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Non Masons - New Masons
This Section Is For You.

What Masonry is:
It is a voluntary association
  of men
It is a system of moral conduct
It is a way of life
It is a fraternal society
It is religious in its character
It teaches the Golden Rule
It seeks to make good men
  better men
It teaches morality through
It uses rites and ceremonies
  to instruct its members
It is based on a firm belief in
  the Fatherhood of God, The
  Brotherhood of Man, and
  the immortality of the Soul.
- From The Grand Lodge of Texas -
What Masonry is not: It does not solicit members
It is not an insurance or
   benefit society
It is neither a religion nor a
   creed nor a religious order
It is not a charity organization,
   but makes charity a duty
It is not organized for profit
It dictates to no man as to his
   beliefs, either religious or
It seeks no advantages for its
   member through business or
It is not a forum for discussion
   of religion, politics or other
   partisan affairs
It is not a secret society, as it
   does not conceal its existence
   or purposes

Christian Responses To Anti-Masons

Have You Been Waiting For An Invitation To
Join A Lodge.


Freemasonry Or Masonry
What Is It Really All About?

What is Freemasonry all about? What is the purpose? What do they do? What do they get out of it? If you want to get the real skinny on being a Mason


Click Here
For All Kind
Of Faqs About Masonry



  • A Sad Story, The Disruption Of A Community
  • Professional Anti-Masons
  • The Beginnings Of Modern Freemasonry
  • Nazis and Fascists And the Masonic Lodge
  • Famous Masons From All Walks Of Life
  • Consider This, Things To Ponder About Masonry

  • Dear Dad, A Personal Story Non Masons Please read this one

  • 2 b 1 ask 1

    TO  BE  ONE,  ASK  ONE. If you would like to know more about the Masonic Lodge, or if you think you would like to become a Mason, you will have to ask a Mason. No one is ever invited to become a Mason.

    Masonic Questions And Answers

    These questons and answers are from past and future issues of The Hempstead Masonic Lodge #749 A F and A M Newsletter. They were written for new Masons, Masonic wives and children, and Non-Masons. However, it wouldn't hurt any of us to read them again.

  • Why the Square?
  • Why do we use the term Worshipful Master?
  • Is Masonry anti-Christian?
  • Why is Freemasonry a secret organization?
  • No, Then Why the Secrecy in Masonry?
  • Is Freemasonry a cult?
  • Why Symbolism?
  • Why The Holy Saints John
  • Is Masonry "guilty" of teaching toleration?

  • There have been 14 United States Presidents who were
    Masons Prior To Or During Their Terms in Office.

    George Washington (Pres. 1789-1797) William McKinley (Pres. 1897-1901)
    James Monroe (Pres. 1817-1825) Theodore Roosevelt (Pres. 1901-1909)
    Andrew Jackson (Pres. 1829-1837) William H. Taft (Pres. 1909-1913)
    James K. Polk (Pres. 1845-1849) Warren G. Harding (Pres. 1921-1923)
    James Buchanan (Pres. 1857-1861) Franklin D. Roosevelt (Pres. 1933-1945)
    Andrew Johnson (Pres. 1865-1869) Harry S. Truman (Pres. 1945-1953)
    James A. Garfield (Pres. 1881) Gerald R. Ford (Pres. 1974-1977)

    Did you know that at times during the "War Between The States" brotherhood was more important then bloodshed.

    Masons from both sides sometime called a truce and stopped fighting long enough to join together and bury a fallen Masonic Brother???

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