gave some also to her husband, and he too ate it. Then their intellect became open. For when they had eaten, the light of knowledge had shone upon them. When they clothed themselves with shame, they knew that they were naked of knowledge. When they became sober, they saw that they were naked and became enamored of one another. When they saw that the ones who had modelled them had the form of beasts, they loathed them: they were very aware.

IN about 2100 BC, the future king Gudea of Babylonia recorded that Nin-khursag was the 'Mother of all children'. It is clear from the Mesopotamain texts that the Sumerians who emerged from Kin-khursag's work believed that their main purpose in life was to serve the Anunnaki by provided them with food, drink and habitation. In return, they were educated and trained in social skills and academic affairs, and the products of this training are abundantly clear from their writings. They abhored evil, falsehood, lawlessness and injustice, but they cherished goodness, truth, law, order and freedom within a well regulated, structured society.

A tablet from the third millennium BC explains that Enki established law and order in the land and generally masterminded the dramatic rise of civilized Sumner.

It is further related that Enki then turned his attention to the pickaxe and the brick-mould, laying foundations and building houses. And it is told that all this was done by the grand design of 'Her( NIN-khursag)..who held the might of the land and the steadfast support of the 'black-headed people'.

In general terms, it seems that the cloning enterprise of Enki and Nin-khursag was a success, but a more advanced plan was then conceived to create a prototype for a race of superior earthly leaders. (The english word 'clone' derives from the Greek word klon, meaning 'twig'.) With this in mind, it was decided to place a cultured embryo into Nin-khurag's own womb instead of into a mortal woman's womb, so that it was fed with Aunnaki blood. Amoung her various titles, Nin-khusag was also known as Nin-ki (Lady Earth) and it is by this name that she is recorded in a quotation from Enki that describes her surrogate role: Nin-ki, my goddess-spouce, will be the one for labour. Seven goddesses of birth will be near to assist.

So Nin-ki bore the child, having developed an embryo cultured from the seed of a mortal woman, which had been clinically fertilized by Enki. The outcome of this successful experiment was the Adama (Earthling), who was recorded as the Model of Man. Enki called the man 'Adapa' and was so pleased that, in time he appointed him to be his personal delegate. At Eridu, Adapa was placed in charge of Enki's temple in the Sumerian Eden, and he became the world's first ever priest.

Tablets containing Adapa's story were originally discovered, along with the Enuma elish, in the Nineveh library ruins of King Ashur-banipal of Assyria, and also in the Egyptian archives of Pharoah Amenhotep III, who reigned in about 1400BC. They explain that Lady Earth's son, Adapa the Adama was truely a 'mighty man' (hu-mannan), who was given extrodinary powers of control, being anointed (Anu-oint-ment) into kingship.

"And Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil, and their eyes were opened". The evil Enlil who says he is God, tells Adam and Eve they will surely die if they partake of the fruit... Just a trick to keep them as servants because next it says, "They ate of the fruit and their eyes were opened and they became as god's" (those who had wisdom). The words are not 'knowing and evil' - but - "knowing good FROM evil". And they didn't die so Enlil lied to them.

"And they realized they were naked". This is a reflection of their subordinate status in the prevailing environment and their covering themselves had nothing to do with sexuality. They realized they were like the animals who were naked. Realizing that they were looked upon as inferior beings they were struck with the embarrassment of their situation and sought to cloth themselves. Cloths were a prerogative of the masters and it is for this reason that the Adapta tablet tells that when the Adama was anointed to his priestly station, "a garment was commanded for him, and he was clothed." ( Notice the word, "anointed" )

Because they ate of the fruit, Enlil, in a vindictive punishment told Eve, "I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children". He then protected the Tree of Life with a revolving sword of fire so they could not have immortality and he made them hunger for food and drink. The Tree of Life is associated with Kingship and is sometimes called the Tree of Birth. The kingship was an inherited office passed on from father to son, but kingship came from the Mothers DNA not the fathers.
The next king was Seth.

The 'serpent' who whispered to Eve was Enki who is also described as the 'giver of wisdom'. Enlil was insistant that humans should be kept ignorant and should be maintained solely to toil and to bear the yoke of the Anunnaki. So the Garden of Eden was a battle ground for two brothers who disagreed on just about everything. It seems Enlil is still at work.

Later, in a continuation from another text, the Adama is described not only as the 'High Priest', but also as being of the Royal seed. And so it is apparent that the great importance of Adapa (the biblical Adam) was not that he was the first man, but that he was the first human of the Royal Seed - the first priest king of the Enki bloodline.

In the days before the flood, the operative Kings of Sumer were Nephilim guardians appointed by the Anunnaki, but after the Flood came a new era of the earthly kings. It was this post-4000 BC era which saw the sudden and glorious rise of the Sumerians, the people whose strange new language gave its name to the region. Even in those times, the kingly appointments were still made by grant of the Assembly under the continuing persidency of Anu. From about 2100 BC comes the proclamation for the installation of King Shulgi of Ur, who regined shortly before the birth of Abraham: 'Let Shulgi, king with a pleasant term of regin, preform correctly for me, Anu, the rites instituted of kingship. Let him direct the schedules of the gods for me'.
Genesis of the Grail Kings

Consider this in Genesis 1:26 again

"And God said: 'The man has now become like one of 'US' knowing good and evil ..."

I would say, Enlil was genuinely concerned that if ENKI would have continued providing the lessons, Man will have improved towards becoming just like God. Maybe the story about the fall from grace is simply an account of a political maneuvering involving pretty "heavy" hands.


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Thompson Chain Reference Bible (New International Version)

False Kings - False Gods

Behistun Rock is one of the keys to finding the Lost Tribes. The crux is knowing the names used to identify those people. With the trilingual inscription of Behistun Rock we discover what three other cultures called the Ten Tribes - other than the Israelites.

Behistun Rock is found in the Zargos mountains, in northwestern Iran, on an old caravan road that runs from Babylon to Ecbatana, the ancient capitol of Media. The mountain is 1700 feet high and on the sheer face, 300 feet above the base is a huge bas relief commissioned by Darius the Great in 515 BC as a grandiose Ode to his great accomplishments.

A close up of Darius 
the Great showing his feet on the body of Gaumata the false
 king; while holding his right hand up thanking Ahura Mazda for
 his triumph in saving his empire. World's largest rock inscription and relief
The most important rock inscription and relief in Behistun is known as Darius' tablet, dated 519 BC. Almost 300 feet from road ground level it measures 22 feet in height, and 68 feet in width with 515 lines of Old Persian Texts. A relief scene, depicting the triumph of Darius over the "false" kings, is located above the Persian Text. On the right side old Elamite version of the inscription consisting of 323 lines can be seen. To the left of the Persian text the Akkadian can be seen in 141 lines. In addition eleven fragments of text can been seen in parts of the relief. see..The Stone Tablets of Cyrus and Darius

The Behistun Rock inscriptions are confirmed in two other places: Darius' tomb, and a gold tablet. The gold tablet again mentions the conquering of the Sakka, while the tomb inscription expands the evidence by talking about three different kinds of Sakka. In all cases, the same name in Babylonian was Gimri.

Sakka comes from Isaac and becomes Saxon. Gimri comes from Khumri(out of the Biblical name Omri) and goes through Gimmira and the Greek Kimmerioi to Cimmerian.

A great many of the names in European history are traceable to the Sakka, Gimri and Scythians.

Henry Rawlinson, an enterprising officer of East India Company while on posting to Persia (1835-7) accomplished the task of copying the great text on the cliff of Behistun. Then relying on knowledge of scholars on Avestan language, the scriptures of the Zoroastrian religion, he was able by 1839 to unlocked the Persian cuneiform writing system. His work opened the door to decipherment of may forms of cuneiform used throughout ancient middle east. Rawlinson's work was done 24 years after Champollion's decipherment of Egyptian hieroglyphic writing.

Words of Darius the Great; This magnificent inscription gives the full account of Darius' ascension to the throne and his work in creating order in the Persian Empire. This inscription indicates that Cambyses murdered his brother known as Smerdis (Farsi: Bardia) prior to his departure for Egypt . This fact was not known to his court and people. After Cambyses unexpected death in Egypt a member is his palace known as Gaumata claims to be Smerdis and successor to the throne . His claim was initially accepted by people until Darius and his people discovered the false king, Gaumata. A century later Herodotus gives us a similar account of this event.

This inscription provides a date for every major effort of Darius in his ascension to the throne with a specific date on Achaemenian calendar. This luni-solar calendar is also known as old Persian calendar. In Darius' words "After that I sought help of Ahuramazda; Ahuramazda bore me aid; of the month Bagayadi 10 days were past, then I with a few men slew that Gaumata the Magian, and those who were his foremost followers" (13). The date of his triumph over Gaumata is mentioned -- the month of Bagayadi 10 days were past.
from .. A Zoroastrian Educational Institute

The Mahabharata The Mahabharata is the grand epic of India. Maha means "great" and Mahabharata is the traditional name of both India and a legendary ancestor of the Indian people. The story involves the struggle between two groups of cousins for the crown of the kingdom of Kuru in north India. The Pandavas lose their rightful inheritance to the kingdom through a game of dice with their cousins, the Kauravas. The Pandavas spend many years in exile and have many adventures before finally confronting their cousins on the plain of Kuru for the climactic battle of the story. The Pandavas are victorious and the end of the battle, and the death of Krishna also marks the end of the Dvapara Yuga, the third epoch in the cycle of time and heralds the Kali Yuga, the age of quarrel, in which we now live.

In 1875, the Vaimanika Shastra, a fourth century BC text written by Maharshi Bhardwaj, was discovered in a temple in India. The book dealt with the operation of ancient vimanas and included information on steering, precautions for long flights, protection of the airships from storms and lightning, and how to switch the drive to solar energy, or some other “free energy” source, possibly some sort of “gravity drive.” Vimanas were said to take off vertically or dirigible. Bharadwaj the Wise refers to no less than 70 authorities and 10 experts of air travel in antiquity. These sources are now lost.

Vimanas were kept in Vimana Griha, or hanger, were said to be propelled by a yellowish-white-liquid, and were used for various purposes. Airships were present all over the world. The plain of Nazca in Peru is very famous for appearing from the high altitude to be a rather elaborate, if confusing airfield. Some researchers have theorized that this was some sort of Atlantean outpost. It is worth nothing that Rama Empire had its outposts: Easter Island, almost diametrically opposite to Mohenjo-daro on the globe, astonishingly developed its own written language, an obscure script lost to the present inhabitants, but found on tablets and other carvings. This odd script is found in only one other place in the world: Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa.

Called "Riddles in the Sand" (Discover 1982) they are the famous Nazca lines and giant ground drawings etched across 30 miles of gravel -covered desert near Peru's southern coast.

The huge sketch-pad came to public prominence in Erich von Däniken's Chariots of the Gods?-- a book that consistently underestimates the abilities of ancient "primitive" peoples and assigns many of their works to visiting extraterrestrials. Von Däniken (1970) argues that the Nazca lines and figures could have been "built according to instructions from aircraft." He adds:"Classical archeology does not admit that the pre-Inca peoples could have had a perfect surveying technique. And the theory that aircraft could have existed in antiquity is sheer humbug to them."

lid in the Mayan ruins of Palenque In the ancient Mayan ruins of Palenque, in Central America, a sarcophagus was discovered. The Lid had been intricately carved with images. These images had not meant much to archeologists until the language of the Maya had been translated.

Now we find that the data contained within this writing system is so advanced that no one would have been able to digest it's message until recently. It was written by people with an in depth knowledge of our solar system that no one has obtained to this day. How or where they obtained this knowledge will remain a mystery. It may have taken hundreds of centuries for anyone to have accumulated this data from observation. The main facets of this data were preserved in the inscriptions contained on The Lid of Palenque.

There have apparently been a number of civilizations down through the ages that have had this very precious knowledge that is currently unavailable to us. This includes knowledge so extreme that it enabled people to build the Pyramids, as well as a number of other ancient wonders of the world and numerous other outstanding achievements down through history.

The knowledge of moving or altering large pieces of stone with precision has been attained by different civilizations, such as the Maya, and lost numerous times.

This is all interesting, but there seems to have been information available to people at one time that was so far reaching that it seems impossible to grasp how anyone could have attained this understanding prior to the past several decades. I am not referring to simple knowledge of unknown mechanics such as building in stone. Now it has become quite evident that at one time people had a thorough understanding of the construction of our Sun, it's several different layers that rotate in different sequence and have very different magnetic fields. They also understood how these fields affected Sunspots, how the sunspots affected human life on Earth and even understood the cycles of these magnetic fields within 1 day over a course of over one million days. And, they knew that the sunspot cycles are repeatable.

The Sun was, and is, known to go through a series of cycles that differentiate the rotation of the Suns core from the outer sheath of it's body. The outer layer of our Sun revolves entirely once every 37 Earth days. This is understood today. This layer and the core rotate at different speeds. It may seem similar to an electric generator. Eventually the Sun reverses it's magnetic fields. This may happen roughly every 18,000 years. At this time the Earth attempts to reverse it's fields to align with the sun, which causes tremendous alteration of the Earths surface features. The continents may pull apart and the polar ice may melt and shift.

This knowledge would have been ours for the past several centuries if the Spanish conquerors of Mexico had not destroyed all of the scientific materials they discovered that they thought were of The Devil. It seems that the Maya may have been much more advanced than any european culture was able to comprehend in the 16th century. We are now able to see that they had mathematically mapped our Earths relationship to the Sun, The Suns configuration, understood the decimal point and the exact moment major constructive events in our solar system occurred long before europeans even had a written language.

They knew that the orbit of the Planet Venus would occur in a particular position X amount of times until the next reversal of the Suns magnetic fields and had this all marked out for future generations. The next time the Sun would undergo this transformation, throwing the Earth into a catastrophic disaster, was marked by The Maya as to be in the Year 2012. This was all inscribed in the ornate lid of the burial sarcophagus according to Pacal, leader of the Maya, around the year 683AD. Also impressive is the fact that both the Lid and sarcophagus are too large to have been moved into the pyramid after it was built, implying that the pyramid was built around them as a burial temple for this great leader.

Because of their outstanding mathematics they even mapped out to the exact day this magnetic reversal will occur. We now know this because the language of The Maya has been deciphered and this data is listed on The Lid of Palenque. There is also a treasure of other Mayan data available that has been deciphered and their entire mathematical system has been deciphered. It is understood that this mathematical system was based on the the Earths relationship to the Sun. They understood that the Earth's polar axis has been shifted by several Suncycles that have already occurred down through the ages and knew exactly how far off the axis has become.

In trying to understand the nature of technological advancement we may view statements made by Adrian Gilbert in a recent publication. He states that like footprints in the sand each new wave of technology erases itself. He uses the abacus being erased by the logarithmic table which was then erased by the slide rule which was then erased by the electronic calculator and so on as an excellent example of how our collective memory of history is absolutely ignorant of past events. Soon the telegraph (telephone) pole will be erased, completely, by the geostationary satellite, in space.

To future generations, following a catastrophe or great flood, this might suggest that we, today, were very low tech people who didn't even use the telephone. But, of course, this is not true.

So therefore we must look again at how the Maya, and other pre-colombian civilizations, appeared to be. If they did not use the wheel it would seem they were far more advanced than modern humans, not less, and had no need for the wheel during their stage of development. It is as though, in our arrogance, we imagine the crew of a space ship resorting to bicycles (the Wheel) to get from their space ship to the surface of a planet.

To begin to understand the level of astronomical knowledge the ancients had we can look at some not so simple figures arrived at by scientist Maurice Cotterell. Cotterell, attributed with decoding the famed Lid of Palenque by the scientific community, first stated that the peak sunspot cycles occur every 11.1 years. The longest peak to peak cycle was recorded in years 1788-1805 and the shortest interval of 7.3 years was 1829-1837. From 1645 to 1715 no sunspots at all were recorded (The "Maunder Minimum"). Next he mentions it is often said that we cannot ask the question "What is the angular difference between The Suns magnetic field and The Earths?" because we are on the face of it unable to quantify the differentially rotating fields in relation to The Earths position.

But there IS a method of achieving this, on which Cotterell has termed "Rotational Differentiation". He begins explaining it by displaying how the Polar magnetic pole (P) rotates once every 37 days; The Equatorial field (E) rotates once every 26 days. There comes a time (after 87.454545 days) when E overlaps, or begins to overtake P. So, analysis of the sunspot cycles shows us that the Sun's magnetic field, and it's effects in space, reverses about every 3,750 years- so that 5 magnetic reversals take place app. every 18, 139 years, and each reversal takes 374 years to complete from start to finish.

These figures were thoroughly understood by the ancient Maya and probably a number of other ancient civilizations. They understood this so well that they knew exactly how many orbits of the planet Venus would occur before the sun entered into it's final cataclysmic reversal of it's magnetic field, which would dramatically affect our Earth.

Not only were the effects of sunspots and the Suns magnetic fields upon earth and it's inhabitants well understood, but now we begin to realize that the cranial deformation or forehead flattening used by these ancients probably was a method of enhancing a more effective functioning of the brain. It now appears that magnetic devices were used rather than simply stones, in the flattening of the persons skull. This may have affected the central pineal or hypothalamus regions of the brain in ways we are still unaware of. We also have no idea how they were able to move 30 ton rocks without beasts of burden or use of the wheel. In some cases rocks much heavier than this have been found that had been moved to a mountain top where there actually was no road to the top large enough to accommodate a rock anywhere near this size.

There seems to have been world wide knowledge at some time in the remote past that concerned abilities we are now not aware of. These techniques apparently were used by the Egyptian, Maya, Aztec, as well as a considerable number of other civilizations. This knowledge had been protected and handed down with great reverence for centuries. When the European explorers appeared, and thought they were dealing with "savages", they killed them, destroying as much of this "satanic" data as they were able to. The Europeans were, in fact, on a much more savage level at this time.

These ideas are put forth without exaggeration of any kind. There are actually many more mysteries to be found in the ancient ruins than we have time or space to commit to here. Although many believe the ancients had some type of force field device or electromagnetic anti-gravitational device we really can only speculate. From our perspective the known evidence does seem to imply natural methods were used for everything that was done. There appears to have been natural forces at work, whether they were mental or mechanical, in moving the large stones as well as in the perception of distant events in our solar system.

The Atlantis connection

The Oera Linda Book from Holland (Frysia) is said to be one of the oldest books ever found. It tells of the destruction of the large Atlantic island by earthquakes and tidal waves.

" During the whole summer, the sun hid itself behind the clouds, as if unwilling to shine upon the earth. In the middle of the quietude, the earth began to quake as if it was dying. The mountains opened up to vomit forth fire and flames. Some of them sunk under the earth while in other places mountains rose out of the plains... Atland disappeared, and the wild waves rose so high over the hills and dales that everything was buried under the seas. Many people were swallowed up by the earth, and others who had escaped the fire perished in the waters."

3. Ancient writings from the Aztecs and Mayans like the Chilam Balam, Dresden Codex, Popuhl Vuh, Codex Cortesianus, and Troano Manuscript were also translated into histories of the destruction of Atlantis and Lemuria.

4. Diodorus the ancient Greek historian wrote that thousands of years earlier Phoenicians had been to the immense Atlantic island (where Plato wrote Atlantis was.) see Atlantis

5. Phoenician hieroglyphics have been found on numerous ruins in the South American jungles that are so ancient that the Indian tribes nearby lost memory of who built these ruins.

6. Ammianus Marcellinus the Greek historian wrote about the destruction of Atlantis.

7. Plutarch wrote about the lost continent in his book Lives.

8. Herodotus, regarded by some as the greatest historians of the ancients, wrote about the mysterious island civilization in the Atlantic.

9. Timagenusthe Greek historian wrote of the war between Atlantis and Europe and said tribes in ancient France said that was their original home.

10. Bright paintings in caves in France clearly show people wearing 20th century clothing: one painting led to an underground pyramid complex. French historian and archaeologist Robert Charroux dated them at 15,000 B.C.

11. Claudius Aelianus referred to Atlantis in his 3rd century work The Nature of Animals.

12. Theopompos - a Greek historian - wrote of the huge size of Atlantis and its cities of Machimum and Eusebius and a golden age free from disease and manual labor.

13. The tablet from Lhasa, Tibet and also from Easter Island make it clear from ancient writings that belief in Atlantis was common and accepted in Greece, Egypt, and Mayax {Mayan and Aztec Empires) by historians.

14. The Basques of Spain, the Guals of France, the Celts of Scotland and Ireland, the tribes of the Canary and Azores islands, a tribe (Frysians) in Holland, and dozens of Indian tribes all speak of their origins in a large lost and sunken Atlantic land in which they all believe.

Through the ages and eras these stories about Atlantis became more and more a legend for most historians.

According to Eklal Kueshana, author of "The Ultimate Frontier," in an article he wrote in 1966:

Vailixi were first developed in Atlantis 20,000 years ago, and the most common ones are "saucer shaped of generally trapezoidal cross- section with three hemispherical engine pods on the underside. They use a mechanical antigravity device driven by engines developing approximately 80,000 horse power. The Ramayana, Mahabharata and other texts speak of the hideous war that took place, some ten or twelve thousand years ago between Atlantis and Rama using weapons of destruction that could not be imagined by readers until the second half of this century.

The ancient Mahabharata, one of the sources on Vimanas, goes on to tell the awesome destructiveness of the war: "...(the weapon was) a single projectile charged with all the power of the Universe. An incandescent column of smoke and flame as bright as the thousand suns rose in all its splendor. An iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death, which reduced to ashes the entire race of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas. The corpses were so burned as to be unrecognizable. The hair and nails fell out; pottery broke without apparent cause, and the birds turned white.... after a few hours all foodstuffs were infected.... to escape from this fire, the soldiers threw themselves in streams to wash themselves and their equipment..."

It would seem that the Mahabharata is describing an atomic war! References like this one are not isolated; but battles, using a fantastic array of weapons and aerial vehicles are common in all the epic Indian books.

One even describes a Vimana-Vailixbattle on the Moon! The above section very accurately describes what an atomic explosion would look like and the effects of the radioactivity on the population. Jumping into water is the only respite. When the Rishi City of Mohenjodaro was excavated by archaeologists in the last century, they found skeletons just lying in the streets, some of them holding hands, as if some great doom had suddenly overtaken them. These skeletons are among the most radioactive ever found, on a par with those found at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Ancient cities whose brick and stonewalls have literally been vitrified, that is-fused together, can be found in India, Ireland, Scotland, France, Turkey and other places. There is no logical explanation for the vitrification of stone forts and cities, except from an atomic blast.

Further more, at Mohenjo-Daro, a well planned city laid on a grid, with a plumbing system superior to those used in Pakistan and India today, the streets were littered with "black lumps of glass." These globs of glass were discovered to be clay pots that had melted under intense heat! With the cataclysmic sinking of Atlantis and the wiping out of Rama with atomic weapons, the world collapsed into a "stone age" of sorts, and modern history picks up a few thousand years later Yet, it would seem that not all the Vimanas and Vailixi of Rama and Atlantis were gone. Built to last for thousands of years, many of them would still be in use, as evidenced by Ashoka's "Nine Unknown Men" and the Lhasa manuscript.

That secret societies or "Brotherhoods" of exceptional, "enlightened" human beings would have preserved these inventions and the knowledge of science, history, etc., does not seem surprising. Many well known historical personages including Jesus, Buddah, Lao Tzu, Confucious, Krishna, Zoroaster, Mahavira, Quetzalcoatl, Akhenaton, Moses, and more recent inventors and of course many other people who will probably remain anonymous, were probably members of such a secret organization. It is interesting to note that when Alexander the Great invaded India more than two thousand years ago, his historians chronicled that at one point they were attacked by "flying, fiery shields" that dove at his army and frightened the cavalry. These "flying saucers" did not use any atomic bombs or beam weapons on Alexander's army however, perhaps out of benevolence, and Alexander went on to conquer India.

It has been suggested by many writers that these "Brotherhoods" keep some of their Vimanas and Vailixi in secret caverns in Tibet or some other place is Central Asia, and the Lop Nor Desert in western China is known to be the center of a great UFO mystery. Perhaps it is here that many of the airships are still kept, in underground bases much as the Americans, British and Soviets have built around the world in the past few decades. Still, not all UFO activity can be accounted for by old Vimanas making trips to the Moon for some reason. Unknown alloys have been revealed in the ancient palm leaf manuscripts.

The writer and Sanskrit scholar Subramanyam Iyer has spent many years of his life deciphering old collections of palm leaves found in the villages of his native Karnataka in southern India. One of the palm leaf manuscripts they intend to decipher is the Amsu Bodhini, which, according to an anonymous text of 1931, contains information about the planets; the different kinds of light, heat, color, and electromagnetic fields; the methods used to construct machines capable of attracting solar rays and, in turn, of analysing and separating their energy components; the possibility of conversing with people in remote places and sending messages by cable; and the manufacture of machines to transport people to other planets!

The king of the Anunnaki bloodline

The word "Hallelujah" is compounded of two words, signifying praise and Yah---a contraction of the Hebrew name of God and praise--or, "Praise God". The word occurs in Revelation 19:1-6,where it is shown that this anthem of praise is yet to ascend from the hearts and lips of innumerable immortal men and women, individuals who have allied themselves to Christ by submitting to the Divine requirements, during the centuries of man's rule. At the appearance of the Lord Jesus, they will be raised from the dead (John 5:28-29), caused to pass before the Judgment Seat of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:10),and if found worthy will receive immortality (Matthew 19:29).

Every knee shall bow

Messiah's reign will extend to all parts of the earth. The lowly Nazarene, born to be King, who walked the dusty roads of Palestine, scorned and mocked because He revealed the evil of man's ways, will return to earth, as universal monarch, with supreme power, to enforce His righteous rule (Psalm 72). Then will the words of the Lord's prayer find fulfilment: "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven." It will be the triumph of Righteousness over evil, of God's ways over the ways of flesh. Christ will ultimately eliminate war, destroy every evil traffic or degrading vice, and educate mankind in the fear and admonition of the Lord (Isaiah 2:24; Isaiah 11).....This is the picture behind the words of the Hallelujah Chorus, causing us, indeed, to thrill to the significance of it all, and from our hearts "Praise God" for His goodness unto the sons of men.

With resistless authority Christ will compel all nations to ultimately submit to His rule. From Jerusalem (Jeremiah 3:17; Isaiah 2:2), His law will go forth for all the world, causing widespread moral, industrial and religious changes throughout the earth. No longer will ugly slums disgrace the cities, no longer will poverty and plenty exist side by side, no long will fear and hatred and the threat of war divide humanity. Trade and commerce will be founded on Divine principles, dedicated to the benefit of mankind (Isaiah 23: 18). Universal peace, equality and goodwill will characterise Christ's reign acknowledged: "Do unto others as you would they do unto you."
H.P. Mansfield, The Gospel In Song

One thing is perfectly clear to us. Jesus would never use the words 'FEAR' and/or 'OBEY'.

The third page of this series Enuma Elish 3 The Genesis Connection.

What we know about Atlantis.. Atlantis

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