The Secret of the Great Pyramid, Page 3

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The Secret of the Great Pyramid, page 3

The Precessional Numbering Code of God

Boaz Piller Jachin Pillar God is everything mathmetical, that is why Geometry is a divine science. Geometry is also the basis for the secret teachings that are linked to the craft of Masonry. The Boaz Pillar could possibly appear to the untrained eye to be a rendition of Planet Earth, complete with lines of latitude and longitude but no land masses. In reality these are celestial lines of latitude and longitude, symbolising Precession. There are twelve celestial lines of longitude set at 30 degree intervals to accommodate the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac. With the Jachin Piller, these grid lines, or reference points, are superimposed on the star-studded celestial globe a picture is produced which is a computer simulation of the night sky...segments from.
Freemasonry: The Legacy of the Ancient Egyptians, by Audrey Flecher

The spots on the globe represent major stars from which the remote Ancient Egyptians mapped the constellations. The "lines of longitude" are equally spaced at 15 degrees to facilitate ease of calculations of the apparent movement of the stars over thousands of years. The remote Ancient Egyptians divided the sky into 12 equal 30 degree segments, each of which contains one Sign of the Zodiac. Every 2160 years (72 years x 30 degrees) the Sun moves through the Sacred Gateway into a new Age of the Zodiac. On December 21st, 2012 the Sun will pass through the "Gateway of the Sun" and rise in the new Age of Aquarius. This is the year the Tribes of the ancient Maya calculated to be the end of the world as we know it.

The original pillars of King Solomon's Temple didn't look like the ones above. They represented something quite different.. Temple Symbolism

Jachin and Boaz depicted two identical large plants. The plant was a hybrid creation whose capital symbolized a giant water lily and its shaft or stem, the trunk of a palm tree. The lily had a metallic netting or network upon which were suspended decorative pomegranates (7:20, 42). Some sources say that the Hebrew wording implies two bowls for each pillar (Tanach, Stone Edition, p.818). If so, the lower bowl was inverted, representing the drooping leaves of a palm tree, but the top bowl which is a lily cup was upright, as shown at left. The lily was the love flower of the Ancient Near East and in this instance symbolizes God’s love for David and Solomon, the two kings who had the most to do with founding and establishing Israel as a kingdom and planning for and constructing the Temple. David means “beloved” and Solomon’s second name Jedidiah (II Sam. 12:24, 25) “beloved of God.” Palm trees depict peace and prosperity, the mark of King Solomon’s reign.

Connections and similarities to King Solomon's Temple

The daily life of a priest or priestess depended on their sex and also their hierarchical standing within the priesthood. Priests were often rotated from position to position within the priestly hierarchy and were integrated in and out of mundane society. This rotation system generally went, that a priest would enter into temple life one month, at three times a year. This rotation system had a direct connection to the often stringent purity rites of the priests. Regardless of what status the priest was, there were numerous taboos and tradition's a priest had to or could not partake of. Of these taboos and traditions, a priest or priestess could not eat fish (a food thought to be ascribed to peasant life), could not wear wool (as nearly all animal products were unclean), were generally circumcised (only common among the male priests), and it was not uncommon for priests to bathe three or four times a day in "sacred" purificatory pools. This tradition was carried into Isreal by the Hebrews.

The hierarchy of priests consisted of a milieu of offices and duties. At the top of the hierarchy of priests was the high-priest, also known as the sem-priest, and as "the First Prophet of the God". The high-priest was often very wise in years, and old. Not only did he serve as political advisor to the pharaoh, but he was also a political leader for the temples he belonged to as well. The high-priest was in charge of over-seeing magical rites and ceremonies as well as advising the pharaoh. Maintaining a fairly ceremonial position, the high-priest was often times chosen by the pharaoh as an advisor, however, it was not uncommon for a high-priest to have climbed through the ranks to his official status, as did Moses.

In addition to the political administration, the priests and priestesses took on both magical and economic functions. Through the use of magic and their connection to the gods, lay magicians provided a service to their community, usually consisting of counseling, magical arts, healing, and ceremony. Lay magicians who served within this last and final caste of the Egyptian priesthood belonged to a large temple known simply as "The House of Life".

Solomons Temple 964B.C. In form the temple ranges from a plain mound of heaped-up material to sophisticated complexes of numerous buildings, but a main, central structure for the temple proper is always found in these elaborate systems. Some have platforms for observing natural phenomena or for ritual fires, but most have a sanctuary, a special place reserved for the divinity, whose invisible presence is symbolized by a sculpted or painted image or some suitable relic. In order to show respect for the divinity, the sanctuary is usually set off from the rest of the temple by interposed doors, railings, or colonnades; the sanctuary is usually well inside the temple structure. Another common feature is an altar, a block of stone or tablelike feature where offerings to the divinity are placed and upon which the ceremony of worship focuses. The altars of the classical temples of Greece and Rome were outside and in front of the temple proper; the internal sanctuary (cella) was not normally entered by the laity. Solomon's Temple aligns with this description.

Grand temple complexes might include priests' quarters, healing centers, monasteries, shops, and hostels. Often granaries were included as well, for the connection between religious cults and agriculture was close; priests became bankers through the loan of seed grain. In many societies the main temple and dependent structures were the most important buildings.

The time required for the earth's slow precessional wobble to cause the position of sunrise on the vernal equinox to complete a shift a 1 one degree along the ecliptic ( in relation to the stellar background ); is 72 years.

The time required for the sun to pass through one full zodiacal segment of thirty degrees; is is 2160 years.

The time required for the sun to pass through two full zodizcal segments ( totaling 60 degrees ) is 4320 Years.

The time required to bring about the Great Return' ( for the sun to shift three hundred and sixty degrees) is 25,920 years.

This code is used over and over again in myths and sacred architecture. In common with esoteric numerology, it is a code in which it is permissable to shift decimal points to the left or right at will and make almost any conceivable combinations, permutations, multiplications, divisions and fractions of the essential numbers ( all of which relate precisely to the rate of precession of the equinoxes ). Enoch was taught this exacting science by God and shown the location on earth of the 'machine's' used to do it.. see
The Secrets of The Magi

This numbering code of time was done by the Egyptians, one of whom was Hipparchus. He proposed a value of 45 or 46 seconds of arc for one year of precesstonal motion. These figures yeild a one degree shift along the ecliptic in 80 years. This was equal to 78.26 or 46 seconds per annum. The 'Osiris' numbers written in the Pyramid Texts were 72 years. Modern science corrected this to 71.6. The number was delibertly left at 72, by Osiris so the twentith century man could find the common dominator.

This numbering code turns up in South America by the Maya, Valhalla by the Morse, China, Babylon, Kampuchea in the temple of Angkor ( Hindu ) and Sumner. The huge stones which are the megaliths of Baalbeck in Lebanon are said to contain the number code also... see above.

For the expert Mathematicans in the group , here is a few pages about the complicated building mathematics used by the Egyptians The Royal Cubit

There are other structures throughout Egypt, that also confirm ancient existence and processional alignments.

The letters spelt on the three faces of the golden pyramid are Greek: O-N. A pyramid is traditionally a symbol synonymous with Phallus, and gold is traditionally attributed to Sun and hence Phallus. The gematrical value of Pyramid, Puramis is the same as the value of Phallus,

The two squares, the drawn and the projection square, form an octagram Pell's series are the progressions that approximate the geometry of proportions originating from the octagram The first of Pell's series is: 1,2,12,29,70, 169 ...THE VITRUVIAN MAN on the planning of temples

Advanced Atlantian Technology ?

Let's imagine that if you had a computer program for a laser beam to cut huge granite blocks, you could program it to cut each succeeding block to fit the last one cut. You would have everything stored on your 'hard drive' and you could go to any level and program any block to fit that last one cut on any level. If you had a 'shaft', tunnel, chamber or door in your computer model, the measurements would be precise as to where it fit and the dimensions of each cut so it fit perfectly. All you need to do is mount the laser on a tripod and get out of the way. This tripod is on a circular track and can move up or down and aim from any angle necessary. It is remotely controlled by the computer. You also would have a leveling program to weigh each one make sure each block was 'balanced'. Put the block in place, No Problem!!. We believe there was such a program, brought from Atlantis, to be used for this project and then it's technology hidden inside for future generations to find.

The link below tells of a man , who actually was inside the pyramid, in the Secret Chamber in the 1970's. They got their information from a Roman geographer, named Strabc, who discovered the chamber over 2000 years ago.

A Baptist minister and eleven other men went in the pyramid after discovering the 'secret entrance', on the South slope of the pyramid. The story says, they were able to open the secret door by using a 'tone', which corresponds with the 'tone of the door'. This amazing quality is found in Granite. Apparently with the achievement of perfect balance, depth and flawless design, when striking the stone, a deep low-pitched tone can he heard compared to that which is in a large tuning fork. This 'tone' sound was the finding of an experiment done by Graham Hancock in his book The Message of the Sphinx It really works!.

Hidden Mysteries of The Great Pyramid by Al Bielek Click on David Lewis, then on the book 'Hidden Mysteries of the Pyramid'.

They made a total of six expeditions inside, uncovering more than they wanted to know! . .
It was amazing. If there is any truth to this, the prophesy of 'The Secrets will be revealed', will come true. The link above and the information found on it confirms the information on my link..
Atlantis, the superior race before man. "They mentioned Lemuria and Atlantis. It mentioned 6 races of people altogether, who were created by God at the same time. This is backed up by Edgar Cayce readings on Atlantis and it is confirmed by the world wide 'flood' stories. It said how most of them self destructed thru greed and misuse of power".

Review; DAVID H. LEWIS, Author (privately published by Author about 1985)
OF all the books written about the Hall of Records this is the best one. It is written by David H. Lewis. He claims to have gone into a room 980 feet below the Great Pyramid at Giza. He opened a rock in the middle of the south side by toning. That's right, a sound wave of certain pitch sent one of the 50 ton slabs of limestone into motion. It rose back and up to allow four men to scamper underneath before closing 30 seconds later. IT would not be able to open again for 21 hours . During this time, the squad climbed down 144 stairs. There was dust, mildew and cobwebs all the way down. They could not see for THE clouds of dust. Finally they came to THE bottom. A four story building stood before them. IT was 300 by 400 feet. They had to do another tone to get beyond a door. But once inside the first floor, they saw booths full of machines, for lack of better words. In one was a book under a glass covering.

IT contained THE history of man on earth since his beginning here 576,000 years ago. IT was opened to THE present time. It mentioned how other races came here from other planets to start a civilization on earth. They mentioned Lemuria and Atlantis. It mentioned 6 races altogether. It said how most of them self destructed thru greed and missuse of power.

IT said we have until 2001 to exist before making ourselves become extinct. In one room was a device for transposing yourself in time. That is a Time Machine. One would stand in a 12 foot tube with arms outstretched. none of the machines had wires, but all were able to be activated. One levitation device was aimed at the explorers. IT caused a flashlight to be levitated upward toward THE ceiling. IT was immediately shut off.

500,000 discs were discovered. Their use is undetermined. They crumple like aluminum foil but when cast on table they return to normal shape. No knife can cut them. NO fire can burn it. A bullet at close range cannot penetrate it. IT is believed these discs, ranging from 7 to 14 inches are records. Like CDs. One of the artifacts, THE golden turntable in another corner is used to "Play " them. They produce holograms. To tell /teach you something, they place you in an interactive hologram of it. Yes. Like Star Trek. The Holodeck. Only this is real, and in Egypt.

2,700 microfilm were taken. Much was learned even though the film were taken at random from that historical metal library. We learned of our previous civilizations, as I indicated earlier , their language and their accomplishments while the remained at peace and did little to disturb the natural element of earth's atmosphere or its central core of energy. We learned that Egyptians are direct descendants of THE Atlantean race. And the name changes that took place over thousands of years where they existed.

"Even the machinery which built this collosal wonder of the world is preserved in pristine condition within its secret vaults".

It is said that Anwar Sadat was assasinated for his involvement with these expeditions. In fact, every person on those expeditions have died suddenly under mysterious circumstances, says Al Bielek.

Note: We are not in any promoting the sale of the book associated with this page, but if the information is true we have uncovered the reason the Egyptian Government does not want this information released to anyone.

Ea is a new concept which combines the Constellation of Orion, and the Sacred Waters of Nun as the Constellation of Eridanus, fanning out behind him like a pair of wings. In effect the god Ea is the Sumerian equivalent of the Celestial Sphinx! Ea was later adapted into the figures of Moses and John the Baptist. Jesus is the Risen Sun/Son baptized in the waters of the sacred Waters of Nun...from...
The Celestial Sphinx, a Sumerian Cylinder-seal and the Place of Purification

Matthew 2: 1 , Astrologers from eastern lands come to Jesus, guided by a star. Matthew 1: 13, An angel tells Joseph to take the baby and his mother and go to Egypt. This must have always been considered a safe place to go in times of trouble in Israel. But Jesus was also educated in Egypt until he was 14 years old, in the city of Nazereth, which is near Heliopolis. This is why Jesus was called 'of Nazereth'
Jesus Discovered This tradition continued with Moses, Aaron, Solomon and every initiate up until the initiation of Jesus. We found Akhenaten and most likely Ramses II here also.
Solomon and Akenhaten - "Brothers" We also know that The Rosicrucian Order of AMORC still uses the Kings chamber in the Pyramid for annual initiation ceremonies.
The Stars,the Magi and a triple conjuction that fortold the birth of Jesus.

There is evidence that Jesus and John the Baptist were in the Great Pyramid together, before John was beheaded. They were students of the 'Priesthood', that was only open to 'Initiates'. They studied 'the unison of forces', a science like al-chemy, which is explained on my other pages.
Jesus took his 'final degrees' in the Great Pyramid of Gaza.
The evidence is in the 'inches' of the Pyramid ( in the Hinkler link again ) Hebrew Numbering code Isaiah 19: 19-20. scroll down to the bottom of the page....

The Latitude of The Great Pyramid (transposed) approximates our present measurement of The Speed of Light (in meters) in a vacuum. This is not a coincidence. The number 29.9785 is also related to the age of Jesus Christ at the time of his illumination and baptism by John the Baptist ("almost" 30 years - "I am the light").

The false inscription inside the Great Pyramid

The great Pyramid has been dubbed as being built by Khufu in 2500BC. Egyptologists assume this because they say Khafre built the Sphinx in the same era. One reason they assume this is because an explorer named Howard Vyse is said to have found these marks there while exploring in 1836-37. Critics have pointed out that the marks were painted at cramped angles after the blocks were in place. The words were also misspelled and upside-down. Vyse's diary for that day described a thorough examination of the relieving rooms but no mention of the hieroglyphics and quarry marks. The marks were mentioned only the next day. The marks are also a hotchpotch of hieroglyphs that were from different eras that are closer to the twenty-sixth dynasty. Those same mistakes occur in the only two hieroglyphics references that would have been available to Vyse at that time.

A SECOND NAME was found in the chamber. It is "KhnumKhuf" It is written after the first name of Khufu. This same cartouche has been found in other areas, including an ancient inscription on the rocks of Sinai, and on dozens of other tombs and monuments, some of which have been dated to only a few years before Christ. The suggestion has been made that these names are similar in their pattern, enough so to be different spellings of the names; Khnum, Khufu, Enoch and Hermes. There are relationships and patterns suggesting that the names are simply different representations of the same figure and power that find remarkably similar expression in cosmologies over many thousands of years. The suggestion is that this is the name of a God and that God might be Enoch, or it might say 'Enoch, the servant of God'.

The other, more assuring evidence is there is a stela in the Cairo Museum that clearly indicates that the pyramid and the great sphinx were already in existance before Khufu's time. The "Inventory Stela", as it is called, has an inscription refering to Isis as the 'Mistress of the Pyramid', implying that the monument had been dedicated to her, to the 'Goddess of Magic' and not to Khufu at all. Scholar James Henry Breasted had these words about the False inscriptions, "These references would be of the highest importance if the stela were contemporaneous with Khufu; but the orthographic evidence of its date are entirely conclusive". Therefore had been carved in a later dynasty than that of Khufu.

Sphinx Note: "The Sphinx is positioned to commemorate the "birth of the Sun", which was when the sun precessed (backwards precessional movement) out from the sign of Virgo (The Virgin) into Leo, the sign of the king in (approx.) 10,500 BC. I am not suggesting that the sphinx dates to that remote period but, rather, that it commemorates that time". from..
The pi of Time, by John Charles Webb Jr.

The study of Astrology, and physics were only part of the entire spectrum of knowledge the Egyptian Kings and High Priests possessed. Thus creating the legend of the 'Builder Gods'. Enoch, when taken to Heaven by Uriel, was taught the procession of the planets , and how time can be counted precisely by using the Sun and Venus on the 'points' or degrees of a 'henge'. Enoch calls these points, 'windows', portals or 'Gates'. The 'Stonehenge' is one of these ancient time machines. These machines were so accurate they allowed the viewer to perdict the impact of a comet with earth. They actually proved the earth was round and on an eliptical path in the universe. The machine also showed the 'tilt of the earth' and helped ancient mariners find their way across the seas. This excerpt taken from my page,
Passage of the Secrets, page 4

Note; Due to the angle of the sides of the pyramid vs. it's latitude, it casts no shadow at noon during the spring equinox.

"But now the sight of day and night, and the months and the revolutions of the years have created number and have given us a conception of time, and the power of inquiring about the nature of the universe. And from this source we have derived philosophy, than which no greater good ever was or will be given by the gods to mortal man."
Plato. Timaeus, 47 a .

triple tau hieroglyph Chapter and Council of the KYCH 
 or Knights TemplarMore information that confirms Ancient Egypt and Masonry are uniquely connected..
Freemasonry: The Legacy of the Ancient Egyptians
The vertical trunks of the Taus represent the columns of the Temple. In the Osiris Legend, Osiris was encased in a tree trunk, which was later utilized as a pillar. The pillar of a temple represents Osiris … who has already been evidenced as the Axis Munde in the Djed Pillar; the Pillar of Stability. Since a Tau is a "sacred gateway, opening or portal", and multiple Taus form a Temple, it follows that a Temple is a gateway, opening or portal: a portal to the Netherworld through which the Sun rises at the Dawn of a New Age of the Zodiac. The Triple Tau, which represents the Temple of Jerusalem, within the Great Pyramid. Both are examples of the Sacred Summit "Templum Hierosolma" encoding the Secret of Precession. This info from my friend Audrey's Page.

"Builded I the Great Pyramid, patterned after the pyramid of earth force, burning eternally so that it, too, might remain through the ages. In it, I builded my knowledge of "Magic-Science" so that It might be here when again I return from Amenti, Aye, while I sleep in the Halls of Amenti, my Soul roaming free will incarnate, dwell among men in this form or another".
( from the Emerald Tablets of Thoth ) These words are written on the substance known in Masonic legend as Laterus but now known as 'emerald', somewhere around 36,000BC..

"Raised I high over the entrance, a doorway, a gateway leading down Amenti. Few there would be with courage to dare it, few pass the portal to dark Amenti. Raised over the passage, I, a mighty pyramid, using the power that overcomes Earth force (gravity). Deep and yet deeper place I a force-house or chamber; from it carved I a circular passage reaching almost to the great summit. There in the apex, set I the crystal, sending the ray into the "Time-Space," drawing the force from out of the ether, concentrating upon the gateway to Amenti".

"Other chambers I built and left vacant to all seeming, yet hidden within them are the keys to Amenti. He who in courage would dare the dark realms, let him be purified first by long fasting. Lie in the sarcophagus of stone in my chamber. Then reveal I to him the great mysteries.

You have found the link to the amazing words of Thoth, The Emerald Tablets

Sba in Egyptian means 'star', which also means "Gate".
It will be recalled that in the Great Pyramid, the Grand Gallery is a gigantic megalithic Hieroglyph of the word seba for "Ensouling Star door." Even though it is half a football field long and three storeys high, it has the correct shape of an ancient Egyptian door Hieroglyph. However, this is no ordinary door. It is spelled exactly like the noun seba for "Star" and so it is in some sense a "Star door." But again this "door" is spelled exactly like the causative verb se-ba for "cause to be a Soul" or "ensoul" and so in some sense it is also an "Ensouling door." It should now be clear why this Grand Gallery "Ensouling Star door" is so significant in the Great Pyramid, because it is also the paranormal "Star which knows not sweeping" and "Tunnel" of Near Death Experiences throughout The Great Pyramid Texts... from The Pyramid Texts by By Clesson H. Harvey

Osiris Tomb found

Osiris would only be conscious during the night. From here the understanding of the Dark Rite was born (coded in Ishtar-Innana, Adonis, and Orpheus), which had two components: The Internal Dark Rite (Light Isolation within the Pyramid Temple), and the External Dark Rite with the Alchemical Elixir from plants, and high spin elements.

From the place where Osiris sleeps, surrounded by water (Abydos), Ausir was transported in his granite sarcophagus on the Nile, to Giza.

He arrives by AKU the Sphinx, where the shores of the Nile reached to in ancient times. His sarcophagus is described to be transported through an underground canal beneath the Sphinx, to a deep chambre in parallel to the Sphinx and the Chefren pyramid, and infront of the Great pyramid.

Osiris is found exactly where the legend says he was taken... This is a link to some amazing Photographs. It is a very large file with 79 pictures to download, so take a break, go get something to drink, ect. You are in for a treat if you like Egyptian archaeology and Treasures beyond belief.
What you will find here completely connects Osiris, Isis, and Jesus as well as the secret lost wisdom of God. This is no joke .
It is the TRUTH revealed to all who 'will see'.
In the Esoteric studies, it is written that the four elements, fire, water, earth and air can be combined with and by "The Master" to give shape, to an infinite panorama.
The Fifth Element, who is the 'Logos' is the connecting factor.

The site is under construction, so bookmark it and come back again.

This story and the pictures confirm the existance of a holographically operated mirror which was described on the Hidden Mysteries of The Great Pyramid link and 'review'. "The entire room becomes one 3D+ hologramme. This interactive living hologramme, can be cross compared and superimposed to other tombs and temple high esoteric hieroglyphics".
"Along these procedures, in the Tomb of Thothmosis 3, the double Sphinx, Akr (Aker, or Akeru), is in front of the Great Pyramid. Which has the capstone as the head of the Initiate".
This gives not only symbolic, initiatory clues, but also physical clues, overtly. But the physical is equally incorporated with the visual and Spiritual for "those who have eyes to see".

As with most sites that have a large amount of images, this one is no exception, if the image does not load, right click on "show picture".

There was a significance to the Dates Dec 31, 1999 and Dec 31,st, 2000.

On one of the pages of our site, We promised you information on why the Mason's feel the capping of the Great Pyramid is so important. The above explains most of it. However The entire story is found on this page by, one of my favorite authors, Robert Bauval Robert Bauval Scheduled for the evening of December 31,st 1999, the extravant capping ceremony was canceled because it was feared a riot would break out due to the expected attendence of over 10,000 freemasons in the presence of the estimated 50,000 Muslims, in the area, who celebrate their month of Ramadan in December. The Muslims claim the Mason's are "Zionist's" who are trying to infiltrate Egypt . According to Prophesy, this celebration and capping of the pyramid must and will take place, and it did, quitely on December 31, 2000. The Freemasons would have been there.

"In the earth's time of purifying by its baptism of fire, there will be volcanics, such as this earth exploding, and it will push up a pyramid-like mountain". That's the reason the capstone wasn't put on by Enoch. That's the reason the Capstone has to come now. "And the mountain will be pushed up, and it will be the Mount of the Lord, and in here will dwell the Redeemed."

"The apex, the crown or apex (or capstone) was of metal; that was to be indestructible, being of copper, brass, gold with other alloys... it became very fitting that there should be the crowning or placing of this 'symbol of the records' by one who represent the old and the new... Hence there has arisen from this ceremony many of the things that may he seen as present"... the sounding of the New Year,1998 .....from the death of the Son of Man... Edgar Cayce

"Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge in the field of truth and knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods." Albert Einstein

We found another beautiful Masonic Egyptian site that uses Ptah to tell us, " A first veil was thrown by the initiated before they withdrew.
Over the course of time others came to conceal the symbols.
Today the veils arise and light returns amongst mankind so that nothing will evermore be hidden. This may be a clandestine lodge but the pictures and the story are breathtaking. It also reveals connections to our story and the 'Hidden Mysteries'.

The Altar of Oaths has become the Altar of Unity around the Crystal
which receives and transmits energy between people and the Universe.
The Cubic Stone is finished and the work is carried out in the immediate presence of PTAH,
the Great Architect of the Universe.

Since the return of the Spirit, the Lost Word is no more.
The Bond is fastened with the Word which alone will henceforth teach the Freemasons,
far from all past speculations.

The Rite which is accomplished has become the Rite of the Alliance with all the universal forces in which the Masons can now participate in full freedom and consciousness.
.. Beautiful graphics and music and an Egyptian look at the future of mankind. We recommend this site for further study of the 'mysteries' and the culmination of all you have already read here. On the last page we see the temple completed. visit.. The Great Lodge of ATH-KA-PTAH, Egyptian Masonry

There is still the secret knowledge of the Initiates, that the 'Master' knew and taught. This is combined with evidence that Jesus and John the Baptist were in the Great Pyramid together, before John was beheaded. Jesus took 'his final degrees' and his Greatest ' Test ' in the Great Pyramid of Gaza.. Jesus, 'Grand Master'. Jesus was a Mason, a member of the 'brotherhood of Man', proof in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The Royal bloodlines of Jesus and James were carried on.
The First of the Knights Templar were the decendents of Jesus. My Knights Templar Page

For with those changes that will be wrought, Americanism with the universal thought that is expressed and manifest in the 'Brotherhood of Man' into a 'group thought', as expressed in the Masonic Order, will be the eventual rule in the settlement of affairs in the world. Not that the world is to become a Masonic Order, but the principles that are embraced in the same will be the basis upon which the new order of peace is to be established...( prophesied by Jesus ) Edgar Cayce

The Atlantian Connection Atlantis, The fallen angles, Adam, The Great Sphinx and the Hall of Records.

More information on Solomon, Akhenaten and Isis The amazing Akhenaten

We found this site again listed as Satanic in the Cutting Edge news Letter No one here teaches anything Satanic. It is they who teach lies based on broad ignorance and hate. If this site is studied in depth, you will find a large research based essay on things the Cutting edge and bible thumpers in general don't want you to see. You will discover facts which label them the liers and deceivers of mankind. They are ruled by 'men' and lies formed in 30AD to 325AD. Proof of these rules lie in hiding under the Roman Catholic fathers who began a form of cult Christianity. The Roman army was dedicated to wiping out the followers of Jesus and the disciples. They succeeded when THEY wrote the book of Acts and rewrote most of the New Testament. We invite you to take a close look at the real 'truth'...
see ..The False Church and The Lies of Paul Why the Church and Masonry Butts heads

In Graham Hancock's Book, Fingerprints of the Gods, He describes the prophecy of the 'Last Time'. It reads, " A conjunction of the five planets that can be expected to have profound gravitational effects will take place on May 5th in the year 2000, and 2001 when Neptune, Uranus, Venus, Mercury and Mars will align with the Earth on the other side of the Sun, setting up a sort of cosmic tug-of-war.." Some Biblical scholars say this is the time when the Great Final War will begin and Jesus will appear by 2004. The date of the birth of the antichrist was Feb. 4th 1962 and his 'activation' date was 1995. Christ may have been born again in 1973. This comes from the pages of The Sphinx Group.
Cross Diciplinary Timeline

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