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The material presented in the Masonic Education Course website does not disclose any of the esoteric portions of the ritual of the Grand Lodge. The contents of this website therefore may be discussed with, and read by, any person interested in acquiring knowledge about Freemasonry.

Masonic organizations are invited to download, reproduce, extract, copy or reprint the contents and pages of the Masonic Education Course.


      1. The Entered Apprentice Degree

      2. The Fellow Craft Degree

      3. The Master Mason Degree

The material herein is taken from 3 booklets jointly produced by The Institute for Masonic Studies andThe Committee on Masonic Education

THE INSTITUTE FOR MASONIC STUDIES collects, preserves, and disseminates Masonic information for use by members, candidates, and the general public; promotes Masonic scholarship by offering state-of-the-art research facilities and tools and providing qualified speakers on all aspects of Freemasonry; develops and distributes programs; houses and maintains the library and museum collections of the Grand Lodge."

THE COMMITTEE ON MASONIC EDUCATION develops programs and materials on the philosophy, customs, traditions and history of Freemasonry for use by Lodges, including materials for use by candidates, individual Masons and their families, as well as non-Masons."

Grand Lodge F. & A.M. of California

1111 California Street

San Francisco, CA 94108-2284

(415) 776-7000

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non-Masons alike about Freemasonry


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