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  LODGE  #380  AF & AM

Schneider Rd & FM 1488 In Fields Store, Texas


Pleasant Hill Lodge #380,
C/O Otto Carl
12,115 Powderhorn
Pinehurst, TX 77362


Stated Meetings 12:00 Noon Third Saturday

Pleasant Hill Lodge History

Dispensation for The Pleasant Hill #380 was dated September 27, 1872. Early meetings were scheduled for the third Saturday of the month in Fields Store in Grimes County since Waller County hadn't been formed yet. The current building erected in 1911 was partially built from timbers from the original two story building. The old building had been used as the lodge upstairs and used by the church downstairs.

Pleasant Hill ( located in the Fields Store area ) was originally going to be named Patrick Lodge ( after a past master of another lodge ), after riding horseback for a couple of days the Brothers that were seeking a warrant from the Grand master, were asked by the G/M what name they intended to use the Brother answered Patrick Lodge after Brother So and So. The G/M had to remind the Brothers that a Lodge could not be named after a living person, They then and there formed a name change committee and decided on Pleasant Hill ( after the plantation of the same name that was owned by the Groce's )...

The Pleasant Hill Lodge #380 was chartered on September 27, 1872 when 9 Masons submitted a petition for the new lodge. The charter members were,

W.T.Cole G.N. Hargraves J.J. McConnell
Jas. W. Renfro John RenfroGeorge W. Lawrence
W.J. Wilson E.E. Wilson J.J. Wilson

OFFICERS 2010/2011

SENIOR WARDEN  Vernon Sanford Jr.
JUNIOR WARDEN  Wilford Gibson
TREASURER  Clark “Bud” Dumesnil
CHAPLIN  Don Price
SENIOR DEACON  Dallas Kirkpatrick
JUNIOR DEACON  Nicholas Coronis
TYLER  John Bell

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