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Interesting Facts


A Ceremony, unique in Free Masonry, took place on the night of November 30, 1904, in Hope Lodge No. 124, of East Orange. New Jersey. Worshipful Master John C. Cassidy raised four Fellow Craftsmen to the sublime degree of Master Mason, and all four were his own sons, viz: John Hugh, George Washington, Frederick Washington and Charles Lewis Cassidy. Brother Cassidy gave me a cordial invitation to be present on the interesting occasion, but I received a tip just before the eventful evening, that the crowd which was certain to be present would make it mighty hard for me to squeeze my generous proportions beyond the tyler. So I regret to say I lost the pleasure of witnessing a ceremony which I believe has no parallel in the history of the Order. I may add that the grandfather of the four Masons named was also a member of Hope Lodge No. 124.

P. S. Since writing the foregoing and while this work is going through the press, I received the following amusing item. I can only take off my hat and remain dumb:

Chicago, Nov.14, 1911. -- Masons of the State of Illinois made a gala affair of an event said to be unprecedented in the history of the Order, the initiation of seven brothers simultaneously into the degree of Master Mason. Members of the Order came from all parts of the State to participate. Delman D. Darrah of Bloomington, the new Grand Master of Illinois, and other prominent members were guests. The candidates were Charles, Albert, Morrison, Robert, James, Edward and John Ross. All of them are prosperous farmers, residing in the vicinity of Palmyra and Hettick and active in benevolent and civic affairs.



The minute book of Fredericksburg Lodge No.4, at Fredericksburg, Va., contains the following interesting entry:

Washington. initiated November 4th, 1752, passed March 3, raised August 4, 1753." He became a charter member of Alexandria-Washington Lodge No.22 of Alexandria, Va., April 28. 1788, and was afterward elected Master.



Mention was made in "Low 12" of James Bellows McGregor, of Mount Sunapee. N. H., who was believed to be the oldest Freemason in the world. He joined the Lodge in Salisbury, N. H. eighty-four years before his death, which took place March 23, 1909, when he had reached the wonderful age of one hundred and eight years. Upon his rounding out a century, his Lodge visited him in a body. He was never sick but once in his life. His father, Joel McGregor, was a Revolutionary soldier of five years' service. Mr. McGregor was born September 6, 1801, and taught school in his youth, then became a clerk, teaching singing at the same time.

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