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Welcome to the Rough Riders of the Fernandina Beach Shrine Club.

      The 'Rough Riders' were organized in 1964 and have been an active part of the Morocco Shriner Parades in the state of Florida. We experience the enjoyment of seeing people have fun and children smiling when they see a 'Shrine Clown' or a 'Funny' car. Keep those 'Buggy's' shined up and lets make the World Smile!

Let's make 2005 the best year we can by having fun and working hard. Nobles, we can, will and have made a difference. Remember... A Crippled Child's Smile Makes It All Worth While.

Check the Calendar and see when the next parade is and make it a point to be there. I guarantee a good time will be had by ALL.

                                                                                                       Fraternally  ,

                                                                                               Don "Gator" Schupp
                                                                                           Rough Rider President   


Fernandina Beach Shrine Club
                P.O. Box 942
Fernandina Beach Florida, 32034

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