Numerical Order





1. American Union, Marietta, 17th District
2. N. C. Harmony, Cincinnati, 1st District
3. Old Erie, Warren, 25th District
4. New England, Worthington, 14th District
5. Amity, Zanesville, 18th District

6. Scioto, Chillicothe, 7th District
7. Morning Dawn, Gallipolis, 12th District
8. Harmony, Urbana, 9th District
9. Mt. Zion, Mt. Vernon, 19th District
11. Center Star, Heath, 19th District

12. Unity, Revenna, 25th District
13. St. Johns, Dayton, 2nd District
14. Franklin, Tory, 3rd District
16. Belmont, Belmont, 23rd District
17. Washington, Hamilton, 2nd District
18. Hiram, Delaware, 14th District

19. Jerusalem, Hartford, 25th District
20. Magnolia, Columbus, 14th District
21. Western Star, Youngstown, 24th District
22. Evergreen, Conneaut, 25th District
23. Pickaway, Circleville, 8th District
24. Warren, Piqua, 3rd District
25. Paramuthia, Athens, 17th District
26. Lebanon, Lebanon, 2nd District
28. Temple, Painesville, 25th District
29. Clemont, Williamsburg, 6th District
30. Columbus, Columbus, 14th District

33. Ebenezer, Wooster, 20th District
35. Mansfield, Mansfield, 20th District
37. Mt. Moriah, Beverly, 17th District
38. Highland, Hillsboro, 7th District
40. Northern Light/Sandford L. Collins/Calumet, Maumee, 11th District
42. Western Phoenix, Parkman, 25th District
43. West Union, West Union, 7th District
44. Columbia, Miamitown, 1st District
45. Steubenville, Steubenville, 24th District
47. Clinton, Massillon, 21st District
48. Aurora, Portsmouth, 7th District

49. Xenia, Xenia, 8th District
50. Science, Sandusky, 16th District
52. Wilmington, Wilmington, 8th District
54. Milford, Milford, 1st District
55. Eastern Star, Franklin, 2nd District
57. Lancaster, Lancaster, 13th District
58. Medina, Medina, 20th District
59. Tuscarawas, Dover 21st District
60. Canton, Canton, 21st District
61. Bethel, Bethel, 6th District
64. Mt. Vernon, Norwalk, 16th District
65. New Lisbon, New Lisbon, 24th District
66. Guernsey, Cambridge, 23rd District
67. Oxford, Oxford, 2nd District
69. Meridian Sun, Richfield, 21st District
70. Marion, Marion, 15th District
71. Union, Ripley, 6th District
72. Georgetown, Georgetown, 6th District
73. Temperance, Sidney, 3rd District
74. Seville, Seville, 20th District
76. Somerset, Somerset, 13th District
77. Tiffin, Tiffin, 16th District
78. Leesburg, Leesburg, 7th District
79. La Fayette, Zanesville, 18th District
80. Libanus, Lewisburg, 2nd District
82. Bolivar, Eaton, 2nd District
85. Jackson, Brownsville, 19th District
86. Center, Johnstown, 19th District
88. King Hiram, West Alexandria, 2nd District
89. Friendship, Barnesville, 23rd District
90. Jefferson, Middletown, 2nd District
91. Western Sun, Wheelersburg, 7th District
94. Montgomery, Mongromery, 1st District
96. Coshocton, Coshocton, 19th District
97. Newark, Newark, 19th District
98. Minerva, Minerva, 2nd District

100. New Carlisle, New Carlisle, 9th District
101. Clark, Springfield, 9th District
102. Felicity, Felicity, 6th District
103. Dresden, Dresden, 18th District
104. Batavia, Batavia, 6th District
105. Moriah, Powhatan Point, 23rd District
106. Fellowship, New Paris, 2nd District
107. Fayette, Washington Court House, 8th District
108. Wakatomica, West Bedford, 19th District
111. Corinthian, McConnelsville, 17th District
112. Wood County, Bowling Green, 11th District
113. Mechanicsburg, Mechanicsburg, 9th District
115. Hanover, Loudonville, 20th District
116. Hebron, Hebron, 19th District
118, Malta Lodge #, Norwich, 18th District
119. Goshen, Goshen, 6th District
120. McMakin, Mt. Healthy, 1st District
121. Mercer, St. Marys, 10th District
122. Moscow, Moscow, 6th District
123. Phoenix, Perrysburg, 11th District
124. Carroll, Carrollton, 24th District
126. Spartan, Millersburg, 20th District
127. Wellington, Wellington, 22nd District
132. Trowel, Jackson, 12th District
135. Butlerville, Butlerville, 2nd District
136. Sharon, Sharon, 18th District
137. Harrisville, Lodi, 20th District
138. Chandler, London, 9th District
139. Bucyrus, Buckrus, 16th District
141. McMillan, Cincinnati, 1st District
143. Greenville, Greenville, 3rd District
144. Toledo/Fort Industry, Toledo, 11th District
145. Valley, Malta, 17th District
147. Dayton, Dayton, 2nd District

149. Aberdeen, Aberdeen, 6th District
150. Buckeye Lodge, New Richmond, 6th District
151. Ashland, Ashland, 20th District

152. Venus, Mansfield, 20th District
153. Farmers, Fredonia, 19th District
158. Palestine, Marysville, 15th District
159. Camden, 2nd District
161. Mad River, West Liberty, 15th District
162. Yeatman, Cincinnati, 1st District
163. Waynesville, Waynesville, 2nd District
164. Pomeroy/Racine, Racine, 12th District
165. Hildreth, Republic, 16th District
166. Russellville, Russellville, 6th District
167. Harmer, Wapakoneta, 10th District
169. Lithopolis, Lithopolis, 13th District
170. Thrall, Frederickstown, 19th District
171. Mingo, Logan, 13th District
172. Doric, Deavertown, 17th District
174. Tippecanoe, Tipp City, 3rd District
175. Lone Star, Newcomerstown, 19th District
176. Warpole, Upper Sandusky, 16th District
177. New Philadelphia, New Philadelphia, 21st District
178. Lynchburg, Lynchburg, 7th District
179. Superior, West Unity, 5th District
180. Wellsville, Wellsville, 24th District
181. Bridgeport, Bridgeport, 23rd District
182. Smithfield, Smithfield, 24th District
184. Irville, Nashport, 18th District
185. Perry, Salem, 24th District
186. Wyoming, Cincinnati, 1st District
187. Star, Cuyahoga Falls, 21st District
189. Monroe, Woodsfield, 18th District
191. Blanchester, Blnachester, 8th District
193. Snow, Harrison, 1st District
194. Mystic Tie, Dennison, 21st District
195. Tu-en-da-wie, Defiance, 5th District
196. Bainbridge, Bainbridge, 7th District
198. Lawrence, Ironton, 12th District
199. Ohio, Bladensburg, 19th District
202. Port Washington, Gnadenhutten, 21st District
203. Marathon, Marathon, 6th District
204. Sharonville, Sharonville, 1st District
205. Lima, Lima, 10th District
206. Mt. Gilead, Denmark, 15th District
207. Delta, McArthur, 13th District
208. Hanselmann, Norwood, 1st District
209. Bellefontaine, Bellefontaine, 15th District

210. Olive, Mt. Ephraim, 18th District
211. Rushville, Rushville, 13th District
213. Summit, Twinsburg, 21st District
214. Hope, Delphos, 10th District
215. Bryan, Bryan, 5th District
217. Social, Lena, 3rd District
218. Van Wart, Van Wart, 4th District
219. Harrison, Harrison, 23rd District
220. Hubbard, Adamsville, 18th District
221. Madison, West Jefferson, 9th District
222. Rising Sun, Ashtabula, 25th District
224. Plainsfield, Plainsfield, 19th District
226. Mt. Olivet, Christiansburg, 9th District
227. Findlay, Findlay, 10th District
228. Hamer, Owensvile, 6th District
232. Lockbourne, Lockbourne, 14th District
236. Winchester, Winchester, 7th District
237. Rubicon, Toledo, 11th District
238. Chester, Chester, 15th District
239. Erie, Milan, 16th District
240. Groveport, Groveport, 14th District
241. Celina, Celina, 4th District
244. Monticello, Clyde, 11th District
245. Golden Gate, Chagrin Falls, 22nd District
246. Garrettsville, Garrettsville, 25th District
247. East Liberty, East Liberty, 15th District
248. Fulton, Delta, 5th District
249. Newton, Broadway, 15th District
250. New Lexington, New Lexington, 13th District
251. Hazen, Bethesda, 23rd District
252. Webb, Stockport, 17th District
253. Hoffoner, Cincinnati, 1st District
254. Sardinia, Sardinia, 6th District
255. Warsaw, Hamilton, 19th District
256. Napoleon, Napoleon, 5th District
257. Germantown, Germantown, 2nd District
258. Emery, Loveland, 6th District
261. Fairfield, North Fairfield, 16th District
265. Morrow, Morrow, 2nd District
268. Blazing Start, Nothe Lewisburg, 9th District
269. Mt. Sterling, Mt. Sterling, 9th District
271. Conrad, Alliance, 21st District
272. Arcana, Crestline, 16th District
273. Bellevue, Bellevue, 16th District
274. Village, Burton, 25th District
276. Allen, Columbiana, 24th District
278. Amesville, Anesville, 17th District
283. Anchor, Duncan Falls, 18th District
284. Relief, Pierpoint, 25th District
285. Clememte Amitie, Reiersville, 17th District
287. Sylvinia - Pyramid, Toledo, 11th District
288. Fostoria, Fostoria, 16th District
289. Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids, 11th District
291. Licking, Utica, 19th District
290. Versailles, Versailles, 3rd District
292. Boggs, DeGraff, 15th District

293. Bartlett, Bartlett, 17th District
295. Arcanum, Arcanum, 3rd District
298. Flushing, Flushing, 23rd District
300. Stafford, Stafford, 18th District
302. Willoughby, Willoughby, 25th District
301. Gibson, Wakeman, 16th District
303. Mt. Carmel, Richwood, 15th District
305. Stokes, Jefferson, 3rd District
306. Acadia, Spenserville, 10th District
307. Lake Shore, Madison, 25th District
308. Aurelius, Macksburg, 17th District
309. Frankfort, Frankfort, 7th District
311. Urania, Plain City, 9th District
313. Sullivan, Sullivan, 20th District
314. Wyandot, McCutchenville, 16th District
315. Riddle, East Liverpool, 24th District
316. Rockton, Kent, 25th District
317. Manchester, Manchester, 7th District
318. Greenfield, Greenfield, 7th District
321. Orient, Waverly, 7th District
322. East Townsend, Collins, 16th District
323. Clarksville, Clarksville, 8th District
324. Sabina, Sabina, 8th District
325. Ottawa, Ottawa, 4th District
329. Perserverance, Sandusky, 16th District
330. Caldwell, Bloivar, 21st District
332. Edenton, Edenton, 6th District
333. Unionport, Unionport, 24th District
334. Geneva, Geneva, 25th District
337. Coolville, Coolville, 17th District
338. New Home, Hanover, 19th District
339. Blendon, Westerville, 14th District
340. Reynoldsburg, Reynoldsburg, 14th District
341. Oliver H. Perry, Port Clinton 11th District
342. Tuscan, 25th District
343. Nevada, Nevada, 16th District
345. Harding-Concordi, Cleveland, 22nd District
346. North Bend, Cleves, 1st District
348. Salineville, Salineville, 24th District
349. Wauseon, Wauseon, 5th District
350. Shelby, Shelby, 20th District
352. Jamestown, Jamestown, 8th District
353. Orion, Kingsville, 25th District
356. Kilwinning, Cincinnati, 1st District
359. Marks, Huron, 16th District
360. Point Pleasant, Pleasant City, 23rd District
363. Middleport, Middleport, 12th District
362. Sunsbury, Beallsville, 18th District
364. Rufus Putnam, Columbus Grove, 4th District
365. Sinking Springs, Sinking Springs, 7th District
366. Portland, Oak Hill, 12th District
367. Attica, Attica, 16th District
368. Muskingum, Fultonham, 18th District
371. Centreville, Thurman, 12th District
372. Goodale, Columbus, 14th District
374. Matamoras, New Matamoras, 17th District
376. Bellville, Bellville, 20th District
377. Shanes, Rockford, 4th District
378. Senate, Forest, 10th District
380. Oberlin, Oberlin, 22nd District
381. Litchfield, Litchfield, 20th District
382. Quarry, Berea, 22nd District
385. Wadsworth, Wadsworth, 20th District
388. Forest City, Lyndhurst, 22nd District
390. Harmar, Marietta, 17th District
392. New Holland, Washington Court House, 8th District
397. Hart's Grove, Hart's Grove, 25th District
399. LaGrange, LaGrange, 22nd District
398. West Salem, West Salem, 20th District
400. Sparrow, Sunbury, 14th District
401. Leetonia, Leetonia, 24th District
404. Pataskala, Pataskala, 19th District
405. Mystic, Dayton, 2nd District
408. Sandy Village, Hanoverton, 24th District
411. Harrisonville, Harrisonville, 12th District
413. Fort Black, New Madison, 3rd District
414. Galion, Galion, 16th District
415. Freeport, Freeport, 23rd District
417. East Palestine, East Palestine, 24th District
418. Mt. Cory, Mt. Cory, 10th District
419. Madisonville-Madeira, Montgomery, 1st District
420. Carey, Cary, 16th District
421. Yellow Springs, Yellow Springs, 8th District
424. Ely, Vermilion, 16th District
426. Constitution, New Marshfield, 17th District
427. Green Springs, Green Springs, 16th District
428. Gerard, Newton, 1st District
429. Masterton, Lebanon, 18th District
430. Cedar, Orrville, 20th District
431. William McKinley, Canton, 21st District
433. Genoa, Genoa, 11th District
435. New Harmony, Cleveland, 6th District
436. Lowell, Lowell, 17th District
437. J. B. Covert, Withamsville, 6th District
438. Ionic, Bellaire, 23rd District
442. Gustavus, Kinsman, 25th District
446. Kirkwood, Hendryburg, 23rd District
447. Oliver, Caledonia, 15th District
448. Gage and Gavel, Chandlersville, 18th District
449. Bloomingburg, Bloomingburg, 8th District
451. Tontogany, Tontogany, 11th District
452. Symbol, Rock Creek, 25th District
453. Shade River, Chester, 12th District
455. Anthony, Springfield, 9th District
456. Siloam, Cheshire, 12th District
458. Jackson Center, Jackson Center, 3rd District
460. Juilliard, Louisville, 21st District
462. Newton Falls, Newton Falls, 25th District
463. LaRue, LaRue, 15th District
465. Lucasville, Lucasville, 7th District
466. Savannah, Guysville, 17th District
468. Jeffersonville, Jeffersonville, 8th District
469. Gallia, Eureka, 12th District
471. Jenkins, Irondale, 24th District
474. Edon, Edon, 5th District
475. Baltimore, Baltimore, 13th District
476. Humbolt, New Albany, 14th District
477. Gettysburg, Gettesburg, 3rd District
478. Hicksville, 5th District
482. Farmersville, Farmersville, 2nd District
481. Wick, Youngstown, 24th District
483. Cincinnati Lafayette, Cincinnati, 1st District
484. New Straitsville, New Straitsville, 13th District
486. Ohio City, Martins Ferry, 23rd District
489. Dover, Westlake, 22nd District
490. Frazeyburg, Frazeyburg, 18th District
493. Avery, Hilliard, 14th District
495. Oak Harbor, Oak Harbor, 11th District
496. Patriot, Patriot, 12th District
498. Halcyon, Cleveland, 22nd District
497. South Point, South Point, 12th District
499. Homeworth, Homeworth, 24th District
500. Quaker City, Quaker City, 23rd District
501. Heber, Williamsport, 8th District
503. Stonington, Amherst, 22nd District
504. Augusta, Augusta, 24th District
506. Amanda, Amanda, 13th District
507. Western Reserve, West Farmington, 25th District
508. Lyndhurst, Lyndhurst, 22nd District
510. Hudson, Hudson 21st District
513. Sagar, Lafayette, 10th District
514. Elliott, Canal Fulton, 21st District
516. Pemperville, Pemperville, 11th District
517. Adoniram, Akron, 21st District
518. Liberty Center, 5th District
520. Sycamore, Deshler, 5th District
521. Thornville, Thornville, 13th District
522. Wakeman, Waterville, 11th District
526. Shawnee, Shawnee, 13th District
528. Garfield, Shreve, 20th District
529. Cortland, Cortland, 25th District
530. Charity, Deerfield, 25th District
531. Pleasant Valley, Pleasantville, 13th District
532. Waterloo, Waterloo, 12th District
533. Mantua, Mantua, 25th District
534. Roby, Monroeville, 16th District
535. Rome, Portsmouth, 7th District
536. Ohio Valley, Crown City, 12th District
538. Black Diamond, Wellston, 12th District
539. Fort Recovery, Fort Recovery, 4th District
541. Weyer, Centerville, 23rd District
542. Avon-Miami, Golf Manor, 1st District
544. Shiloh, Shiloh, 20th District
545. Argus, Canfield, 24th District

547. Montpelier, Montlelier, 5th District
549. Dunkirk, Dunkirk, 10th District
550. Proctorville, Proctorville, 12th District
551. Tubal, Minerva, 21st District
554. Acme, District, 19th District
557. Trimble, Trimbole, 17th District
559. Queen City, Cincinnati, 1st District
560. Weston, Weston, 11th District
561. North Baltimore, North Baltimore, 11th District
562. Golden Rule, Willard, 16th District
563. York, Columbus, 14th District
564. Omega, Defiance, 5th District
565. Negley, Negley, 24th District
568. National, Barberton, 21st District
569. Wayne, Waynesfield, 10th District
570. Continental, Continental, 4th District
574. New Burlington, Spring Valley, 8th District
575. Gibsonburg, Gibsonburg, 11th District
576. Norwood-Winston Carthage, Norwood, 1st District

577. West Milton, West Milton, 3rd District
578. Dalton, Wilmington, 8th District
579. Enterprise, Sycamore, 16th District
580 Flat Rock, Payne, 4th District
581. Peebles, Peebles, 7th District
582. Collinwood, Euclid, 22nd District
583. Toronto, Toronto, 24th District
584. Corning, Corning, 13th District
585. Garrett Wykoff, Lima, 10th District
587. Scio Lodge, Scio, 23rd District
589. Hyde Park, Cincinnati, 1st District
590. Amelia, Amelia, 6th District
591. Peerless, Cooksville, 13th District
592. Eureka, Ohio City, 4th District
593. Bradford, Bradford, 3rd District

595. Neoacacia, Columbus, 14th District
596. Brookville, Brookville, 2nd District

597. Clarington, Clarington, 18th District
598. Enoch T. Carson, Cincinnati, 1st District
599. Euclid, Lyndhurst, 22nd District
600. Brenton D. Babcock Iris, Cleveland, 22nd District
601. Lakewood, Lakewood, 22nd District
602. West LaFayette, West Lafayette, 19th District
604. Cypress, Strasburg, 21st District
606. W. K. Ricksecker, Aurora, 25th District
607. Glouster, Glouster, 17th District
608. Bremen, Bremen, 13th District
609. Belpre, Belpre, 17th District
610. Meridian, Parma, 22nd District
613. Barton Smith, Toledo, 11th District
615. Youngstown, Youngstown, 24th District
619. St. Andrew's, Springfield, 9th District
620. Sherwood, Defiance, 5th District
621. John W. Barkley, North Olmstead, 22nd District
622. Cedarville, Cedarville, 8th District
623. West Gate, Columbus, 14th District
624. Logan Elm, Kingston, 7th District
626. Sebring, Sebring, 24th District
631. University, Columbus, 14th District
633. Heights Lionhear, Lydhurst, 22nd District
637. Linden, Columbus, 14th District
638. North Star, Cleveland, 22nd District
639. Ashlar, Twinsburg, 21st District
641. College Hill- H. S. Johnson, Cincinnati, 1st District
643. Damascus, Toledo, 11th District
649. Victory, Akron, 21st District
651. Acacia, Euclid, 22nd District

654. Byesville, Byesville, 23rd District
655. Caroll F. Clapp, Warren, 25th District
656. Capital City, Columbus, 14th District
659. Robinson Lock/Boaz, Toledo, 11th District
664. Clifton-Gaston Allen, Lakewood, 22nd District

665. Coventry-Akron, Akron, 21st District
668. Oakly, Cincinnati, 1st District
670. Ralph R. Rickly, Columbus, 14th District
671. Melrose, Reynoldsburg, 1st District
672. William Farr, Girard, 25th District
674. H. S. Kissell, Springfield, 9th District
676. Lathrop, Canton, 21st District
678. Mason, Mason, 2nd District
680. Mount Akra, Akron 21st District
681. East Liverpool, East Liverpool, 24th District
683. Charles T. Raymer-Convenant, Euclid, 22nd District

684. Community, Columbus, 14th District
686. Hugh L. Bates, Monroe, 2nd District
691. Pilgrim, Steubenville, 24th District
696. Sulgrave, Poland, 24th District
699. Cornerstone, Cleveland, 22nd District
700. Calvery, Golf Manor, 1st District
703. Rocky River, Rocky River, 22nd District
706. Fort Amanda, Lima, 10th District
707. Mariemont, Mariemont, 1st District
710. Trinity, Canton, 21st District
711. Michael L. Finnell, Fairborn, 8th District
714. Theodore Breck, Brecksville, 22nd District
716. John W. Durst, 2nd District
719. Benjamin Franklin, Hamilton, 2nd District
720. Crusader, Heath, 19th District
722. Indian Lake, Lakeview, 15th District
723. Albany, Albany, 17th District
724. Shadyside, Shadyside, 23rd District
725. Mid-Century, Avon Lake, 22nd District
728. Strongsville, Strongsville, 22nd District
729. Alpha, Kettering, 2nd District

730. Solar, Dayton, 2nd District
732. Luther B. Turner, Columbus, 14th District
735. Cuyahoga Falls, Cuyahoga Falls, 21st District
736. Parkside, Brooklyn, 22nd District
737. West Carrollton, West Carrollton, 2nd District
738. University Heights, Lyndhurst, 22nd District
742. Vandalia, Vandalia, 2nd District
743. Englewood, Englewood, 2nd District
745. George A. Holly, Painesville, 25th District
746. Harbor Light, Harbor Light, 11th District
748. Triangle, Columbus, 14th District
749. Edwin S. Griffiths, N Royalton, 22nd District
750. Barberton, Barberton, 21st District
751. Tubal, Minerva, 21st District
752. Portage Lakes, Akron, 21st District
753. Beaver Valley, Beavercreek, 8th District
755. Trotwood, Trotwood, 2nd District
757. Solon, Chargrin Falls, 22nd District
759. Colerain, Bevis, 1st District
761. Whitehall, Reynoldsburg, 14th District
762. Western Hills, Monford Heights, 1st District
764. Fairborn, Fairborn, 8th District
765. Meander, North Jackson, 24th District
768. Stow, Cuyahoga Falls, 21st District
769. Nauvoo, West Portsmouth,, 7th District
770. William H. Hoover, North Canton 21st District
771. Heath, Heath, 19th District
772. Mentor, Painesville, 25th District
773. High Point, 2nd District
774. Knollwood, Beavercreek, 8th District
775. Delhi Hills, Delhi Hills, 1st District
776. Silver Trowel, Warren, 25th District
777. Huber Heights, Huber Heights, 2nd District
778. Copper Penny, Vienna, 25th District
779. Millennium, Dayton, 2nd District
780. Triandria, Rock Creek, 25th District
781. Cleveland, Cleveland, 22nd District
782. South Gate - Potter, Canal Winchester, 14th District
783. Sunrise, Westerville, 14th District

784. Far Hills, Centerville, 2nd District
785. Caliburn, Cincinnati, 1st District
786. Black River, Lorain, 22nd District
787. Elyria, Oberline, 22nd District
788. Paragon, Oregon, 11th District
791. Blue Steel, Lorain, 22nd District
794. Niles McKinley, Niles, 25th District
UD Arts and Science Lodge, Hilliard 14th District




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