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The False Church of Rome, page 2

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The stories that have been changed over the last 2000 years.

Two thousand years ago, the Israelites had a 'Mother Goddess'. Her name was Asherah (from Hebrew), generally taken as identical with the Ugaritic goddess Athirat, (better known in English as Astarte), although Ashtart is clearly linked to the Mesopotamian Goddess Ishtar. Solomon worshiped Astarte.

(Being wife and daughter of Jehovah) became merged into a single spiritual entity, an overall consort known as Shekhina. The word was extracted from Sh'kinah, a Hebrew abstract verb meaning 'to dwell', and by the late 1st century AD the Shekina (Ashtoreth-Anath) had become the mother-goddess of the Jews, as given in the Targum Onkelos, an Aramaic Bible which appeared soon after the lifetime of Jesus. Rabbi Yehoshua of Siknin wrote in the 1st century that, 'As soon as the Tabernacle was erected (Exodus 36) the Shekina decended and dwelt amoung them (the Children of Israel)'. The Shekhina was deemed to be the spouse and female representative of God upon the Earth, her original dwelling place was the tabernacle (The Mishkan), and her later abode was Solomon's Temple of Ashtoreth in Jerusalem.

We see in Nature that deity is the one creator and maintainer of all that is. In an attempt to perceive it and communicate with it, the ancients personified it as a goddess and a god. The God and Goddess of Wiccan theology are essentially opposite aspects or polarities of the Divine-Source-of-All-Things. In other words, they are those aspects of divinity which we can isolate as active and receptive, electrical and magnetic, masculine and feminine, etc.

In ancient times deities were personal gods and goddesses, perceived as beings who were conscious of us, caring and providing for our needs. With the influence of Eastern Mysticism some modern Wiccans view the gods as aspects of our Higher Selves, our own divine nature dwelling at the core of our being.

The mythology of the Old Ways is very simplistic on the surface, but contains layer after layer of hidden symbolism. Essentially the myths establish a goddess and a god who preside over Nature and all within it. The Goddess of Wicca is a mother goddess associated with the Moon and traceable back to the Neolithic cult of the Great Goddess. The God is the Lord of the Animals, associated with the sun and also traceable to Neolithic, if not Paleolithic, times. Nature is viewed as animated by a host of beings personified by such things as fairies, nymphs, satyrs, and other magickal creatures who vitalize Nature with their energy.

But Christiandome eliminated the concept of 'Nature' from religion and called all references to it 'witchcraft'. We are now seeing what that 'elimination' has caused. The melting of the polar ice caps, global warming and huge gaps in the 0 zone. Pollution is rampant. Rivers and streams and even oceans are full of dying creatures and aquatic 'life'. Our air is dirty and the water we drink may become so polluted we won't have any. There are only a few cultures left that respect and preserve 'Nature'.


Let us examine the use of myth, hyperbole, and legend to inflame the minds of Christians and diminish, denigrate, and destroy other religions. The legends and myths surrounding Polycarp is one of the most favored stories and has been carried forward into modern times. Pionius, claiming divine revelation to fill in the details, transcribed a mythological rendition of the execution of Polycarp from a writing rendered by Socrates (an early church father not to be confused with the Socrates) rendering from a writing by Caius rendering from a writing by Ireneaus. It is an obvious piece of political propaganda designed to instill a schism between Christians and other religions, including Judaism. It extols in mythical proportions, as a means of convincing the simple minds of people of the times, magical attributes to ``blessed'' church authorities at the hands of wicked non-believers. Excerpts from that writing follow, to be judged by the objective minds of modern readers.


In creating Christianity every form of deception, lie, and hatred was generated. It is apparent that the creation of the Christ Mythos was rooted not in reality, but in past mythologies. The early church, to survive, thrive, and dominate all others, had to define itself as the only truth and it did so with the lowest and most contemptible of brain washing techniques. It was necessary to demonize ALL people save those of the church. Denigration of other gods, destruction of the symbolism of other religions, and the creation of miraculous events, saints, and heroes in support of Christianity was the methodology. The Jews were said to have murdered Jesus Christ and the bewildered Jews had no knowledge there had ever been a Christ. Pagan religious symbols were called idols, false gods, while the religious symbols of Christians were sacred objects. Miracles were sometimes loosely based on real events and at other times made up from whole cloth. Church fathers incited their followers to vandalize, to disrupt the rituals of other religions, to destroy the symbols and altars of other religions, and then, denied culpability because they had not particpated directly in the terrorization. Sometimes the church fathers actually believed in magical things, such as the phoenix, dragons, cockatrice, talking animals, the world standing still, etc. Sometimes they knew they were creating myth, such as claiming the ancient myths were imitations of the myth of Jesus Christ thousands of years before the creation of the Christ myth. see Polycrap

A growing number of people in Europe and North America are turning to the principles of Tibetan religion for their own personal growth, and adopting Tibetan perspectives on the nature of the world and our place within it. This living Tibetan legacy has sustained the continuity and vitality of more than one thousand years of intellectual and spiritual exploration. A U-Tube Video Tibetan Book of the Dead

Besides the respect for Nature, Tibetan Buddhism recognizes the natural fact that human beings tend to avoid admitting death as an immediate threat in their own lives. Indeed, this refusal to acknowledge the imminence of death and impermanence is regarded in Buddhism as a fundamental cause of the confusion and ignorance that prevents spiritual progress. Spiritual growth is achieved not by cowering from death, but by confronting it head on.

Mindfulness of death engenders both control and freedom; it brings about control in the sense of curbing the desire for permanence and security, and it promotes freedom by offering the meditator an enduring glimpse of the Buddha's liberating wisdom.

The state of mind at the time of death is believed to influence directly the momentum of the departing consciousness. Any thoughts that occur during this time are extremely potent; it is therefore significant for the individual to generate and sustain a positive mental state thoughout all the stages of dying. In other words, the quality of mind at the time of death is a critical component in determining the dying person's future destiny. If disruptive thoughts can be avoided while simultaneously directing the mind toward pure and virtuous thoughts, the ordinary person may be capable of positively controlling the outcome of the dying event. These monks also believe in reincarnation. from Tibetan Buddhasm

Socrates compares the body to a prison house for the soul, and promoted the distinction that remains today, that a spiritual or wise person has a certain disgust for the body and its functions. In another celebrated analogy, Socrates likens the soul to a charioteer trying to manage a pair of lust ridden horses who ride by a love object, and start sweating and rearing uncontrollably. In still another comical analogy for the mind, Socrates says the brain is like a bird cage with pieces of knowledge fluttering about in it like doves and pigeons, so that a man might reach in for one fact and pull out the wrong one (Theaetetus).

'The Truth' as taught by the churches, synagogues, and mosques is something altogether different than the 'real truth'. The church's truth is the opinion formed by a majority consensus from a religious or 'dogmatic' standpoint that cannot be changed or disputed under the strictest punishment imaginable in the 15th and 16th century... and now.

If we go back to 1307 AD we find The Templars being tortured and burned at the stake. Reason - To get their vast holdings ie. Money! They were cleared of the charges by Pope Clement 800 years ago but the Vatican kept it quite.
Why did they not admit this before now? But even before that time excommunication or death was the punishment for heresy! But then again - heresy as defined by a 'church' or religious doctrine.

Example: The Knights were cleared of 'devil worship' by Pope Clement over 800 years ago!. Why didn't the Vatican reveal this?
That's Right! So nobody would believe the Knights real story or the Freemasons who have been telling people for years that the accusations were not TRUE! Why? They are afraid of what we know to be a different truth and we have the evidence to back it up.

Murder - Assassinations - Espionage

The document called the Chinon parchment, reveals for the first time the conspiricy of the church and King Philip to get at the Templar holdings. The parchment is dated Chinon, 1308 August 17th - 20th and the Vatican keeps an authentic copy with reference number Archivum Arcis Armarium D 218, the original having the number D 217. Dr. Barbara Frale found a copy of the parchment in the Vatican Secret Archives. Frale has published her discoveries in the Journal of Medieval History and wrote a book on the subject, Il papato e il processo ai templari, 2004. In October 2007, the Vatican announced that they would release the Chinon Parchment in published form, after 700 years.
see The actual parchment.

From the parchment; "The French monarchy reacted by triggering a true blackmail mechanism, which then urged Clement V to reach the ambiguous compromise ratified during the Council of Vienne in 1312: unable to oppose himself to the will of the King of France, Phillip the Fair, who imposed the elimination of the Templars, the pope removed the order from the reality of that period, without condemning or abolishing it, but isolating it in a sort of “hibernation”, thanks to a clever device of the canon law. After explicitly declaring that the trial did not prove the charge of heresy, Clement V suspended the Templar Order by means of a non definitive sentence, imposed by the necessity to avoid a serious danger to the Church that banned them, under penalty of excommunication, to use such name or their distinctive symbols."

In 1992, 359 years after condemning Galileo as a heretic, the Vatican apologized and admitted the astronomer had a point. So far, however, the Roman Catholic Church is holding the line on Giordano Bruno, a rationalist philosopher who was burned at the stake for heresy 400 years ago today (2000).

On our Knights Templar Page, we find a courier named Fakhar ul Islam. He was carring secret documents relating to Rennes-le-Chateau between 1600 and 1800. He was to rendezvous with an 'agent delegated by Geneva' in East Germany on Feb. 20, 1967. Fakhar had been expelled from Germany and was 'to wait in Paris for further orders.' On that day his decapitated body was found on the railroad tracks at Melun, after having been hurled from the train. The briefcase had vanished. The incident was investigated by The Directory of Territorial Surveilance, or Counterespionage.
(Lincoln, Baigent & Leigh) Holy Blood Holy Grail pages 100-103

The former prime minister of Egypt, Anwar Sadat was assassinated in 1981 because he was going to reveal to the world what he knew about the 'secret' of the Sphinx. Sadat was a mason. Islamic radicals began a campaign of murder around the world to surpress freedom, democracy and knowledge and kill anyone who they view as infidels. They now have murdered the Democracic leader, Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan. Her death is a loss for the entire world, ... her courage is an example of patriotism ...

If the information that we feel is hidden, is that important, that highly explosive, you might wounder why they are hidding it....Reasons... CASH and alot of it - Total control of the people which still leads to their cash! If the information is worth killing somebody for ...logic tells us it must be true! ...or they FEAR the outcome of the truth being known....which in effect takes away their cash!

Here we have the doctrine of the church; (Christian) which states: Any baptized person who … obstinately denies or doubts any of the truths proposed for belief by divine and Catholic faith, is a heretic."
"Heresy consists in a stubborn denial of truths which have been defined an proposed by the Church as divinely revealed doctrines." (Canon 1324-1325 of the 1917 Code of Canon Law).

That reminds me; When are we going to stop corporations from shelling out millions in severance pay to fired executives? Don't we have hungry people right here under our noses, in our own back yards and cities to feed? Key in 'Food Bank' in your search engine and take a look at what comes up....hundreds if not thousands of requests for help around the country. Support your local Food Bank.

“But God, who is rich in mercy, for His great love wherewith He loved us, even when we were dead in sins, has quickened us together with Christ. For by grace are you saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: not of works, lest any man should boast. For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God has before ordained that we should walk in them” (Eph. 2:4-10).

Conversely, it is said that all who do not “know Jesus in their hearts” will be, at death, instantly sent to hell, where they will suffer torment for eternity. Is this concept biblical? Ask your minister to show you any passage that says you will go to Heaven or Hell. If he attempts to twist or force Old Testament scriptures to say that Moses and Elijah are in heaven, then ask him why Jesus Christ so clearly stated, “And no man has ascended up to heaven” (John 3:13). Ask: Was Christ confused? Did Jesus Christ, as He worked with the Father, just never happen to bump into Moses and Elijah in heaven? Of course, this is ridiculous!

Then what does happen when you die? Examine how it is described in the book of Psalms: “His [man’s] breath goes forth, he returns to his earth; in that very day his thoughts perish” (146:4). Yes, when man dies, he stops breathing. His body returns to the earth. He has no thoughts—he knows absolutely nothing (Ecc. 9:5)!

[at His Second Coming]” (I Thes. 4:14). At Christ’s Return, the saints will be raised from the dead and receive their reward. Until then, they are waiting to be 'resurrected'. This word should be 'reincarnated'. "Born again" means exactly that!

A loving, merciful God has a plan to offer salvation to all people who ever lived, but according to His timetable (Rev. 20:11-13). The true God wants everyone to make it into His kingdom. He is a caring God, who wants the best for mankind.

You should question the concept of the brutal god you hear described each week at church services—the one referred to as a trinity, a mystery that you cannot—and should not try to—understand!

Some today (who do not seem to believe in the inspiration of scripture) claim that most major themes of the New Testament were in fact "borrowed" from 1 Enoch. "It appears that Christianity later adopted some of its ideas and philosophies from this book, including the Final Judgment, the concept of demons, the Resurrection, and the coming of a Messiah and Messianic Kingdom" (3). No doubt, these themes are major parts of 1 Enoch, and appear there as complete theologies a full 200 years before any other NT writings.

Additionally, the Coptic Orthodox Churches of Egypt (est'd appx 50-100 A.D.) still include Enoch as canonized text in the Ethiopic Old Testament (2). This fact alone should carry great weight for Western Christians when honestly studying the "case" for Enoch. Given their 1900+ year history, the fact that they were never "ruled" by Rome's theology, and that they currently number over 10 million - this is a VERY significant portion of The Body of Christ that has historically esteemed 1 Enoch as inspired doctrine.

Christian author Stephen Quayle writes, "Several centuries before and after the appearance of Jesus in Jerusalem, this book had become well known to the Jewish community, having a profound impact upon Jewish thought. The Book of Enoch gave the Jews their solar calendar, and also appears to have instilled the idea that the coming Messiah would be someone who had pre-existed as God (4)." Translator RH Charles also stated that "the influence of 1 Enoch on the New Testament has been greater than all of the other apocryphal and pseudepigraphical books put together" (3). The conclusions are somewhat inescapable given Enoch's dating and wide acceptance between 200 B.C. and 200 A.D. - either Christian authors, and especially the Nicene Council, did plagiarize their theology directly from Enoch, or the original version of Enoch was also inspired.

James H Charlesworth, director of Dead Sea Studies at Yale University, says in The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha & The New Testament (Trinity Press International), "I have no doubt that the Enoch groups deemed the Book of Enoch as fully inspired as any biblical book. I am also convinced that the group of Jews behind the Temple Scroll, which is surely pre-Qumranic, would have judged it to be quintessential Torah -- that is, equal to, and perhaps better than, Deuteronomy....Then we should perceive the Pseudepigrapha as they were apparently judged to be: God's revelation to humans(2 & 5)." see.. Books of Enoch explained

And we found this; In the 10th cent. B.C. the first of a series of editors collected materials from earlier traditional folkloric and historical records (i.e., both oral and written sources) to compose a narrative of the history of the Hebrews who now found themselves united under David and Solomon. Stemming from differing traditions originating among those living in what was later the northern kingdom of Israel and those in the southern kingdom of Judah, we can trace two dominant compilations, known as the E (preferring the epithet "Elohim" for God) and the J (preferring the epithet "Yahweh"), respectively. These were combined by a Judaean some time after the fall of the northern kingdom and are to be found inextricably associated in Genesis, Exodus, Numbers, Joshua, Judges, First and Second Samuel, and First and Second Kings. According to scholars, this combined JE narrative is the bulk of the earlier Old Testament. To Deuteronomy, scholars assign a late 7th-century B.C. origin, which means Moses didn't write it...We know who did!

Apocrypha [upok'rifu] Pronunciation Key [Gr.,=hidden things](According to the church) ,a term signifying a collection of early Jewish writings excluded from the canon of the Hebrew scriptures. It is not clear why the term was chosen. The Apocrypha include the following books and parts of books: First and Second Esdras; Tobit; Judith; the Additions to Esther; Wisdom of Solomon; Sirach (also called Ecclesiasticus); Baruch; the Letter of Jeremiah (in Baruch); parts of Daniel (the Prayer of Azariah and the Song of the Three Young Men; see also Bel and the Dragon and Susanna 1 ); First and Second Maccabees; the Prayer of Manasses (see Manasseh). All are included in the Septuagint, with the exception of 2 Ezra. However, they were not included in the Hebrew canon (ratified c.A.D. 100).

The Old Testament was written in Hebrew, with a small portion in Aramaic (parts of the books of Daniel, Ezra, and Jeremiah). The text of the Hebrew Bible (called the Masoretic text), had been standardized by the 10th cent. A.D., but the only existing Hebrew texts of biblical books before this time have been found at Qumran. The origin of the Masoretic version is unknown. The original Old Testament canon was the Septuagint, long used in the Greek-speaking church and still retained by the Orthodox churches. This Hellenistic Jewish translation originated with the translation of the Pentateuch in the mid-3d cent. B.C. Later translations were made from it or patterned after it. The canon of the Septuagint included the books of the later Hebrew canon, with the addition of several others, most of which were those now reckoned deuterocanonical by Roman Catholics and apocryphal by Protestants. Dispute over the canonicity of these books has its source in the Latin Bible, which found its official form in the Vulgate , the work of St. Jerome; this largely agreed with the list of books of the Septuagint, and the list and order of the Vulgate was the canon accepted by the Western Church of the Middle Ages.

These references are important because they show old texts that were edited and revised and then put in the KJB, which was then edited four more times. The Greek form was later improved and altered to include the books of the Apocrypha and some of the Pseudepigrapha. It was the version used by Hellenistic Jews and the Greek-speaking Christians, including St. Paul; it is still used in the Greek Church. The Septuagint is of importance to critics because it is translated from texts now lost. No copy of the original translation exists; textual difficulties abound. The symbol for the Septuagint is LXX.

In 1566 the collection was deemed "deutero-canonical" by the Roman Catholic Church, meaning that their canonicity was recognized only after a period of time. Protestants follow Jewish tradition in regarding all these books as non-canonical. Jewish and Christian works resembling biblical books, but not included among the Apocrypha, are collected in the Pseudepigrapha. The term Apocrypha is sometimes applied to early Christian writings that were once considered canonical by some but are not in the New Testament.

The Pseudepigrapha [Gr.,=things falsely ascribed according to the church ] , a collection of early Jewish and some Jewish-Christian writings composed between 200 B.C. and A.D. 200, and not found in the Bible or rabbinic writings. Adam and Eve, [Life of], early Jewish work included in the collection known as the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha. It was probably written in Hebrew between 100 B.C. and A.D. 100. Based on the Old Testament story, it supplements the original. It has been interpreted to teach that Eve was the source of Adam's sin and that she was responsible for the 'Fall'.
We found this not to be true. The Nag Hammidi Texts tell a different story and this matches the words and story in the Enuma Elish clay tablets which are 5000 years old. The female is the giver of Life

This predilection for applying and expanding scripture manifests in early Judaism that adaptability which is the hallmark of a living religion. In this regard the New Testament shares the same attitude as the Hebrew Bible, the writers taking biblical traditions, exegeting them, and reapplying them in light of their experience of Jesus. Messianic expectation is ambiguous; there is no agreed agenda and no universal expectation of a Messiah. Nevertheless, the expectation of two Messiahs : one of Aaron, who takes precedence, and one of David : are noted in the Pseudepigrapha. Psalms of Solomon 17 is one of the clearest statements before the life of Jesus concerning the coming Messiah.

Many of the existing "Christian" churches, the Roman Emperor Constantine legitimized had been earlier infiltrated by spies under Nero, and had become corrupt. Over the years, these counterfeit churches, under Constantine's guide, eventually evolved into Roman Catholicism.
Constantine ordered Eusebius, the Bishop of Caesarea, to have fifty Bibles assembled. Eusebius admired Plato, defended Origen and Valesius and was trained in the school of Pamphilus. It has been supposed by some that Eusebius denied the faith during the terrible persecution, or that he committed some other questionable and compromising act of concession, and thus escaped martyrdom. False Christians had assembled the corrupted word (New Testament) of God in Antioch, Syria.

Eusebius chose the correct Alexandrian texts from Egypt, which they contend had been translated by the Gnostic scholar Origen. These were not allowed to be used. We see the Testimonies of the Ancients Against Eusebius Which states, "For ye also know, as we have said before, that they are our enemies, and ye know why Eusebius of Caesarea has become our enemy since last year." This controversy revolves around the Decrees of the Council of Nicaea which had voted that Jesus was God, in saying that 'the Son did not exist before that he was begotten,' they also deny that he existed before Mary." Jerome, in his Epistle to Ctesiphon against the Pelagians says that Origen and Eusebius of Caesarea were indeed very learned men, but went astray in the truth of their opinions."

The Seventh Oecumenical Council concluded; "from time to time, on account of circumstances or from different causes, he has become confused or has changed around, sometimes praising those who hold to the doctrines of Arius, and at other times reigning the truth, he shows himself to be, according to James the brother of our Lord, a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways; and let him not think that he shall receive anything of the Lord."
The new Bibles claiming Jesus was God were the core of the foundation of the Roman Catholic church. The Vatican later created the Latin Vulgate from the original fifty, and all other versions were outlawed. The Alexandrian texts were burned.

What was edited from the text and what Augustine did to the hebrew scriptures..Jeremiah stated that God did not tell those people to bring sacrifices and offerings when they came out of Egypt, but that rather these sacrificing and blood atonement laws were forged by the Levite priests of the Jerusalem temple. (See the full quotation in the link). This doctrine of Christ as a Levite animal sacrifice did not orginate with the prophets of Israel or with the gospels, but rather with theologians of the church, like Augustine. This doctrine is not mentioned in the gospels. There is at least one tradition that all four gospels we presently possess agree upon and that is that Christ was crucified to preserve a system of religious dogmatism and his chief persecutors, those who relentlessly pursued him to his death, his prosecutors, his accusers, and his those who were determined to crucify Christ, were the highest religious authorities of his day.

Augustine set the stage for the future witch hunts and crusades of the church, by demanding the death penalty be imposed on those who questioned church dogmas. After all, what church would ever be fully equipped without sacraments and rosaries and the ever present, and required, hammer and a box of nails. But Jesus said," But, behold, the false pen of the scribes has made it into a lie." As the gospels themselves stated, God hid the truth about the crucifixion from the wise and the clever and revealed it all to those who were as simple as little children, and that excluded Augustine.

Corruption at it's finest!

The Murder of John Paul I

[This is an edited version of a piece appearing in Apokalypso. The information contained in the original article is very well documented.]

To understand the forces at work in the sudden death of Pope John Paul I in 1978, we should first back up a bit in time to the 19th Century, when the Church was stripped of its sovereign power in the Papal States by the Italian national revolution. As a result, after 1870 the Pope became the pathetic "Prisoner of the Vatican." Perhaps to compensate for the loss of his earthly kingdom, Pope Pius IX (1846-1878) convoked Vatican Council I with the purpose of promulgating the doctrine of papal infallibility.

For his role in delivering the Italian nation into the bloody hands of Mussolini, Pope Pius XI (1922-1939) received the equivalent of $80 million ($500 million in today's dollars) and restoration of the papacy's temporal sovereignty in Vatican City under the terms of the Lateran Treaty of 1929. Pius and his successors would exploit this treaty to create a Vatican Bank, effectively beyond the reach of any regulation by secular authorities, thus uniquely suited to the work of tax evasion and money laundering.

The Murder of Pope John 1

It has been reported that John Paul was also considering the release of the famous "Third Secret of Fatima," which was supposed to have been given to the public in 1960. When Pope John Paul I retired to his bedroom on the evening of September 28, clutching the paperwork that would expose the Vatican's financial dealings with the Mafia and purge the Curia of those responsible, a number of very ruthless individuals had a great interest in seeing to it that he would never awaken to issue these directives.

When the Pope's housekeeper knocked at his door at 4:30 a.m., she heard no response. Leaving a cup of coffee, she returned fifteen minutes later to find the Pope still not stirring. She entered the bed chamber and gasped when she saw the Pope propped up in bed, still holding papers from the night before, his face contorted in a grimace. On the night table beside him lay an opened bottle of Effortil, a medication for his low blood pressure. The housekeeper immediately notified Cardinal Villot, whose first response to the news was to summon the papal morticians even before verifying the death himself or calling the Vatican physician to examine the body. Villot arrived in the Pope's room at 5:00 a.m. and gathered the crucial papers, the Effortil bottle, and several personal items which were soiled with vomit. None of these articles were ever seen again.

From "The Third Secret" Page; 'After some hesitation,' His Holiness said: 'We shall wait. I shall pray. I shall let you know what I decide.' In fact Pope John XXIII decided to return the sealed envelope to the Holy Office and not to reveal the third part of the 'secret.' Paul VI read the contents with the Substitute, Archbishop Angelo Dell'Acqua, on March 27, 1965 and returned the envelope to the Archives of the Holy Office, deciding not to publish the text. John Paul II, for his part, asked for the envelope containing the third part of the 'secret' following the assassination attempt on May 13, 1981," and this was given to Archbishop Eduardo Martinez Somalo, Substitute of the Secretariat of State, on July 18 of the same year. On August 11 it was returned to the Archives of the Holy Office.

Keep in mind that the text of CARDINAL RATZINGER dated JUN 26, 2000 was mostly a cover-up to what Pope John Paul was about to expose. You will notice this is a long and ranting explaination of mostly NOTHING! Cardinal Ratzinger also highlights that "prophecy in the biblical sense does not mean to predict the future but to explain the will of God for the present, and therefore show the right path to take for the future."
Only Catholics, according to them, have conversations with God, so they have the exclusive right to convey the 'message'.

On November 15, 1966, before communism fell in Russia - Pope Paul VI abrogated articles 1399 and 2318 of the code of Canon Law, which prohibited the publication of books and pamphlets which propagate without authorization new apparitions, revelations, or prophecies still not approved by the Church. And this abrogation is now in the new code. So that since 1966 anyone can publish and spread among the Christian people the most fantastic revelations. Any deception, and devilry, nothing is prohibited anymore. Everything is authorized to be published and the `prince of lies' skillfully takes advantage of this license by multiplying throughout the world, false apparitions and fraudulent messages, which spread freely everywhere and lead astray countless members of the faithful. Only that Message, the Secret of Fatima which is most certainly and most unquestionably from God, is the only Message which is scandalously prohibited from being published.

This whole episode was an attempt to convert Russia! Because this follows the publishing of the Secrets....

14; The main supernatural means by which world peace will be brought about are the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Pope and all the bishops of the world, and the Communions of Reparation on the First Saturdays (see Appendix), as requested by Our Lady on December 10, 1925 and June 13, 1929.

15; The bishop could make such a strong statement because it is a 'dogma' of the Catholic Church that: in order to be saved from the eternal fires of Hell each Catholic must not lose his Faith. Obviously, physical annihilation is not as bad an evil as the loss of souls in Hell for all eternity. That is why this chastisement proclaimed in the Third Secret is worse than war and death.

The 'INVENTION" of Fatima was also a Catholic plot to convert Muslims to the Christian faith. Fatima was excepted and was susposed to be the same as the Virgin Mary but the rest of the ruse didn't work. We discuss this more on Forbidden Forward.

Under the totalitarian doctrine laid down by Vatican Council I, any deviation from the Pope's moral teaching was by definition "error." Sacrificing his own health in the process, John XXIII struggled to pull together the reformist Vatican Council II in the face of fierce opposition by conservatives, who feared that any relaxation of Papal absolutism would undermine the entire Vatican edifice. To some degree, the conservatives proved right, for the free thought which Vatican Council II had encouraged did not stop with the Council's largely symbolic reforms of the Catholic liturgy, but proceeded on to challenge the worldly power and wealth which the modern Church had erected.

After the death of John XXIII in 1963, the deadlock between conservatives and reformers in the College of Cardinals resulted in the election of a vacillating Pope Paul VI, who would agonize over the question of the morality of artificial birth control. During this time, Paul would be subjected to immense pressure from the old guard in the Curia, who were already battling to turn back the liberalizing tide of Vatican Council II.

When the conclave assembled in the wake of Paul's death, it was deeply divided between those who sought to move forward with the democratic agenda of Vatican Council II and those who yearned for a reversion to the rigid dogma before Pope John XXIII. Cardinal Albino Luciani's simple, self-effacing demeanor, gave him appeal to the conservative Curia as a perfect compromise candidate, whom they could effectively control.

Once elected, however, the new Pope began to display the brilliant mind and charisma that had been concealed behind his former reticent reserve. Not awed in the least by his exalted station, John Paul I immediately threw himself into an all-out effort to revolutionize the Papacy, to return it to its spiritual origins. At his coronation, he refused to be carried on the papal sedan and to wear the jewel-encrusted tiara. He refused to follow the scripts prepared for him by the Curia at his audiences and press conferences. Totally exasperated by the new Pontiff's unexpected independence, the Curia actually began to censor the Pope's remarks from the Vatican's daily newspaper, particularly when he began to express his positive views on contraception.

While Albino Luciani proved to be an irritant to the Curia in many ways, he made himself its absolute nemesis when he delved into the Vatican Bank's dealings, which dated back to the reign of his predecessor. In 1968, Pope Paul VI had taken into his confidence a Sicilian financier named Michele Sindona.

Sindona's spectacular rise from veritable rags to control of a vast international banking empire was partially due to the support of his patrons in the Mafia and in P2, a secret society controlled by Lucio Gelli. Gelli had assembled a network of right-wing military and political figures. Relying on bribery, extortion, and, when necessary, assassination and terrorism to expand his web of power, Gelli financed his empire through the systematic plunder of a growing string of banks acquired by his associate Roberto Calvi. With the help of Gelli and Calvi, Sindona gained control of a group of some of the oldest and most prestigious financial institutions in Italy and Switzerland, including several in which the Vatican held an interest.

Paul VI had turned to Sindona for financial advice in 1968 when the government abolished the Vatican's tax exemption for income from Italian investments. Fearing embarrassment at the public disclosure of the enormity of its financial portfolio , the Vatican opted to divest most of its domestic assets. Sindona offered an attractive price; his patrons in the Gambino family would exchange the "dirty" proceeds of their heroin trade for "clean" assets. Of course, the Holy See was not expected to deal directly with the Mafia, whose blood money they would receive; instead, a shell corporation was set up for the single task of acting as the conduit for the Gambino money.

With his bright intelligence and naive fearlessness, John Paul I penetrated to the heart of this maze of corruption within weeks of his coronation. On the evening of September 28, 1978, he called Cardinal Villot, the leader of the powerful Curia, to his private study to discuss certain changes that the Pope proposed to make public the next day. [It has been reported that John Paul was also considering the release of the famous "Third Secret of Fatima," which was supposed to have been given to the public in 1960.] Among those whose "resignations" would be accepted by the Pontiff the following day were the head of the Vatican Bank, and several members of the Curia who were implicated in the activities of Sindona and P2, and Villot himself. Moreover, Villot was told that John Paul I would also announce plans for a meeting on October 24 with an American delegation to discuss a reconsideration of the Church's position on birth control.

Although the Vatican claimed that its house physician had determined myocardial infarction as the cause of death, to this day no death certificate for Pope John Paul I has been made public. Although Italian law requires a waiting period of at least 24 hours before a body may be embalmed, Cardinal Villot had the body of Albino Luciani prepared for within 12 hours of his death. Although the Vatican refused to allow an autopsy on the basis of an alleged prohibition against it in canon law, the Italian press verified that an autopsy had in fact been performed on one of the Pope's predecessors, Pius VIII. Although the conventional procedure for embalming a body requires that the blood first be drained and certain internal organs removed, neither blood nor tissue was removed from the corpse; hence, none was available to assay for the presence of poison.

Nostradamus' Predictions of the Murder of John Paul I

I've chosen these excerpts from Nostradamus: The New Revelations by John Hogue due to his excellent time line of events, which follows the quatrains. See Hogue's book for much more information on the prophecies.

Century 3, Quatrain 65
When the sepulchre of the great Roman is found,
The day after a Pope shall be elected:
The Senate (Conclave) will not approve of him.
His blood is poisoned in the sacred chalice. The one elected Pope will be mocked by his electors, This enterprising and prudent person will suddenly be reduced in silence, They cause him to die because of his too great goodness and mildness, Stricken by fear, they will lead him to his death in the night.

He who will have the government of the great cape Will be led to execute in certain cases. The twelve red ones will spoil the cover. Under murder, murder will come to be perpetrated.

Early September 1978: Pope John Paul I asks his secretary of state, Cardinal Jean Villot, to initiate an investigation into Vatican bank operations. He also agrees to meet with a US congressional delegation on the subject of population and artificial birth control.
More exerpts and murder from Nostradamus on Pope John Paul I

How the Church took Control

The Writings of Tertullian: Our earliest extensively preserved Latin Christian author [140-230], who aligned himself around 207 with the "Montanist" Christian movement that was considered "heretical" by the representatives of emerging mainstream Christianity.

1st Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians [ca 96]: A formal letter written on behalf of the Roman Christian community urging Christians who had been rebelling against church authority to be submissive and obedient. Tradition attributes it to Clement, allegedly one of the first bishops of Rome.

The Shepherd of Hermas [ca. 150]: Written by Hermas, who is believed to be brother of Pius, the Bishop of Rome. The Shepherd of Hermas is an apocalyptic document (in the sense that it claims to be revealed), modelled after the Book of Revelation. It deals with practical matters of church purity and discipline in second century Rome.

2nd Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians [ca 150]: Sermon thought not to be the writing of Clement himself. Advocates sound view of Christ, the resurrection, and holiness unto God. Enter into battle against the ways of this world, work out salvation through strength in Christ.

Epistle of Barnabas 130]: This letter, probably not authored by the NT Barnabas, repudiates the claims of Jewish Christians at the time who advocated adhering to observance of the Mosiac Law. Argued that Christ provided salvation and man is no longer bound by the Law. Compares holy life to unrighteousness.

The Writings of Ignatius: Bishop of Antioch in Syria [ca 1-2 century] martyred in Rome by beasts (ca 105-116). On his way to Rome, he visits and then writes to various churches, warning and exhorting them. He also writes ahead to Rome, and writes to Polycarp, bishop of Smyrna. Warned the church against heresies that threatened peace and unity, opposed Gnosticism and Docetism. In the Epistle to Smyrna, insisted Christ came in the flesh not just in spirit.

The Epistle of Mathetes (Believer/Disciple) to Diognetus This Apologetic treatise? written perhaps ca 200, presents a rational defense of Christianity and shows the folly of idolatry. The document also discusses Christian influence in the world.

John, according to Josephus, was at one time an Essene and his account accords closely with the Qumran Manual of Discipline. The gospel attributed to John derives from the same oral tradition as the Synoptics, but it shows strong connections with the Pauline epistles as well as with the Jewish apocalyptic tradition. It is much more a mystical treatise than a biographical narrative...from the pages of THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ST. JOHN
John would have not aligned with Paul. Did someone rewrite this also?

The writer of 1 John, in his declaration (4:1f) that the Son of God has come in the flesh, draws on no apostolic tradition, on no historical record, but must claim validity for his own Spirit, as opposed to the Satan-inspired false Spirit of the dissidents. In chapter 5, he declares that it is God's testimony through the Spirit which produces faith in the Son, not several decades of Christian preaching going back to Jesus himself. How could this writer in the community of John, which later produced the Fourth Gospel, say (5:11) that it is God who has revealed eternal life, and ignore all those memorable sayings of Jesus like "I am the resurrection and the life" which that Gospel so richly records?

The agency of all recent activity seems to be God, not Jesus. Paul speaks of "the gospel of God", "God's message". It is God appealing and calling to the Christian believer. 2 Corinthians 5:18 tells us that "from first to last this has been the work of God" (New English Bible translation). In Romans 1:19 the void is startling. Paul declares: "All that may be known of God by men...God himself has disclosed to them." Did Jesus not disclose God?, were God's attributes not visible in Jesus? How could any Christian—as so many do—express himself in this fashion?

No first century epistle, even when discussing Christian baptism, ever mentions either Jesus's own baptism or the figure of John the Baptist. 1 Clement 17:1 speaks of those who heralded the Messiah's coming, but includes only Elijah, Elisha and Ezekiel. The arch-betrayer Judas never appears, not even in a passage like Hebrews 12:15 where the author, in cautioning against the poisonous member in the community's midst, offers the figure of Esau as an example, who "sold his inheritance for a single meal." Surely selling the Son of God for thirty pieces of silver would have been a far more dramatic comparison! Some now believe that Judas did not betray Jesus, that this was planned so Jesus would become a martyr in the eyes of the people.

In all the Christian writers of the first century, in all the devotion they display about Christ and the new faith, not one of them ever expresses the slightest desire to see the birthplace of Jesus, to visit Nazareth his home town, the sites of his preaching, the upper room where he held his Last Supper, the tomb: where he was buried and rose from the dead. These places are never mentioned! Most of all, there is not a hint of pilgrimage to Calvary itself, where humanity's salvation was consummated. How could such a place not have been turned into a shrine?

Even Paul, this man so emotional, so full of insecurities, who declares (Phil. 3:10) that "all I care for is to know Christ, to experience the power of his resurrection, to share in his sufferings," even he seems immune to the lure of such places. Three years were to pass following his conversion before he made even a short visit to Jerusalem. And this—so he tells us in Galatians—merely to "get to know" Peter; and he was not to return there for another 14 years...from
THE JESUS PUZZLE, by Earl Doherty Why didn't Paul who so susposedly loved Jesus, go to Jerusalem sooner? Why didn't he care to visit the places where Jesus preached or was cruisified?

A contradiction; "There was a 'son of God' however there never was anyone actually called 'Jesus Christ' - nor was there anyone called "Yeheshuha ben Joseph". This translation of "Jesus Christ" is not a man, it (note "it" - not "he") is a Greek geometrical formula".
"Jesus' is a term describing the leader of the community or it's Governor. James was also called 'Jesus' and several other leaders after Jesus' so-called death were called 'Jesus'"...see The death of the disciples

"His name might have been Youdah ben Chlopas, allegedly from Kerioth or he was Jesus ben Levi, son of the Priest. Josephus did write about this Jesus in that he was executed for causing an insurrection". Is this our real Jesus? "We know The "Christ" is not human, it is not a man.
There is a word in Hebrew which goes Yod He Shin Vau He and is sometimes pronounced "Yeheshuha"".
This is allegedly where the name Jesus (or Joshua, or Jesse) comes from and is probably a traditional title bestowed upon the High Priest / Governor. We have already proven this to be true when we see passages that refer to James as 'Jesus'. see .. The stoning of James

"("King"?) of the Jews - in other words, their "Pope". In English it is spelled IHShVH - which is IHVH(Sh) - Jehova (Sh...) - and thus Jehovah and Jesus are the same. Since IHVH is usually pronounced "Yah-Veh" and not "Yah-He-Veh-He", why gild the lily with IHShVH? Thus, Jesus is the 'Word' of God. There's nothing exotic about that. Where the original IHShVH comes from is quite remarkable. And very exotic".

"Our understanding of Saul of Tarsus is that he married "Jesus'" daughter, Sarah. Sarah and had a son (called Jesus!). The "lies" Paul put together were to preserve information that put her father ( Jesus ) into the greatest danger by his trying to use this old information to start the Jewish War of Restoration which was smouldering away from the time of the Maccabees". If this is true, we have uncovered a huge forgery that is 2000 years old.

Is there a Jewish consensus on how Jews are to regard Jesus? Perhaps not, but in recent decades many Jewish scholars have tended to view him as one of several first- and second-century Jews who claimed to be the Messiah, and who attempted to rid Judea of its Roman oppressors. However, almost no Jewish scholars believe that Jesus intended to start a new religion. Were Jesus to return today, most Jews believe, he undoubtedly would feel more at home in a synagogue than a church. An increasing number of Jewish scholars believe that Christianity's real founder was another first-century Roman convert , Paul.

Most statements attributed to Jesus in the New Testament conform to Christian teachings. This is, of course, not surprising, but since Jesus generally practiced Pharisaic (rabbinic) Judaism we know what is printed may not be authentic.
At least three innovative teachings ascribed to Jesus diametrically oppose Christian teachings.

1. Jesus forgives all sins: "The Son of man has the authority on earth to forgive sins" (Matthew 9:6).
Judaism believes that God Himself only forgives those sins committed against Him. As the Mishna teaches: "Yom Kippur [the Day of Atonement] atones for sins against God, not for sins against man, unless the injured party has been appeased" (Yoma 8:9).
The belief that Jesus can forgive all sins is fraught with moral peril. Some fifteen hundred years after he lived, Protestant reformer Martin Luther, writing in the spirit of Jesus' statement, taught: "Be a sinner and sin vigorously; but even more vigorously believe and delight in Christ who is victor over sin, death and the world"....

2. Jesus' attitude toward evil people: "Offer the wicked man no resistance." The Torah commands that one offer the wicked man powerful resistance:
"You shall burn the evil out from your midst" (Deuteronomy 17:7). Elsewhere, the Torah approvingly records Moses' killing of a brutal Egyptian overseer who was beating a Jewish slave. So "loving your enemy" and "turning the other cheek" might not be what Jesus had in mind at all.

America's survival in the Second World War came about only because almost all American Christians rejected Jesus' advice to "resist not evil." Judaism, likewise, does not demand that one love one's enemies. Jews are not commanded, for example, to love Nazis, as the statement in Matthew demands.

3. Jesus' claim that people can come to God only through him: "No one knows the Father except the Son, and anyone to whom the Son chooses to reveal Him"
(Matthew 11:27). The implication of this statement-and the continuing belief of many fundamentalist Protestants is that only one who believes in Jesus can come to God. Judaism holds that anyone can come to God; as the Psalmist teaches: "God is near to all who call unto Him" (Psalms 145:18).

These facts leave the Dead Sea Scrolls being the Oldest original and complete biblically related documents presently known.
More pressure needs to be asserted on Israeli and [ again ] Christian authorities to release the remainder of these documents to the public. Our information says, the Scholars in charge are all Catholic and they have been holding some scrolls from publication for 35 years. Their rule of thumb is: "The primary responsibility of every biblical scholar is to ferret out from the Old Testament susposed anticipations of accepted Christian doctrine. Viewed any other way, the Old Testament presumably has scant value and relevance. This is a curious defination of 'dispassoniate scholarship'.
There are five Catholic priests in charge of the scrolls and no one else is allowed to see them. This means they are hiding something.

Father Skehan, who is in charge of the scrolls said this; "Utimately, the biblical scholor's work should be guided and determined by Church doctrine and be subject to the sovern right of Holy Mother Church to witness definitavely what is in fact concordant with the teaching she has received from Christ."
The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception
Another words, You are never going to see what they are hiding because it will destroy the doctrine and them.

"VATICAN CITY (Reuters) September 1, 1999 - Pope John Paul said Wednesday the Catholic Church would start a new page of its history in 2000 by publicly seeking forgiveness for the errors, injustices and human rights offences it committed in the past.
"One of the first steps of John Paul's papacy, which began in 1978, was to begin procedures leading to the rehabilitation in 1992 of Galileo, the Italian astronomer persecuted by the Church for teaching that the Earth revolved around the sun.
"The Inquisition condemned Galileo in 1633 because his teachings clashed with the Bible, which read: 'God fixed the earth upon its foundation, not to be moved forever'. Galileo was rehabilitated after 359 years." This isn't enough. We need all of it to be revealed!

What is a Heretic?

Any baptized person who … obstinately denies or doubts any of the truths proposed for belief by divine and Catholic faith, is a heretic."
see..Pope John Paul II is a heretic
Here is what the Pope, John Paul II says, now...
All men are saved. LOR, 05/06/1980
All men have the right of religious liberty. CCC: 2106,10/11/1992
Heretics can be Christian martyrs outside the Church. UUS:84, 05/25/1995
Love is when we join in prayer with heretics. UUS:21, 05/25/1995
Heretics are not our enemies, but our brothers.UUS:42, 05/25/1995
Sanctification and truth can be found in heretical sects. CCC:819, 10/11/1992
The Catholic Church is joined to heretics.CCC:838, 10/11/1992
Muslims worship the One True God. CH:141, 1994,
Liberty of conscience is a right of man. LOR, 09/01/1980
Masons are sons of God the Father. LOR, 05/22/1984
,Heretics have the Apostolic Faith. US:62, 05/25/1995
John Paul II prayed with Jews: "our dearest brothers." LOR, 04/13/1986,
The New World Order is holy unity. PA:39, 1987
Jews are our elder brothers in the faith. CH:99, 1994
Heretics are our brothers in Christ. LOR, 09/16/1980
Buddhism is a great religion. PM:147, 06/17/1984
The Catholic Church has sinned against unity. UUS:34, 05/25/1995
The Catholic Church is joined to heretics. CCC:838, 10/11/1992
The Catholic Church has a bond with false religions. CCC:842, 10/11/1992
The plan of salvation includes the Muslims. CCC:841, 10/11/1992
Salvation is not only for those who are explicitly in the Church. Rmi:10, 12/07/1990
A communion of faith exists between heretics and Catholics. UUS:75, 05/25/1995
The Catholic Church respects the Islamic spirutial tradition. PP:2443, 08/19/1985
Has this Pope seen 'the light'?

Beware of Blessing from the Pope...They have proven deadly.

On July 2nd, 1963 President John Kennedy was received and blessed by Pope Paul VI. He was assinated, murdered in Texas in November of that same year.

Pope Pius IX sent the Golden Rose (“blessings”) to the King of the Two Sicilies, and in less than a year, he lost his crown and kingdom.

The same Pope sent his blessings to the Austrian Kaiser, and in less than a year, he Io~t Venetia and suffered defeat at Sadowa.

The same Pope sent the Golden Rose (“blessings”) to Queen Isabella of Spain, and in a short time, she lost her crown and died in exile.

He sent his Golden Rose (“blessings”) to the Empress Eugenie of France, and in less than a year, the Emperor and Empress lost their crowns, and both died later in exile, and their only son was killed by Zulus in Africa.

The Crown Princess of Brazil was blessed by the Pope, with the result that her baby was born deformed, and she died in exile.

The Pope blessed the Emperor of Mexico, Maximilian. He was dethroned and killed by his people.

The Pope blessed the Emperor’s widow. She became a hopeless maniac and died in exile.

The Pope blessed a steamer filled with nuns enroute to South America in 1870. It never reached its destination, every soul perishing.

The Pope blessed General Boulanger and in less than two weeks he was in exile, later committing suicide.

Mrs. Sherman, wife of the American General Sherman, received the Golden Rose (“blessing” from the Pope). It proved fatal, and she died soon after.

In 1895, the Archbishop of Damascus, at Vittoria, gave the Pope’s blessings to the Spanish troops and fleet, with the result, Spain lost two fleets and two armies.

In 1897, the papal nuncio blessed the grand “Charity” bazaar in Paris. Within five minutes, it was in flames and nearly 150 of the aristocracy perished, including the sister of the Empress of Austria.

The poor Empress of Austria received the Golden Rose (the “blessing” from the Pope). It was her death knell. She was murdered in Switzerland, her only son committing suicide previously and her nephew losing his throne subsequently, while Austria has ceased to exist as an Empire.

King Edward VII of Britain visited the Pope and received, as a mark of favor, a signed photograph of Pope Leo XIII. At once came news of a reverse to British troops in Somaliland, and the king’s health began to fail and was never restored.

The Pope blessed Lord Denbigh, the special envoy of the British Sovereign. That very day, disaster befell the British Army in South Africa-Lord Methuen being severely wounded, and the papists in Parliament cheered the news.

Princess Ena of Battenberg received the Pope’s blessing on her perversion and marriage, 1923. Within a fortnight, she narrowly escaped death at the hands of a Romish anarchist, some thirteen hapless victims succumbing, and eighty others being wounded. Her wedding garments were spattered with blood. One, at least, of her Sons was afflicted bodily.

May 29th, 1923, the Pope gave the Golden Rose (his “blessing”) to the Queen of Spain (Princess Ena of Battenberg). In May 1931, she, with her husband, King Alfonso XIII, lost their throne and fled Spain.

The Pope blessed Queen Natalie of Servia on her perversion in 1906. She ended her days as a fugitive in exile, her only son, the king, being murdered.

The Queen of Portugal, one of the Orleans, was blessed by the Pope. Her husband, the king, and her eldest son were murdered beside her in a carriage, and she and her surviving son escaped as exiles to England, throneless. Portugal has been a republic ever since.

In 1912, the Pope blessed the Titanic, and it sank on the maiden voyage.

In 1914, a rich English land owner, Dyer Edwards, turned papist. In 1916, he went to Rome, was “blessed” by the Pope, and in four days was dead.

In 1928, the Pope blessed the Italia airship and gave a cross to place on the North Pole. The result was fatal. The airship foundered and broke in two-half its crew being lost whilst General Nobile was severely injured and was later censured by an Italian committee. It was the greatest fiasco of that time..

After Mussolini had murdered the people of Abyssinia and sacked their country, the Pope blessed the Italians as “a great and good people.” Mussolini came to an inglorious end and was hung upside down and his body mutilated..

In 1964, Pope Paul presented the Golden Rose (his “blessing”) to Bethlehem. In 1967, Israel’s enemy, the Antichrist, the Vatican in Rome, blasted the Holy City of Jerusalem, treading down Bethlehem..

One of the classic examples of the Pope’s blessings boomeranging is that of Pakistan and India. A few years ago, the Pope visited these two unfortunate countries, and while it is true, famine and flood are no strangers to these two countries, the fact remains that no disaster in living memory was so intense and destructive as the floods which struck those countries in the year of 1970, unless it be the present cholera epidemic..

One could go on and on enumerating cases as above, but there is enough listed to prove that they are not coincidental. Now, what of the CURSES of the Popes? Yes!, they run in reverse, as the following one or two examples will demonstrate.

Pope Pius IX cursed King Victor Emmanuel, the liberator of Italy, and also the Italian Government that made Italy free and Rome its capital. The result has been the rise of Italy to the status of a modern civilized nation, and only suffered a set­back when the Pope blessed Mussolini and his troops.

Garibakli was excommunicated by the Pope for all his patriotic endeavors, espe­cially the overthrow of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. He became Italy’s hero, whose name was, and is, everywhere revered, and to whom noble monuments were erected.

The Papal curses, which the Popes leveled against Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth, Sir Francis Drake and his merry men, brought untold blessings on England, while at the same time, Ireland was blessed by the “Man of Sin” and is even today suffering the consequences.

It should go without saying, that everyone who values their lives and souls should shun the Vatican and the Pope like poison and have no communication or business with Rome.

Did the Pope have something to do with the 2004 tsnuanmi? Tsnuanmi

Religious leaders caught in comprising situations - Law suits

Catholic Churches settle law suits in 3 states Four years after the Catholic abuse scandal became part of the national conversation, a priest and two former priests have teamed up on a new book detailing what they say is a trail of violations and denial going back for centuries.

“Sex, Priests, and Secret Codes,” argues that the sexual abuse of minors “has been denied and hidden by bishops and popes who have consistently acted in a conspiratorial manner to prevent instances of abuse from becoming publicly known, especially to law enforcement authorities.” San Diego

LOS ANGELES (AP)- Cardinal Roger Mahony, leader of the nation's largest Roman Catholic archdiocese, apologized Sunday to the hundreds of people who will get a share of a $660 million settlement..
In the past five years, the Archdiocese of Miami, which encompasses Broward County, has settled more than 40 sex-abuse suits for millions of dollars. In June, it settled civil cases for an undisclosed amount with two men who accused a retired Margate priest, the Rev. Neil Doherty, of sexually abusing them when they were boys. Last year, the archdiocese agreed to pay $750,000 to settle six separate sexual abuse cases, including two involving Doherty. .see Florida

Nov. 3rd 2006, DENVER — The president of the National Assn. of Evangelicals resigned Thursday after his Colorado Springs, Colo., mega-church opened an investigation into allegations that he had repeatedly paid for sex with a male prostitute.

The Rev. Ted Haggard, who regularly consulted with the White House on policy matters, told a Denver television station that he "never had a gay relationship with anybody" and had been faithful to his wife of 28 years.

Then he admits it is all true.. USA Today

Folks Mr. Haggard is not only a lier but a thief and a hypocrit. How much longer are we as a nation of moral people going to tolerate this? And he isn't the only one who's been caught in a immoral relationship. How many catholic Bishops and priests are hiding behind the church who are child molesters? A much tougher line needs to be introduced in each States Congress to punish these perverts. Church leaders should not be exempt from the harshest punishment available for anyone who rapes and molests childern. see Haggard

Jerry Falwell's Death...I won't miss having to apologize for the insensitive, mean-spirited, sometimes downright hateful things the Rev. Falwell said in the name of Christ. I won't miss having to explain that not all evangelicals are like the Rev. Falwell, that not all of us are that self-righteous, judgmental and holier than thou.

I will not miss seeing him on CNN, pontificating about what God's intention was in allowing and/or causing the latest natural disaster, massacre, plague, famine or terrorist attack.

The Rev. Falwell's absence from this realm will mean one less voice telling my gay and lesbian friends that they are somehow less loved by God, that AIDS is God's wrath, that they are to blame for calamities such as 9/11 or Katrina. I really won't miss the pain in my friends' eyes when they ask me how the Rev. Falwell and I could both be Christians but be so different from each other. Good Riddance!

A few words for the Non-Mason; Stay away from sites like ephesians 5-11 and, which are the first two sites in the google search engine if one asks for info on Hiram Abiff.
...Because these are the most incorrect deceiving words anywhere on the internet:
...and from "Many Masons falsely claim that Freemasonry is Christian in nature." ...NOT! Masonry is religious in nature but this does not connect it with any one religion in particular. The truth we expose connects Masonry with All religions except those that promote the murder of innocent humans. This site is run by X-Masons who never discovered the truth and weren't interested in finding it.

from freemasonrywatch; They claim, "This is a derogatory version of the life of Jesus." - "As part of that inculcation, a character named Hiram Abiff is portrayed as a Christ-like figure who is part of the salvation process." ....NOT! We contend that if you believe in salvation - that's your choice. But Salvation is not what we're about at all.

Christianity teaches that man as inherently sinful due to the 'original sin' committed by Adam and Eve in the Garden, that original sin having been transferred to all humanity through the generations. This is significant with regard to the figure of Jesus Christ because of Christianity's belief that it is precisely because of man's inherent inability to avoid sin on his own that the vicarious blood atonement for the sins of mankind by Jesus Christ in his death was needed as a means for man to be cleansed and saved from eternal damnation in hell and allowed to enter paradise after death. Gnostic Christians, however, believed that humans were not bound by such original sin as they were, in fact, at their very core- -at that spark--composed of the very substance of which God Himself was composed. As such, by struggling to achieve Gnosis, humans could attain their own salvation, thus the need for the vicarious blood atonement in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross was alleviated."
- Tomb of Jesus Christ

Freedom of speech does not include hate postings such as accusing Albert Pike of being a member of the Klu Klux Klan. There is absolutely no evidence of this anywhere. This webmaster is now saying that the illuminati, a group that has something to do with conspiricies ect., is connected to masons. There is no proof to back this up what-so-ever. This showed up on a forum; "the illuminati are those that have accomplished the 33 known degrees of freemasonry and are of the correct bloodline to be allowed into the highest ranks of GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD agenda." The freemasonrywatch webmaster has resorted to any lie he can make up to discredit masons.

Many malicious stories have been told against the Masons over the last couple of hundred years. 98% of these "Professional Anti-Masons" such as Pat Robertson (Whose father was a dedicated Mason) and Dr. James L. Holly, who are preaching the evils of Masonry have never been Masons and do not personally, know anything about the Masonic Lodge. The term, 'professional' means that they sell Anti-Masonic books and pamphlets for profit. What better motive could they have for condemning the Masonic Lodge then to increase the sales of their inflammatory written books and booklets, thereby increasing their profits. The only people in the world who know the truth are men who have worked their way through the degrees. This means these men swore 3 oaths to God with their right hand on the Bible that they would never reveal any thing learned in the lodge. ..more.. Malicious stories

Rex Deus The Hiram Key The+Messianic+Legacy Keeper of the Secrets The Templar Revelation

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