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Professional Anti-Masons

Many malicious stories have been told against the Masons over the last couple of hundred years. 98% of these "Professional Anti-Masons" such as Pat Robertson (Whose father was a dedicated Mason) and Dr. James L. Holly, who are preaching the evils of Masonry have never been Masons and do not personally, know anything about the Masonic Lodge. The term, professional means that they sell Anti-Masonic books and pamphlets for profit. What better motive could they have for condemning the Masonic Lodge then to increase the sales of their inflammatory written books and booklets, thereby increasing their profits.

The only people in the world who know the truth are men who have worked their way through the degrees. This means these men swore 3 oaths to God with their right hand on the Bible that they would never reveal any thing learned in the lodge. WHAT DOES REVEALING ANY "FACTS" AFTER SWEARING THESE OATHS SAY FOR THEIR CHARACTER AND THE VALUE OF THEIR WORDS. In truth, many of the so called "experts" were rejected by the thorough character screening that all applicants must pass or were voted against by enough members of the lodge who had reason to reject him. A large part of this harassment is a form of revenge for this rejection. Then there is another group who went through 1 or more of the Masonic degrees and later dropped out because of some imagined slight by a member or members of the lodge.

Think about this, if the Masons really had evil intentions, why would they require 3 recommendations from men of the lodge (that are thoroughly checked), 5 character references from friends and neighbors (that are thoroughly checked), and after being checked, they must pass a vote by every member present at the meeting before anyone petitioning for membership is allowed to join the lodge. If the Masonic Lodge really had evil intentions, wouldn't it be better served by recruiting less scrupulous people.???

To point out Dr. Holly's mentality, here is an excerpt from one of his letters.

"Ninety nine percent of Masons have no concept about what they are involved in . . . They see it as a good ol' boy way of doing charitable works and getting away from the wife awhile, but they don't see how anti-Christian it is."
Does this mean that 99 out of every 100 Church going Masons who are trying to do good works and live up to the Christian faith are wrong and at Judgement Day, God will say "Sorry, you have to go to Hell for living and doing like I instructed you to."

I guess we would have to compare the 1 evil Mason out of the 100 to the 1 crooked preacher out of 100 who gets on the radio or TV and swindles the poor and elderly, out of a percentage of their Social Security and pension checks, in God's name, so he can maintain his mansions, limousines and extravagant life style. Using Dr. Holly's reasoning the 99 supporters of that crooked preacher's faith are doing the devil's work no matter how good they were in life and must be going to hell along with those 99 Masons.

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