SMILING is infectious,
You can catch it like the flu,
When someone SMILED at me today,
I started SMILING too.

As I passed around the,
Altar and a Brother saw my grin,
When he SMILED,
I realized that I'd passed it on to him.

I thought about that little smile,
Then realized its true worth,
A single SMILE just like mine,
Could travel around the earth.





May the Father bless us now
As we each renew our vow,
Solemnly we gather 'round
On the level, brothers' ground,
Near the altar, on the square
Ready strength, we're each to share.
Yes, my brother, we do care.

R.M. Pruett






Initiated into the secret word,
We speak languages not spoken by any other people,
We give signs not known in any country,
We hear voices, not heard by any other human.

Which power keeps me in this light?
Who were strangers outside the Templegates,
Are Brethren now since thousand years.
And look! The stars above our heads!
I meet you in the middle of the earth
And on the faults of universe.







Brother, is there something between you and me?
The east is glowing in a golden candlelight,
we listen to Mozart, and think in different languages,
Yet, I understand you, as you understand me.

I dont know your place in your society,
I do not know to which God you daily pray,
There must be thousands things that separates you and I.
Brother, is there something between you and me?

You make the sign and know the word.
I know you now,
although you live under a different sky;
You are my brother, seated next to me.

Brother is there something between you and me?
Between us, in the chain, the secret lives.
I heard your heart, as you heard mine,
and from countless miles, we recognize.






When the pressures of recession
Make us concentrate on greed
Take heed, a worthy Mason
Cares about another's needs

Don't let pressures of the moment
Make your obligation sway
Stop and help a fallen brother
Or another by the way

What you give is like a bubble
Whenever you assist
What it costs in time and trouble
Is soon after, never missed

Brother, bear that obligation
You accepted on your knee
It's in direct relation
To your own security

Never hesitate, my brother
Square your actions now and say
"I'll remember I'm a Mason,
And behave like that today"

"With regard to human kindness
And the Golden Rule, I pray
I'll remember I'm a Mason,
And behave like that today

Robert W. Pinkerton




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