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In 1925 a photographer was setting up a tripod in front of the pyramid, the tripod fell over and nicked out a piece of plaster from a hidden opening cut in the rock. Archaeologists on the scene removed stones and plaster to reveal part of a 100-foot shaft that led to a tomb. George Reisner, an American archaeologist came to the site on January 26th, 1926 and began the process of removing the contents of the tomb. It was the earliest virtually intact royal burial ever found, belonging to Queen Hetepheres, mother of Khufu. The possessions of the Queen were in the tomb but the Queen was not. Some believe the mummy was stolen in ancient times for the jewels. Others think she was moved to another of Khufu's pyramids. This seems to be very odd. If there is a Queen's chamber in the great pyramid, why the tomb under it?.

Measurements that don't add up, or do They?.

Archaeologists, using the measurements of the mummy of Khufu, trying to prove the pyramid was built for him, measured the large sarcophagus found empty in the King's Chamber. The King's Coffer is cut from a single piece of Aswan granite. It is 2.25 m long, 1 m wide and 1 m high. It was determined that the sarcophagus was too long for the king. It measured 6ft. 6.6 inches . The king was 3 to 5 inches shorter. It was 2ft. 10.42 inches deep and 2ft. 2.81 inches wide. The heavy stone tomb also could not have been placed in the burial chamber after the king died. The passage way that leads to the Grand Gallery is less than four feet high and only three feet five inches wide ,too narrow for the coffin to pass through by 1 inch.

Microscopic analysis of the coffin concluded that it is made with a fixed point drill that used hard jewel bits with a drilling force of 2 tons. The coffin is solid granite. It would have taken a bronze saw 8 - 9 feet in length with teeth of sapphires. Hollowing out of the interior would have required tubular drills of the same material applied with a tremendous vertical force. The remaining spiral gooved granite 'drill cores' have been found with a 1 inch sink cut in a circumference of 6 inches.

However, its dimensions reveal some striking figures. The hard granite has been hollowed out so that the volume of its external dimensions is precisely twice that of its internal measurements. Its planes and angles also incorporate the astronomical constants of the solar system, such as the distance from the earth to the sun, the weight of the earth, the weight of the sun, and the polar radius (the diameter of the earth from pole to pole).

Noteworthy also is the fact that the cubic capacity of the coffer is exactly the same as that given for the Ark of the Covenant. Coffer measurements: volume = 71250 cubic PI, interior length = 77.8141353+ PI, interior width = 26.6836336+ PI, interior depth = 34.3147946+ PI, exterior length (at top) = 89.94438003 PI, exterior length (at bottom) 89.6578860 PI, exterior width = 38.67063162 PI, exterior height = 41.21316892, side and end thickness = 5.99349900 PI, bottom thickness = 6.89837429 PI. The coffer's mean length is the same as the width of the King's Chamber minus the length of the antechamber.

There is a secret swivel door in the Great Pyramid. Swivel doors are found in two other pyramids, Sneferu's and Huni , Khufu's father and grandfather. The fit of this door is so precice that it can hardly be seen. It sits at a right angle and is 10 feet high by 4 ft wide. It is 70 feet from the North corner. There is nowhere to get a graps from the outside. Swivel door Scroll down to page 18, ref 293 and 294. It is the 7th picture down.

According to descriptions by an ancient historian Herodotus, the original door of the Great Pyramid was hinged at the top, and swung outward. According to accounts of Al Mamoun, who created the forced entrance and followed the Descending Passage back up to the original door, the door was so well balanced that a single man could open it from the inside, but when shut was nearly invisible and impossible to open from the outside. These are sketches (see Hinkler above) by J.P. Lepre based on the descriptions of Herodotus. But neither sketch would seem to illustrate a door that closed without showing any cracks.

The Grand Gallery has groves an the walls. They are 7 inches high, 1 inch deep and 5 inches up from the third overlapping corbel. These groves run the entire length of the pyramid. The stones in the ceiling of the Grand Gallery were each removable.

On the link above is a detail of a full girdle stone. The full girdle stones are truly massive as the center opening is nearly four feet square. The transport and installation of such large single stones is another amazing construction mystery. The girdle stones are also designed to be floating from the passageway.

This is the interior of the Antichamher, with these strange blocks that move up and down to a point and then stop. No one has discovered what they were used for. There is evidence in the Antechamber of the existence at one time of at least 3 portcullis slabs, evidently for blocking access to the King's Chamber.

antichamber The only evidence that the tomb was built by Khufu is a small mark, high in the upper vault of the Kings Chamber, which some say was forged and put there by an earlier explorer.
"Quarry Marks" exist in the relieving chambers above the King's Chamber, including one mark which is reported to indicate Khufu, the pharaoh under whose reign the Great Pyramid was built. One source suggests that these quarry marks were faked by Howard Vyse in 1837. The reasons give are many, but the main ones are: These marks appear only in the 4 relieving chambers opend by Vyse and not in the original relieving chamber opened by Davison in 1765. Vyse's diary for that day described a thorough examination of the relieving rooms but no mention of the hieroglyphics and quarry marks. The marks were mentioned only the next day, when Vyse returned with witnesses. There are problems with the hieroglyphics in that they are a mixture of styles and syntax/usage from differing time periods of Egypt. And finally, in the marks bearing Khufu's name, mistakes were made. Those same mistakes occur in the only two hieroglyphics references that would have been available to Vyse at that time.

There are granite 'plugs' in the base of the Ascending Corridor . These two granite blocks are the same size as the corridor and are on the East side of it. Nothing could pass these blocks. The first explorers tunneled around these blocks in the softer limestone. Some believe these plugs are actually 'doors' that lead to a secret room. But there is another reason. The inner space of the pyramid is 8.5 million cubic feet, leaving vast spaces that could actually be open yet hidden from view. This is why some experts say the pyramid is not a tomb for anyone. The secret page of this site reveals the reason for the coffin and the chamber.

The Queen's chamber has a southern air shaft, which extends to over 200 feet then apruptly stops. It is aimed at the star Sirius. The Northern Shaft is aimed at the Star 'Kochab'. ( Beta Ursa Minor ) These shafts were originally closed and not visible therefore the 'air shaft theory' falls short of the real reason for the shafts. They were constructed during the building and reveal the use of sophisticated engineering and leveling. see Adrian Gilbert articles for more.

ln 1986 two French architects were allowed to drill small holes in the west wall of the Horizontal Corridor leading to the Queen's Chamber. An apparently large cavity was found filled with unusually fine sand. A test was done again in 1988 by a Japanese team using advanced radar techniques. Again there was the confirmation of a cavity , three meters under the floor of the passage way. They also detected a large cavity behind the north-west wall of the Queens Chamber arid a tunnel outside and to the south of the pyramid which appeared to run underneath. Egyptian authorities halted this work and have not allowed any other since. In the King's Chamber all of the stone joints are very tight except in the lower left-hand corner of the west wall. Here the joints are larger than normal and covered by mortar. This is a strong indication of an opening to another chamber or passage. The Egyptian government has refused requests for further exploration WHY? Do they know something they are hidding from the rest of the world?

In 1993 a German scientist discovered a closed grated iron door in the shaft. The shaft is eight inches high and eight inches wide. This type of door is lowered between two groves to close. This discovery seen by a robot with a camera caused world wide speculation of something huge and amazing on the other side

The turn of events following this and the 2 years already spent on trying to explore the shaft with the robot were mysteriously stopped. Funding was withdrawn from the German project, costing the archaeologist who did the work with the robot, $250,000.00. Zahi Hawass gave the scientist verbal permission to continue the work in March 1993 but as he paid Zahi a visit at his office on the Giza plateau, on that day in March 1993, he discovered Hawass had been fired due to him supposedly stealing a Fourth Dynasty statue. However Rudolf Ganoenbrink , the German continued and at 11:05 am on March 21, 1993, the metel door with it's peculiar metal fittings were seen on his T.V. monitor.The robot had a laser spot light that was able to penetrate under the door and disappeared into the darkness.

When news of the find and the rare T.V. tapes were broadcast on world wide T.V. In April 1993, The Egyptians were furious and denounced the find and called the work , " nothing more than trying to measure the humidity of the Pyramid". and "that the very idea of a possible chamber at the end of the shaft was nonsense". Dr. Stadelmann, head of the German project was fuming. " I don't know how this story happened but I can tell you this is very annoying ". Link to Rudolf Gantenbrink's site,

(Q1) When will the "Gantenbrink door" be opened?
I don't know. Unfortunately it has been become as much a political issue as scientific. It is all down to the Egyptian authorities when they choose to do something about it. Rumour has it, though, that it may be later this year (1998). The whole world waits with baited breath.

Q2) What lies behind the "door"?
As it hasn't been opened (or if it has we have not been told about it) nobody knows for certain. Professor Edwards is on the record as saying there may be a statue of the pharaoh Khufu "gazing in the direction of Orion". In The Orion Mystery we suggested there may be a chamber containing the Benben stone. The clairvoyant Ann Walker says there is more than one chamber and they contain a treasure trove of material. These include a sarcophagus and two, large solid gold falcons. If this is true then we could be in for a discovery to rival that of Tutankamen's tomb in the Valley of the Kings.
Q3) If the Egyptians went to all the trouble of building pyramids to represent Orion, why did they leave out its two brightest stars: Betelgeuse and Rigel?

Hawass approved a American team sponsored by The National Geographic to continue this exploration and possible excavation of a secret chamber under the paws of the Great Sphinx. This was to begin In February, 2000. We see no evidence of this on his web site. Rumor has it that he was inside and found something that scared him so badly that he now says, 'there is nothing inside'. The tunnel at the back of the Sphinx has been sealed with what appears to be concrete..was this where he entered?

In 1923, Department of Antiquities director Lacau and engineer Emile Baraize began an 11 year excavation of the Sphinx area. In December 1925 a photograph was made by the team showing the area of the large masonry box on the south side of the Sphinx. Loose stones can be seen, stones cut for repairs, but in the side of the Sphinx body a large gaping entrance, or perhaps grotto is visible. It was covered up in the restoration. Further conservation included lining the largest fissure on the Sphinx's back (some 6 feet wide) with limestone blocks and covering the resulting shaft with an iron trap door.

Baraize also paved with cement a deep hole on the top of the Sphinx's head. The hole measures approximately 5 feet square and nearly 6 feet deep. An iron trap door was fitted to the mouth of the hole. It has been theorized that the hole, began as a means for affixing a headdress to the sphinx in the manner of the New Kingdom , was later deepened in search of hidden chambers.

There is an iron trap door fitted to the ground within the Sphinx's paws, between the Thutmose IV Stela and the chest of the Sphinx. This is not a passage but rather a somewhat rectangular pit that was covered with a cement roof and iron beam then sealed with a trap door by Baraize as a part of his restoration efforts in the 1920s.

There is another shaft in the Sphinx enclosure but not connected with the Sphinx itself. The so-called Keystone Shaft is in the floor of the enclosure under the north ledge of the wall, just opposite the north hind paw. The passage measures about 4.5 feet by 3.5 feet and is just over 6 feet deep. A large piece of basalt, with one side finished smooth, was found inside the shaft. It is likely that the passage was meant to be a tomb but was never completed. Hawass never mentions these enterances.

We have a drawing of the inside at Hall of Records

Because many have asked, here is a link to Dr. Hawass's extensive research site at Gaza,
The Plateau

A.D. Polaris in Greek means "Satan".

The southern shaft in the Queen's Chamber (39 deg, 30 min, 00 sec) pointed to the star Sirius, ( Ursa Minor ) circa 2450 B.C. Sirius was associated with the Egyptian goddess Isis and is also part of a unique ceremony practiced by the African Dogon tribe.

The Pyramids mirror the Orion Constellation: The pyramid positions on the ground are a reflection of the positions of the stars in the constellation Orion circa 10,400 B.C.

Five of the 7 brightest stars have pyramid equivalents: The 3 great pyramids of Khufu, Khafra, and Menkaura for the belt of Orion, the pyramid of Nebka at Abu Rawash corresponds to the star Saiph, the pyramid at Zawat al Aryan corresponds to the star Bellatrix. The only two missing star positions are for Betelgeuse and Rigel.

Pyramid as a crystal: If the pyramid were a clear crystal or glass prism, it would reflect sunlight at an angle of about 26.5 degrees. {the descending passing has an angle of about 26.30 degrees} Sometime during the construction of the chamber than leads down to a depth of 334 feet, the descending passageway was abruptly stopped for unknown reasons. This passageway is only three feet high and four feet wide.

The Velocity of Light: With distance of one A.U. known and the transit time of light for this same distance the velocity of light can be found. { 91,848,816.9 miles / 493.36+ seconds = 186,169.5 miles/sec }

The Constant of Aberration of Light: - The telescope adjustment due to the speed of the earth as it moves through space when viewing stars. It is measured as an angle of tilt and is 20.2608+ seconds of arc. The difference in width between the upper Grand Gallery and Ascending Passage as measured from an axial line through the center is 20.26 pyramid inches.

Earth's Volume: The product of the pyramid's volume and density times 10**15 equals the ratio of volume to density of the earth. {10,339,823.3 cubic cubits * 0.4078994 * 10**15 = 4.21760772 x 10**21 cubic cubits = 259.93 x 10**9 cubic miles}

Earth's Mass: Mass of the pyramid = volume * density = 10,339,823.3 cubic cubits * 0.4078994 earth density = 4,217,497. The mass converted to pyramid tons = 4217607.72 * 1.25 = 5,272,010 pyramid tons. Since the mean density of the earth was defined as 1.0, then the mass of the earth is 10**15 times the mass in pyramid tons = 5.272 x 10*21 pyramid tons = 5.99 x kg 10**24. .from the pages of.. .. Hinkler - symbolism

The Spiritual Path - Enochian teachings

Enoch lived in Egypt, he was taken to Heaven to be taught the 'knowledge' and then he returned to Earth. This knowledge was used to build the Pyramid. This wisdom was passed on to Moses, Solomon and finally Jesus. Moses, Prince, High Priest or Mason ? The Secrets the Egyptians would not share.
According to legend, the priests of ancient Babylon were able to levitate stones that a thousand men could not have lifted, an act that some scientists have attributed to the lost ability to harness the atmospheric energy of the Van Allen belts, allowing it to flow on an ionized path, possibly on a laser beam.

This theory may sound silly but an amazing number of people propose similar explanations. Andrew Collins, author of Gods of Eden: Egypt's lost legacy and the genesis of civilisation (Headline, 1998), cites a 10th-century Arab historian who recorded a folk tale about the origin of the Great Pyramid. According to the story, the builders struck the stone blocks with a special rod, causing them to levitate and float through the air for the distance of "one bowshot." Collins insists that "the ancient Egyptians were able to set up some kind of sustained sound vibration that enabled the building blocks to defy gravity." He adds, "Although simply a legend, there are traditions from all around the world that speak of the movement of stone blocks and the construction of walls and buildings by sonic levitation." see How'd they do it?

Abydos, The Osireion First case and point, The Valley Temple. This temple is built entirely of gigantic limestone megaliths. Most of them weighing 200 tons. They measure 18ft. long, by 10ft. wide, by 8ft. high. Others are 30ft. long, by 12 ft. wide, by 10 ft. high. Some of these huge blocks were lifted to a 40ft height above the ground to form the roof of the temple.

Another structure is called the Osireion, which is at Abydos. It is a huge structure that measures 100ft. by 60 ft., and is also made of huge granite blocks. This structure was excavated in 1903 by Flinders Petrie and Margaret Murry. Then again in 1913 by Professor Naville of the Egypt Exploration Fund. He found one block that was 25ft. long on the north corner.

There was no floor, but when sand was removed, water filtered in at a depth of 12 ft. down. This entire structure lies some 50ft. below the level of the temple of the Seti I temple, who Egyptologists contend built it. The structure actually had a mote contained within walls no less than 20ft. thick. The Osireion is aligned to the East of due North. The Temple called 'the Way of the Dead', at Teotihuacan Mexico is aligned this exact same way. Professor Naville described it as the 'most ancient stone building in Egypt' ,in 1914. Until the end of her life, Margaret Murry stated, "It was made for the celebration of the mysteries of Osiris".

Some of our proof comes from the discovery of 'the Great Platform' found in Ba'albek, Lebanan. This site is said to be more than 5,000 years old and contains the largest megalithic cut stones in the world. These huge stones weigh more than 1200 tons each. There is no modern crane in the world at present than can lift these stones. They are up to 82 feet long and 15 feet thick.

In surviving folklore from both Egypt and Palestine there are tantalising accounts of how sound, used in association with ‘magic words’, was able to lift and move large stone blocks and statues, or open huge stone doors. I was therefore excited to discover that, according to Sanchoniatho, Ouranus was supposed to have "devised Baetulia, contriving stones that moved as having life".

BAALBEK - LEBANON'S SACRED FORTRESS (scroll down to the "Great Platform" called Trilithon) The course beneath the Trilithon is almost as bewildering. It consists of six mammoth stones thirty to thirty three feet in length, fourteen feet in height and ten feet in depth,(22) each an estimated 450 tonnes in weight. This lower course continues on both the northern and southern faces of the podium wall, with nine similarly sized blocks incorporated into either side. Below these are at least three further courses of somewhat smaller blocks of mostly irregular widths which were apparently exposed when the Arabs attempted to incorporate the outer podium wall into their fortifications.(23) Indeed, above and around the Trilithon is the remains of an Arab wall that contrasts markedly from the much greater sized cyclopean stones.

They say that Ba'albek's first city was built before the Great Flood by Cain, the son of Adam, whom God banished to the `land of Nod' that lay`east of Eden' for murdering his good brother Abel, and he called it after his son Enoch. Was this the real explanation why giants were accredited with the construction of Baalbek - because naive inhabitants and travellers could not accept that the Romans had the power to achieve such grand feats of engineering? More on the Passage Forward 3

One of history's most famous travelers was a Moroccan named Ibn Battuta. Between 1325 and 1355 he criss-crossed the Islamic lands of the 14th century, logging more than 75,000 miles by foot and on camel. In his journals, where he recorded the many legends he learned from the wise men and mystics of the day, he wrote of a man named Hermes Trismegistos or Thoth ( who may also be the one the Hebrew's called Enoch ) who "having ascertained from the appearance of the stars that the deluge would take place, built the pyramids to contain books of science and knowledge, and other matters worth preserving from oblivion and ruin." ... taken from the pages of Enoch's Bible. How did Enoch know there was going to be a flood? Enoch's "Time Machine"

"Know ye that to be without knowledge, wisdom is magic and not of the Law. But know ye that ever ye by your knowledge can approach closer to a place in the Sun.

List ye, my children, follow my teaching. Be ye ever seeker of Light. Shine in the world of men all around thee, a Light on the path that shall shine among men"...

Yet must ye understand that man is of Light and Light is of man."... more words of Thoth

The 'organizers' or 'civilizers' are the main subject in Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval's Book 'Fingerprints of the Gods' These are described as white men with long white beards who traveled to many places on the globe and taught mankind how to become ordered and work together for the benefit of the entire group. A Statute of one of these Gods has just been found off the coast of Egypt in the Mediterranean Sea. ( June 3, 2000 )

ALEXANDRIA, Egypt (AP) -- Archaeologists scouring the Mediterranean seabed announced Saturday they have found the 2,500-year-old ruins of submerged Pharaonic cities that until now were known only through Greek tragedies, travelogues and legends.

Among the stunning discoveries at the sites -- where the ancient cities of Herakleion, Canopus and Menouthis once stood -- are remarkably preserved houses, temples, port infrastructure and colossal statues that stand testimony to the citizens' luxuriant lifestyle, which some travelers had described as decadent.

Serapis A bust of the curly-haired and bearded god Serapis and a life-size headless black granite statue of the goddess Isis, sculpted as if wearing a diaphanous cloth held together by knots at her breast.

Greek traveler Herodotus, who visited Egypt in 450 B.C., wrote about Herakleion and its temple dedicated to Hercules. The sites were also named in Greek tragedies -- Greek mythology tells the story of Menelaos, king of Spartans, who stopped in Herakleion during his return from Troy with Helena. His helmsman Canopus was bitten by a viper and subsequently transformed into a god. Canopus and his wife Menouthis were immortalized by two cities that bore their names.

This is the first time that historians have found physical evidence of the existence of the lost cities, which were famous not only for their riches and arts, but also for numerous temples dedicated to the gods Isis, Serapis and Osiris, making the region an important pilgrimage destination for various Pharaonic cults.

"It is the most exciting find in the history of marine archaeology. It has shown that land is not enough for Egyptian antiquities," said Gaballa Ali Gaballa, secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Egypt's top archaeology body.

The discoveries off of Egypt's coast were made after two years of underwater exploration by an international team led by French archaeologist Franck Goddio, who used modern technology, including magnetic waves, to map the area.

NEW LINK..Franck Goddio Web Site" some amazing pictures and the facts about the discoveries.

The Holy of Holies and the Secret Pyramid Code

The proponets of the 'Divine help' theory say, "the Architect of the pyramid was the Creator and that it's builder was the Egyptian pharaoh Cheops also called "Khufu". Khufu was directed by shepherd-prophets who, received anointing and guidance from God".
There is proof that Khufu, was not involved in the building project. It was done 8000 years before his time. Secret excavations have been done at Gaza for many years but they are not telling us the truth. The age of the Pyramid and the Sphinx are older than 10,000 years, which could connect it directly with Enoch who's Egyptian name was Imenhotep. It's just Common sence. This information would be extremely volatile due to the large population of Muslims in the area who insist that Moses was never in Egypt.

The other opposite theory is that the people with their use of ancient knowledge did it alone. They contend that the knowledge came from Atlantis where the highly advanced Sumerians, then passed it on to Noah after the flood. The technology is simple yet is also based on the building knowledge the people had at the time. ( which is basically true, except for the age. They leave out the divine intervention ). Even with building knowledge, they had to have had help with such a technically impossible design and structure problem. We also have the huge stones that no one can come up with a provable working theory as to the method used to put them in place.

The Christ Triangle

This is the Christ Triangle, it is in the first assending passage way from the Queen's chamber. This angle is also associated with ancient astrology charts which show the same angle in a chart of Christ's birth day. "The essence of the information and charts published here is that the Star of Bethlehem and the capstone of The Great Pyramid are both ancient astrological configurations.", From the pages of Astronomy. ,"Star of Bethlehem, Magi,... This page is done by John Charles Webb, Jr. -
Pay close attention to the Star configuration, The Grand Cross of Solomon, and the teaching of the Magi.
Hats off to Mr. Webb. He's Catholic.
You will find here a huge amount of information that connects planet alignments to important events in the history of God's people and the astrological configurations connected with the Great Pyramid.

Also we would like to offer our page on the The Secrets of the Magi
Here we connect Enoch with the "Time Machines" of the ancients.

The Egyptians did have God's help

More machine theory can be backed up in the Pages of the following link -
The Symbolism of the pyramid,. scroll down to diagrams , then click on 'Fulcrum'. This may be one of the machines God had the people make, to use to build the Great Pyramid. The rest of the design and structure pictures are on the page link called 'A Picture Tour' . There are several pages of 'The Prophecies List' to scroll through and a picture of the secret door found 2000 years ago and how it works.

The Great Pyramid of Gaza Another site that backs up the above theories.

Enoch laid the First Corner stone.

Another startling comparison

Take note of this Egyptian picture of the Ark of the Covenant Is this the Ark of God? Did Moses steal this and take it to Isreal? The measurements of the coffer in the pyramid and the similiarities seen here makes this entirely possible. Was Moses allowed possession of this Ark for some unknown reason? As we have discovered, Moses was the only human to have the secret name of God after Seqenenre was murdered. Did that give him the right to take the Ark out of Egypt? Arks like this were used in Egypt in many pre-historical stories. One was found in the tomb of king Tut. One of these ancient stories contends that the king opened the Ark and was burned badly and almost killed. Men continued to be killed by the Ark in Isreal.

Comparison of Enoch's Vault with the Vault in the Pyramid from verbal descriptions and ancient manuscripts.
Take note of the 'five' levels in the chamber of each and the coffer or sarcophagus that is found in each chamber. They are both said to be the vault that contained the Ark of the Covenant. The size of the sarcophagus in Enoch's Chamber and the Ark is the same as described above in the King's Chamber exactly. We also know from written records of Templar discoveries in the eleventh century that they did infact find the Ark ( or a copy of it ) in Enoch's Vault. This vault was said to be at the old site of Herod's Temple in Jerusalem. Another picture from
Moses, Prince of Egypt This is an auto-scroll down.

Enoch's Vault Kings Chamber "In pursuance of your orders, we repaired to the secret vault, and let down one of the companions as before. The sun at this time was at its meridian height, the rays of which enabled him to discover a small box, or chest, standing on a pedestal, curiously wrought, and overlaid with gold: he gave the signal of ascending, and was immediately drawn out. We have brought the ark up, for the examination of the grand council."

Enoch's Teachings

"The purpose of this teaching is to open people's minds to new ideas, inviting you to share in the experience of the education of the soul. As your soul is advanced, you become a part of the joyous participation and share in the 'inner peace' of the great unification of the 'First Supper' now taking place between the Brotherhood of Man and the greater universal intelligence - the Brotherhoods of Light. In the education of the soul, it is necessary to receive the Wisdom derived from the higher worlds which unites your bodies of Light and provides the foundation for your creative experience. This Wisdom reveals how we can share in b oth a higher world of Light and this physical world of 'reality'.

This teaching is to make you aware of the Divine Light worlds within and without, allowing you to co-participate with the many worlds of intelligence that are part of your collective birthright. You are to see how life's blueprint has already existed in worlds prior to material creation, and to understand how a timeless blueprint was coded into this body of temporal consciousness so that your body can put on other garments of God's creative work through multiple bodies of Divine Love.

"These are the 64 Keys that were shown to me by Enoch and Metatron, to unite the nations for the coming of the Melchizedek Brotherhood and to make ready the final preparation for the descent of the 144,000 ascended Masters who will redeem the meek and righteous of the earth for the new life stations of universal intelligence in the higher Kingdoms of the Father. In the presence of Metatron, the Unity of Days, and YHWH, the Ancient of Days, I was told how the scroll of Enoch was to be divided into three portions which deal with the three major divisions of universes.. "

The words of the Coptic Gospel of Thomas affirm: "Jesus said: 'If they say to you: Where do you come from?, tell them: We have come from the Light, the place where the Light came into being through itself alone...If they say to you: What are you?, say: We are His sons and we are the elect of the living Father. If they say to you: What is the sign of your Father?, tell them: It is a movement and a rest."

Brothers and Sisters who search for the Truth, If this doesn't convince you nothing will; the above is from The Keys Of Enoch. .."Enoch, the seventh from Adam, was the builder of the Great Pyramid. Undoubtedly Enoch was a man who studied the heavens - an astronomer. He knew the order of the universe, and recognized the hand of God in the placement of the zodiac, for it was God's first Bible, and it testified of His deity. And when God was ready to place His second Bible on the earth, in the form of a Pyramid, He chose Enoch to assemble the pieces and place them in order. The Scriptures tell us that Enoch "pleased God." [Hebrews 11:51]".

Someone knows these comparisons are more than mere coincidence

This photograph is of The Port Adelaide Masonic Centre Lodge in South Australia. Audrey Fletcher has kindly shared this photo with me to show everyone the connection masonry has with Egypt.. The caption under the picture reads; Crafted into this hieroglyph for "heaven" is what appears to be further Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs together with Freemasonic emblems.
Thanks, Audrey. The picture came from this page.. Freemasonry: The Legacy Visit her site at ..
Audrey's Ancient Egypt Audrey lives in Australia and she is an educator, researcher and author.

How'd They Do It?

No one has come up with a viable theory as to how the huge blocks of stone were moved to the next level, but it does seem possible they devised a way. Possibly by scooting the blocks on river silt that was spread on the 'ramp'. They could have built a ramp that gradually scaled the sides of the giant structure... ( history channel, Jan, 2000 and Michael Lehner, Zahi Hawass, 'Lost City of the Pyramids, Feb 2001' ) .. or did they have some sort of machine?
The answer is YES!...This site also reveals the possibility of another 'MACHINE' used to build the Pyramid.
The Pharoah's Pump. It makes perfect sense for the Egyptians to use the nearby available source of the Nile to transport and raise huge blocks into position. In the bottom chamber there are strange protrusions on top of two large blocks and a floor depression between them, suggesting some sort of machine might have been there at one time. "Although the Great Pyramid is a pump, it doesn't look or operate like any pump people are familiar with. This pump is powered by FIRE. This fire is located at the top of the Grand Gallery. There is still a very distinct aerodynamically shaped soot pattern.

Everyone knows by now, many causeways' have been unearthed at Gaza. After you read the information in this site you will see how they were used. This information also suggests there were not 100,000 workers needed.
The T.V. Production, 'Lost City of the Pyramids, Feb 2001', in which Michael Lehner and Zahi Hawass appear, they have excuvated a workers village near the Great pyramid. The documentary also suggests there were only 10,000 workers needed and it took only 7 years to complete the work. The excuvation suggests no one was a slave and they were well paid and fed. However this village housed whole famlies. With the hundreds of pottery shards they found, they did not give us any dating as to the time this village was in use. Another 'cover-up', another secret? Are they afraid to admit it was 10,000 years ago?
The tablets of Thoth also suggest that anti-gravity was used, which was a 'magical' secret of the High Priest. They will most likely not find this evidence until the Hall of Records is officially opened.

Antigravity or electromagnetism is the secret of the ancients. See The Coral Castle in Homestead Florida. A Castle with huge blocks of coral was built by one man who was 5 foot tall and weighed 100 lbs. And see American Rocket Science and see Einsteins-Antigravity also see The Nazi Bell and Secret video Live Leak... Looking at the "fly trap" and "bell" device thought to be connected to the Nazis secret anti gravity research. The United States brought the divice here after the war. It is a bell shaped device filled with a substance similar to mercury, which utilized huge amounts of electrical power. The Bell was said to be a hazardous anti-gravity experiment, which caused illness, and death in research subjects and researchers alike.

An ancient Hindu manuscript, circa 1000 AD. Describes a very similar machine "Strong and durable must the body of the Vimana be made, like a great flying bird of light material. Inside one must put the mercury engine with its iron heating apparatus underneath. By means of the power latent in the mercury which sets the driving whirlwind in motion, a man sitting inside may travel a great distance in the sky. ..." The Samarangana Sutradhara.

According to another ancient Hindu text the Mahabarata 2 , one Vimana variety was shaped like a sphere and borne along at great speed on a mighty wind generated by mercury.

The Nazis upper echelon were known to be obsessive regarding ancient "magic" and in particular that deriving from India which they considered an ancestral home of the Aryan race. Perhaps the Idea for the Bell initiated in Hindu tales of flying Vimana aircraft, which themselves are very similar in description to modern tales of UFOs.

The Holy of Holies is in the exact center in the Kings Chamber of the pyramid.
Holy of Holies. The pictures here are quite revealing, and there are tons of information on dates of Adam, Moses, Abraham and Noah, however We do not agree with some of the other formation on this site, pertaining to who the author thinks Jesus is, and the calculation of dates he uses. We know a decimal point can be moved left or right in the numbering system so when he says Adam's time was 4000BC, we are sure this isn't correct. But to each his own'. Our page Forbidden Forward reveals the real time frame of Adam.

See Isaiah 19:19 - 20, It says , "At the time there will be an altar for the Lord in the middle of Egypt and a monument to the Lord at the border of Egypt. This will be a sign and a witness to the Lord, All-Powerful in the land of Egypt. When the people cry to the Lord for help, he will send someone to save and defend them. He will rescue them from those who would hurt them.

In ancient Egyptian times, there was no slave labor, rather a communal approach of life, and a very stable society. The Biblical notion of enforced slavery at this time seems to be exaggerated. This is evident in the precise measurements, placement and cutting of the stones used. The History of the building of the pyramid is told by Herodotus, the Greek father of ancient history. He went to Egypt in the third century BC. He says, The Pharoah, was directed by shepherd prophets' who, like the biblical prophets, were men who received a special calling from God.Egyptian legend recorded that, "The pharaoh became arrogant towards the 'gods of Egypt'. He shut up the temples, threw out the images and made the priests work in the quarries".

Records say, The Pyramid took 30 years to complete, the first ten years preparing . There were 100,000 workers, who worked in three month shifts. There is not another explaination for this 30 year respite in the polytheistic habits of the Egyptians. However the workers did not work on the pyramid year round due to the spring flooding of the Nile and the necessity to plant and harvest crops. So how did they complete it in this time frame?
It was Enoch , who being guided by God, was the Architect of the Great Pyramid. The way this was done is called 'CRAFTSMANSHIP' or OPERATIVE MASONRY.
But Thoth says, there was another 'magical method' used. Ancient manuscripts mention a thing called a shimar. This tool was noisless as it worked and had to be kept in a lead basket covered with wool or sheep's skin. It is believed this tool was used to cut and shape the huge blocks into perfect shapes that fit percisely.

A possible connection; from a Forum; Inside the octagon we see George Washington, a Freemason, presiding over the Capital Cornerstone laying ceremony. The wooden tripod in this ceremony, the Freemasons call a Lewis. Researcher Ralph Ellis believes that this device is descended from a similar one that would open and shut the Great Pyramid of Giza. This cuboid stone, used in the corner laying ceremony and suspended by a lewis, is thus a representation of the plug of a door of a pyramid.

If the pyramids were, as a I suspect, ritual initiation chambers, inside which priests, chief architects, and pharaohs would ingest entheogens and travel through the stargate of cosmic illumination, then the Cuboid Stone (sometimes called the perfect ashlar) is the door to the stargate.

To summarize previous posts: Homer resonates with the hidden line of the musical grand staff, the tone of Middle C(4). He has been connected to the King who turns everything to Gold (Midas), the first note of solfeg (Do/D’oh), Phillip K Dick's mutant Golden Man, and Randy Newman's Yellow Man (a musical satire about Western views on Eastern (Asian) Culture).

In the 347th Simpson Episode GooGooGaiPan we see Homer posing as a Golden Buddha, creating further connections between this (Middle C)lass Golden Man and the Mario Brothers Golden Lost Psychadelic Mushroom/Arc of the Covenant from Jake Kotzes Cuboid Stargate video. Here Thus we have Indiana Jones & Raiders of the Lost Arc searching for the tone of Middle C as a Major Golden Key to Acoustic Levitation of the Cuboid Stone of the Stargate.

Lets take this one step at a time, beginning with ACOUSTIC LEVITY as an actual PHYSICAL PHENOMENON rather than a metaphor for spiritual enlightenment. The lewis used in freemasonry is a visible material force which lifts the White Cube up off the ground. Symbolically this is interpreted as exerting its Dominance over the (C)ube, an identical phenomenon to that which happens in music theory where the Dominant G major chord creates tension surrounding the Tonic of the Key of C.

The (G)ame(C)ube logo shows us a Freemasonic G (Gravity?) hovering around the Stargate (C)ube in black space. I interpret this as the force of (G)ravity being dominated by Freemasonic (G)eometry to move the white stone door of the Pyramid. The lewis, as Jake points out in his video, is a mere representation of the true ACOUSTIC CAUSE OF CUBOID LEVITATION. also see Quantumlodge. Be aware that some of this post trys to connect masonry to 'Skull and Bones'....There is no truth to this what-so-ever.
See our Pit of Serpents page.

The Pyramid Texts finally reveal some of the secrets of the Pyramids

As We previously stated, The Pyramid Texts have yet to completely translated because of the ancient coding used, but this information makes it pretty clear that when this is done, the door will be opened to those who understand and follow the clues God has left us, as they will be the followers of the 'Sons of Light'.

The following text comes from the pages of The Great Pyramid Tests, by Clesson H. Harvey

On the desert plateau of Saqqara 10 miles South of the Great Pyramid a special set of five very similar pyramids has stood for some fourty-two centuries. They are filled with over four thousand columns of hieroglyphs, cut into their solid rock walls.

Egyptologists are fond of saying that the Great Pyramid is mute, with no Hieroglyphs cut into its walls. But this is really not quite true. Every upper passage, chamber, gallery and shaft inside the Great Pyramid of Giza is an incredibly old, unmistakable, megalithic Hieroglyph for the words seba and rut for "Ensouling Star door" and "Tunnel Opening gate." They are unmistakably reproduced in the Pyramid Texts of Saqqara. Egyptologists should have told the world about these architectural hieroglyphs long ago. It might have removed much needless speculation about the Great Pyramid.

5th Dynasty, King UN, whose name means that he is "Like one whose Spirtual Eye is opened?" All five of these kings believed that this "Eye of the Soul" was real and accessable. In fact [ unlike Egyptologists today ] they apparently assumed that this "Unjat Eye of Heru" was the foundation of their whole Hieroglyphic language and as such, it provided an indispensable context for understanding all Pyramid Texts.

Not knowing about the non-ritual Eye of Heru has helped to blind Egyptologists to the unexpected presence of Calculus and Nuclear Chemistry within it, which we have only acquired in the last 333 years.

Any reader of the Hieroglyphs knows that The Great Pyramid Texts are not, by any stretch of the imagination, about physical astronomy. With the possible exception of Utterance 302, they do not contain any technical, astronomical information. Real advanced Astrophysics does exist in the Udjat Eye of Heru, where no Egyptologist is now even looking. But common astronomical terms are employed as useful metaphors or figures of speech to help explain otherwise inexpressible, and even paranormal, knowledge about the consciousness of the Soul.

On the South walls of the Saqqara King's Chambers, Egyptologists think they see "resurrection ritual." But these texts are strictly non-ritual and do not contain any ritual separation lines. The word sedjeb for "restore (to life)" is a causative verb se-djeb (a) for "make clothed (with a body)" which any Hindu Sanskrit scholar would recognize as the verb "reincarnate."

When you visit the 'Jesus page' you will see in the second section where Ezra is speaking to an angel; 'the multitudes' have put off mortal clothing and confessed the name of God and a young man, who is Jesus reborn, and is placing crowns on their heads. Ezra 4 2:42-48, The 'survivors' will be with him, Ezra 4 7:27-30.

If an Ancient Egyptian were alive today, he would grieve, from his point of view, for a whole world which is doomed to die a second time after physical death in a 'purgatory' of total personality destruction and death, instead of an immortality of high identity and memory. And all because of not knowing about "The Tunnel Opening" or 'Spell' for not dying a second time in the realm of the dead.
The Egyptian Book of The Dead

"The Book of the Dead" was an ancient Egyptian collection of mortuary texts made up of spells or magic formulas, placed in tombs and believed to protect and aid the deceased in the hereafter. Probably compiled and re-edited during the 16th century BC, the collection included Coffin Texts dating from c. 2000 BC, Pyramid Texts dating from c. 2400 BC, and other writings. Later compilations included hymns to Re, the sun god. Numerous authors, compilers, and sources contributed to the work. Scribes copied the texts on rolls of papyrus, often colourfully illustrated, and sold them to individuals for burial use. Many copies of the book have been found in Egyptian tombs, but none contains all of the approximately 200 known chapters. The collection, literally titled 'The Chapters of Coming-Forth-by-Day', received its present name from Karl Richard Lepsius, German Egyptologist who published the first collection of the texts in 1842.. "
- Encyclopaedia Britannica

The concept of a judgement hall originated about 10,000 BC. The Egyptians were engaged in a war against time to obtain eternal life.

At the end of the Pharaoh's journey to the Afterlife, he ascends the Stairway of Heaven in the Eye of Horus.

"Collections of formulas, such as the Egyptian Pyramid Texts and the Book of the Dead, were compilations of magical prayers that allowed the dead to forestall all the dangers and meet all the eventualities. In particular, they contain negative confessions in which the dead man justifies himself before the court of Osiris (god of the dead). The funeral liturgies of the ancient Egyptians have preserved lamentations that echo the family in mourning. Hymns written on papyrus that are compositions in honour of a divinity and that were recited during sacred ceremonies have also been preserved. Such are the hymns of the pharaoh Akhenaton (Amenophis IV, 14th century BC) to the god Aton and the hymns in honour of the god Amon-Re that boast of divine benefits and sometimes confess misery and sin.."

"The idea that the dead had to make a journey to the otherworld, to which they belonged, finds expression in many religions. The oldest evidence occurs in the Egyptian Pyramid Texts (c. 2375-c. 2200 BC). The journey is conceived under various images. The dead pharaoh flies up to heaven to join the sun-god Re, in his solar boat, on his unceasing voyage across the sky, or he joins the circumpolar stars, known as the "Imperishable Ones," or he ascends a ladder to join the gods in heaven."
- Encyclopaedia Britannica

"The gods who are in the sky are brought to you, the gods who are on earth assemble for you, they place their hands under you, they make a ladder for you that you may ascend on it into the sky, the doors of the sky are thrown open to you, the doors of the starry firmament are thrown open for you."
- Pyramid Texts, Utterance 572

The deceased had to pass through twelve gates in the land of the dead, one for each hour.
According to Mesopotamian literature, "below the earth, in the realm of Nergal, dwelt spirits and defeated gods. The ritual texts depicted this region as dark, inhabited by beings clothed with wings. It was a land from which there was no return, except perhaps for assassinated or wronged persons who might come back briefly to haunt their malefactors. It was a dusty place, where the ghosts lived on dusky air and mud. Only a few privileged people could find water or a place to sleep."
- Ninian Smart, The Religious Experience of Mankind

"The roaring tempest drives him, it roars like Seth. The guardians of Heaven's parts open the doors of Heaven for him. 'Dawning as a falcon', he reaches the celestial realm of Ra on the 'Imperishable Star' and is placed on the throne of Osiris. His lifetime is eternity, its limit everlastingness."
- Text from the pyramid of King Pepi

"...Some scholars have recently [1973] taken the bold step of seeing the Pyramid Texts, given their content and arrangement, as the quintessence of the rituals carried out when the ruler was interred; the actual course of this event, which took place in the chambers of the temple complex in the Pyramid area, was then as it were, reflected in the inscriptions in the corridors and chambers of the actual pyramid, the royal burial-place."
- Siegfried Morenz, Egyptian Religion

"The Egyptian conception of the Underworld was that it was a nightmarish place - dark, dismal, unsafe, peopled with monsters, genii and all kinds of carnivorous animal. The Coffin Texts provide spells for escaping from such creatures; and spells for the prevention of suffering from evils such as walking upside down or eating excrement."
- Barbara Watterson, The Gods of Ancient Egypt

God counted time precisely and had a devine plan worked out when time began; But there was a 'hitch' in the plan. God left the 'knowledge' with the 'Caretakers' who were called the Umosejhe. These people were not Egyptians, but decendents of the Atlantian race of 'The Children of the Law of One', the 'Sons of Light'. These people God had trusted with the 'knowledge' and secrets. King Seqenenre Tao II is a Umosejhe, and he is not about to give up his genetic birthright of being a 'Caretaker'. His name ( Tao ) means 'The Way'. Seqenenre Tao, the Shepherd Kings and the promise of the 'One to Come'. God gave up the land of Egypt and moved the people of Israel to the land of Palestine, across the sinai desert. He had to get the people away from Egypt. But why?...

If you consider that the Egyptians had knowledge that has been lost, the ancient 'pure religion' that they practiced and they believed in eternal life; the magic they practiced wasn't really magic, it was the power given to them by God as they were the 'Caretakers' of God's secret wisdom. Here is a link to secret coding in the Pyramid that tells us we are domed, but there is a better life awaiting those on the right path.. Grim Predictions
1999 (21st Feb). Beginning of the Kingdom of the Spirit. A new enlightened spiritual society. This is the path of the dead, the path of those reincarnating mortals who have lost their enlightenment and forsaken their spiritual nature.

Creation Mythology and the story of Re, ( also Ra ) Osiris and Isis

In this story, Isis has given poison to Re, and she is trying to extract from him, his 'secret name'. "Tell me your Secret Name." said Isis in a sweet, soothing voice. "Tell it me, divine father; for only by speaking your name in my spells can I cure you."

Then Re spoke the many names that were his: "I am Maker Heaven and Earth." he said. "I am Builder of the Mountains. I am Source of the Waters throughout all the world. I am Light and Darkness. I am Creator of the Great River of Egypt. I am the Kindler of the Fire that burns in the sky; yes, I am Khepera in the, morning, Re at the noontide, and Tum in the evening."

But Isis said never a word, and the poison had its way in the veins of Re. For she knew that he had told her only the names which all men knew, and that his Secret Name, the Name of Power, still lay hidden in his heart.

ma-at Ma'at (Ma) The wife of Thoth, Ma'at's name means "Truth", "Justice", and perhaps even "Tao". The Egyptian word "ma'at" typically gets translated as "truth" or "justice" by archaeologists. The neteret Ma'at represents something much deeper than that. In the myths of creation, whether that of Djehuti creating the universe out of chaos, Atum bringing forth the world from nothingness, Ra setting the daily world in motion, or any of the others, Ma'at is always present. She is the underlying factor that allows everything to function. A better translation for the word "ma'at" might be "natural order" or "natural law".

Tuat [or the zone of twilight or heaven by night] is the name which the Egyptians gave in primitive times to the region to which the dead departed after they had left this earth, and the word has been translated by 'Other World'....It was 'unseen', and dark and gloomy, and there were pits of fire in it, and it formed the home of hellish monsters, and of the damned."

"The early Egyptians thought that Egypt was the world, and that it was surrounded by a chain of lofty mountains, like the Gele Kaf of the Arabs, which was pierced in two places, one in the east and the other in the west. In the evening the sun passed through the western hole, and traveling, not under the earth, but on the same plane and outside the chain of mountains it came round to the eastern hole in the mountains, through which it entered to begin the new day above the earth. Outside the chain of mountains, but quite close to them, was situated the Tuat, and it ran parallel with them. On the outer side of the Tuat was another chain of mountains which surrounded Egypt, and a river ran between them. We may say, then that the Tuat closely resembled that part of the Valley of the Nile which constitutes Egypt, and that it was to all intents and purposes circular in form. Now as the Tuat lay on the other side of the chain of mountains which surrounded Egypt, and was therefore deprived of the light of the sun and moon which illumined its skies, it was shrouded in the gloom and darkness of night..."

The Legend of Osiris and Isis

This description is given by Plutarch.

ankh, symbol of eternal life Osiris was a 'Civilizer'. He taught the people how to plant crops and all manner of usefull skills. He abolished cannibalism and human sacriface. He gave the people their first 'Legal Code'. He left Egypt to travel to other lands to spread the words of civilization. He never forced the barbarians he encountered to accept his laws. He preferred instead to appeal to their higher reason and used songs and hymns to depart the lessons he taught. While he was gone from Egypt, the elders , led by his brother Set conspired against him and set about to do away with him and put Set in charge.

The elders devised a game in which they told Osiris if anyone could fit perfectly into a wonderfully crafted coffin they had made, there would be a glorious prize. Guests were invited and one by one they all lie down in the coffer to see who might fit. When it was Osiris' turn, he of course fit perfectly. The elders rushed forward and quickly nailed the lid down on the coffer. They then sealed it with molten lead so no air could get in. They then threw the coffer into the Nile and watched it float away. It was supposed to sink.

Isis was looking for her husband. She traveled far down the Nile almost to the Sea, when she finally discovered the coffer in some reeds. She quickly used her great and powerful magic and moved the coffer to a secret place.. Set was also looking for the coffer, which he found. He removed the body and cut it into 14 pieces and scattered them through out the land. Isis once more went in search of the pieces, finding all except one. She put them back together and then flapped her wings and put breath into the body. Isis managed to assemble the 14 pieces together at Abydos, where the sand of the nile is Khem (Black), with which Alchemy transformation of gold was established, due to the rich content of high spin mono-atomic elements (superconduction), from which Egypt partly had its name, as did Alchemy.

eye of HorusThe missing piece; During one night in December, the god Sokar enabled a new Phallus to be placed upon Osiris, at the position of the Hara, the Chi or Ki point of martial arts. Isis transforms herself into a Bak Bird (soul bird), and sits on Osiris' phallus, which is shown without damage at Abydos. She becomes impregnated, and on the 25th of December HOR is born. Horus, the Hero who is also known as Iosos in Egypt. Iosos is one root of Iosus or Jesus, who also was born on the 25th of December from the Virgin Mary, just as Isis was the Mer Mother of the Deep see, and had an "immaculate conception". The Egyptians called her Sept, and she was the great Virgin who we call Virgo for Sept-ember. Another name she carried was Ios.

This is why in Masonic legend, Horus ( or Hiram ) is the 'Son of a Widow'. He is considered a symbol of the 'universal spirit'. Just as Christ is never considered to be dead, neither is Hiram. But Hiram represents all religions, not just one.

Isis is said to have been given the great name of 'power' by Ra just as he died. With this secret word, she was able to send Osiris to the World of the Gods. Osiris went through a stellar re-birth and became King of the underworld and again returned to Earth in the guise of a mortal man. ( 'in flesh' )

Isis.."She put them back together and then flapped her wings and put breath into the body". We see this again as a copy of 'Baptism by the Holy Ghost'. Even as the 'Dove Decends' flapping it's wings.

This fanciful ceremony is both a Christian and a heathen rite of what they call 'pagan origin'. The priest imparted the Spirit of God by the process of breathing on to the catechumen. Breath, air, wind, spirit and ghost were synonymous terms. So this breathing literally imparted spiritual life just as the breath of God made Adam a living soul (Gen 2:7). The custom was common in oriental countries. It appears again in Ezekiel:
Thus saith the Lord God, Come from the four winds, O breath, and breathe upon these slain, that they may live (Ezek 37:9).

Later, Christ and his apostles incorporated into their ceremonies. Christ, when he met his disciples after his resurrection,
"breathed on them and saith unto them: Receive ye the Holy Ghost". (John 20:22)

The Star of Bethlehem has re-appeared - Has Jesus Returned ?

No one in the scientific community has been able to explain the significance of the rooms in the Pyramid. These rooms , shafts and passage-ways are not like anything that has ever been found. The Jewish 'Inch' is the answer. The inch was used to measure time. One inch equals one year. Therefore the Pyramid is not a burial chamber for the king , it is , The Holy of Holies , and the First Temple of God. The inches tell the history of God's people.

The Descending Passage pointed to the pole star Alpha Draconis, circa 2170-2144 B.C. This was the North Star at that point in time. The 344 ft. length of the Descending Passage provides an angle of view of only +/- 1/3 of a degree.

However a new pole star came into view in 1997. This one is also known as the North Star or Polaris. North Star Pointer: Each year the star shines further down the shaft and will be at the bottom of the shaft in 2004. The Pole Star is also known as Sirius and is the Star of Jesus, which rose in 7 - 6 BC, the date of Christ's birth. Some believe this is the 'Sign' Christians have been waiting for, for the last millennium.

The following material is based on a book by Peter Lemesurier called the Great Pyramid Decoded, this was first published 25 years ago. The book shows how the internal passage system forms a precise 3D diagram that marks significant events and gives a time scale. Something significant is predicted for the year 2004 (+ or - 3) years. Another online source for this is at New Dawn Magazine

The basic unit of measurement used is 1/10,000,000th of the Earth's radius (25.0265inches). The length of the base is exactly 365.242 of these units, which is exactly the number of days in a year.

There are many other precise measures within the design, that indicate strongly that the designer of the pyramid new details about the size and orbit of the Earth; to an accuracy that has only been achieved recently with satellite data.

The proposition in Peter's book is that the pyramid represents the Earth, and that the passages are a three dimensional diagram of our spiritual progress through time.

The time scale is provided by a star alignment, at the entrance end, to give a precise start date. The unit mentioned above, 25.0265 which he contends appears to represent twenty-five years, providing a time scale. Therefore, the date represented at any point in the passage system can be determined, by measuring along the floor from the lines marked at the entrance.

This one-inch basic unit occurs all over the pyramid. It is a strange coincidence that the first people to ever measure the pyramid accurately were British Egyptologists, using an almost identical unit of measurement.

There is a precisely scored line on each side of the passage just inside the entrance. These lines would have formed a special alignment with the pole star (Alpha Draconis at that time) at noon on 21st March 2141 BC.

From here, the passage goes downhill until 1553 BC, then it branches and an alternative upward path begins. Peter suggested this might represent Moses and the exodus from Egypt. Until recently, historians favoured a date of around 1200 BC for this, but my new Ryrie Study Bible says the favoured date is now 1550 BC! The 1553 date matches almost exactly the date our hero Seqenenre was murdered. 1553 B.C. is when Ahmose and his mother take the thrown and drive the Hyksos out of Egypt. more explained on Widow's Son, page 2

The main passage down levels off around 1521 AD and then enters a room with an uneven (and difficult to measure precisely) floor at around 1914. This room is the low point of the whole passage system, except for the deep pit in the middle of the floor. The pit begins around 2004 AD, plus or minus three years.

This pit is an irregular shape and so has no measurable details. However, Peter observes that the passages, viewed from lengthways on, look rather like a cartoon of a naked man, wearing a crown, who is crushing something under his heel. That something is the pit.

This page is continued at Page 3


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