by William R. Fischer



Most of us who went to coaches and not counselors learned very little about the three degrees in Masonry. We may know the degrees but not the history, we know the words but not the essence, we know the symbols but not the purpose of them. This is why we have counselors, and this is why we should talk to them, even now. More important, this is why we have five minute educational short talks.

Coaches, though well intended, have not the training nor the references needed to help the new brother learn the craft or answer the questions asked of them. Coaches have a place in Masonry. Counselors are not always available when a brother needs help. Coaches add the fellowship of brothers helping brothers, this is especially helpful in that it shows the new mason, that we are here and ready to help.

A good counselor has the knowledge to teach the new brother about the many parts of Masonry. If they do not have an answer to a question, they have the means to find it. They put forth an effort to answer all questions asked by any brother. In this way they are responsible for spreading more light to more brothers than any other person. The more counselors we have the more knowledge we can spread.



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