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March 2005

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Saturday March 8th 2005 - Installation Day.

The Saturday started  bright and sunny with only the finish off the last little bits to the Chapter room, as the banquet tables and Chapter were set up no the Friday afternoon 

Elizabeth and I arrived early on the Saturday, just after 1pm  and I must say how lovely the Chapter looked with all the flowers around the room, some times I wish photo's could be taken to let every one see how nice the Chapters look before an Installation.

As it got closer to starting time of 2pm the hall started to fill up so that by the time for the Meeting to start there was about 140 members present.

A very nice touch was the little smiley badges handed out to all be for the meeting began. Sis Kay Van Lissum's theme being Friendship 


The visitors included representatives from The United Grand Chapter of Australia, The Grand Chapter of Queensland, South Brisbane District Grand Chapter, Burnett District Grand Chapter, North Queensland District Grand Chapter.

After the meeting part was over the Installation began and the visitors were into the Chapter Room. I thought the Grand Matron Sis Graydon and her Office Bearers did a wonderful job of Installing the Worthy District Grand Matron Sis Kay Van Lissum and Worthy District Grand Patron Bro Cyril Turner and Office Bearers of The Brisbane District Grand Chapter.

In my opinion it is a pity that a video can not be made to show intending members a little of our Order, after all we have open Installations and invite members of the public.

Unfortunately, I could not attend the banquet after the Installation, but from all reports it went smoothly and the food was great and a great time was had by all.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish Worthy District Grand Matron, Worthy District Grand Patron and office Bearers a wonderful year.

Sorry but have no photo's as yet but expect some for next time.

All Correspondence regarding this page to Robert Read

Robert Read
Peninsula Chapter 85


Worthy District Grand Matron Sis Kay Van Lissum
Worthy District Grand Patron Bro Cyril Turner
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