by William R. Fischer



There are duties owing by every Mason to his brethren. By allusion to certain points of the body, we are taught the "The Five Points of Fellowship."

1. To serve

2. Pray for

3. Keep the secrets of

4. Support

5. Counsel

We must be constantly reminded of these points so we will not lose sight of them, once we leave the Lodge. More the brother who does not attend than he who attends regularly.

As always, we forgive the brother who does not frequent the Lodge. We should, because we know not the reason for his absence.

The five points of fellowship are a daily responsibility, and should become a habit. They should be so familiar to us, that we would act upon them with no more thought, than would be give to washing your hands or opening a door.

We constantly help, or serve our family, our brothers, our friends, and even strangers when we see the need.

We pray for others and ourselves, for strength and for peace.

We diligently keep the secrets from our detractors, from the ignorant, from the obsessed.

We support those who try to make life better, and we support those who fail. Then we counsel them, so they may have more knowledge, more understanding..........more light.



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