On April 29th, 1865, a dispensation was given to Boise Lodge from the Grand Lodge of Oregon, and John Kennaly was appointed Worshipful Master. At the time the minutes record no number for our lodge and we are listed as U D., or Under Dispensation, only. At the first meeting of our lodge officers were appointed and the first "committee of two were appointed to draft the necessary Constitution & Bye Laws." This task was delegated to Brothers J.W. Moore and H.W Leech. On May 6th 1865 Boise Lodge U. D. again met. The new Constitution and By Laws were, on motion, read and adopted. After three special communications to exemplify the degrees' Boise Lodge U.D. met on their stated communication June 3rd 1865. During this meeting three petitions for the degrees were read and their committees dispatched. While all three committees reported favorably, only two of the petitions balloted on were accepted. The Grand Secretary (of Oregon I presume) sent a letter that was read in Lodge declaring the Mount Moriah Lodge No.8 of Rhode Island to be a clandestine lodge and all members of the said lodge were deemed clandestine masons except those listed in a circular that was also read. A motion was made to petition Grand Lodge for a charter and officers were elected. Brother James W. Moore was elected as Worshipful Master for the year 1866. The charter was granted and on July 24, 1865 Boise Lodge No.37 opened for the purpose of installing officers.

On September 2nd, 1865 a communication was read from Placer Lodge No.38 inviting delegates of Boise Lodge No.37 to meet on the first Monday in October in Idaho City for the purpose of considering the establishment of a Grand Lodge in Idaho Territory. Secretary, Brother Joseph H. Misener, informed Placer Lodge No.38 that Boise Lodge No.37 disapproved of the idea. While at the July 7th, 1866 stated communication the Secretary of Boise Lodge No. 37 was required to read a communication sent to the several subordinate lodges requesting each to send three delegates to meet at the Lodge in Idaho City for the purpose of establishing a Grand Lodge in the Idaho Territory. Idaho Lodge No.35 and Placer Lodge No.38 responded favorably on the 1st of September. The meeting was set for September 30th. The committee reported back favorably on the 4th of October as to the importance of establishing a Grand Lodge in Idaho Territory.

On October 12th, 1867 a communication from Idaho Lodge No. 35 was read setting the date for a convention, to be held in Idaho City, to constitute a Grand lodge for Idaho Territory. Brother G.W. Paul, A. Haas, L. F. Cartree, T. E. Logan and John Kennally were appointed as representatives from Boise Lodge No. 37. On December 16th, 1867 the convention was held and on December 17th the Grand Lodge of Idaho was formed. Brother George H. Coe was elected M. W. Grand Master and Brother George W. Paul, Deputy Grand Master. After application to the Grand Lodge of Idaho a charter was issued on June 23rd, 1868 to Boise Lodge No. 2 A.F.&A.M.



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