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Over 240 Pages Of Masonic
Information, Articles And History

Hi, I'm "Corky". I was 64 years old in December of 1992 when I was raised to the Sublime Degree Of Master Mason, Worshipful Master at 77 and now at 83 working hard to squeeze in what I missed during those years before 1992.

This is my own personal Masonic web site that I started about 10 years ago to help spread more Light In Masonry and maybe encourage a few good men to investigate further (Read "Dear Dad" in the New Mason's Section.).

I am currently a Past Master and Secretary of Waller Masonic Lodge #808 A.F. & A.M., where I'm a Small Town Texas Mason.

Matthew 7:7 "Ask, and it shall be given you; Seek and ye shall find; Knock, and it shall be opened unto you......."

Masonry and Masons In The News

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Masonic news in the headlines

Masonry For New Masons Or
Interested Non-Masons

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Learn the basic facts and get
acquainted with Freemasonry

Masonry In Waller County

Click Here To

Get a picture of Masonry
in Waller County, Texas

Eastern Star In Waller County Area

Click Here To

Discover The Eastern Star In The Waller County Area

Masonry In Texas

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Discover Masonry And Masons And
A Little History Of Masonic Texas

World Wide Masonry

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A Foreign Grand Lodge Directory
Grand Lodges Around The World

Masonry In General

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Discover many different
aspects of Masonry

True Masonry: True Stories"

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to go straight through.

"Fighting City Hall"

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to go straight through.

History Of Freemasonry

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Discover the many different
Theories Of Masonic Beginnings

Appendant Masonic Bodies

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Learn about The Organizations That
Require A Masonic Connection

Masons And Patriotism

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Masons Founded Free Education,
The United States And Most States

Masonry From Back Then

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Masonic Articles and Facts From
When Masonry was Young

Masonic Books
From Way Back Then

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Masonic stories and subjects
from way back then

Masonic Time Out

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Time to take a break for some Masonic Humor,
Good Clean Jokes (kinda) and Masonic Poetry

Masonic Web Masters
And Wantabes

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Build An Easy Shell Site - Building Tips - Hints and
Instructions - Masonic Graphics - Masonic Music

Free Masonics Graphics by
Brother Stephen A. McKim

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lots of Masonic information, try my other Masonic sites.

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Educational Masonic Site
Pietre-Stones Review of Freemasonry

Legal Disclaimer

This web site was created and dedicated to the education of new Masons and Non-Masons about Masonry and to increase everyones understanding of Freemasonry.

This site is not an official site of any recognized Masonic body in the United States or elsewhere. It is for informational purposes only and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinion of Freemasonry, nor the webmaster nor those of any other regular Masonic body other than those stated.

The content of the papers published are the responsibility of the authors.

The Books that are online are there according to the US Pre-1923 Public Domain Rule.

A very sincere effort has been made to avoid using any copyrighted material, without permission, in the creation of this web site. If you discover something that is yours without giving you due credit, please let me know and due credit will be given or the item will be replaced.

 No ę Copyright.
Free To Use.

All material   in this site   may be used
to  educate  everyone,   Masons  and
non-Masons alike about Freemasonry

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The Pine Island Webwright