by William R. Fischer





Masonic behavior is a subject, if taken into the Lodge for debate, could take up a lot of time. Behavior changes with attitude and the ever shifting social structure.

In the old charges behavior was divided into six sections:

1. Behavior in Lodge.

2. Behavior after Lodge with members who did not attend.

3. Behavior when brethren meet outside the Lodge.

4. Behavior in the presence of non-members.

5. Behavior at home and in your neighborhood.

6. Behavior toward a strange brother.

Behavior is generally affected by two means:

1. By those around you.

2. By age.

Normally, we are respectful of the people around us, more now than when we were younger. We also have much more tolerance, mainly because of those who tolerated and respected us.

Our behavior is a reflection of who we are and as a Mason this image either improves or taints our institution. To be a considerate member of the Lodge and our brethren is easy. To be a person of integrity to strange brothers, non-members, and even those who would seek to discredit the fraternity, is the most important act of brotherly love one could do for his Lodge and its members.

A Lodge is only as good as its worse member, therefore strive to be a better person.



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