From early days to 716 BC





As soon as two men associated to grater there was a need for mutual assistance. Shortly thereafter some form of elementary fraternity appeared.

In many primitive societies was a Men's House. Here the leaders of the tribe met and admitted members with secret ceremonies. As the new members became proficient they were advanced from degree to degree. Some have sought to link these associations with Freemasonry of today, but there are too many missing links. All that is certain is that these Men's Houses had certain elements that resemble Freemasonry and may have been one of the ancestors of the Masonic Craft.

2781 BC - For scholars of "ancient" Masonry The Egyptian calendar is presumed to have started. Egyptian scientists determined each year to be of 365 days in length, divided into 12 months of 30 days each, and an extra five days added at the end. The Egyptian calendar was the basis for the Gregorian calendar, the one in use today in the Western world, July 19. (Source: American Mason Files)

1000 BC - Hiram Abif born about this time. Date unknown.

967 BC - Solomon's Temple begun.

960 BC - Solomon's Temple finished.

In the Ancient World were organizations that have been given the name of "Ancient Mysteries" consisting chiefly of the Mystery of Mithras, The Eleusinian Mysteries (in Greece) and The Druids (in England). These associations had secret ceremonies which zealous Masons have sought to link with Freemasonry, but none have succeeded in supplying the evidence; too many assumptions must be made to support such a thesis.




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