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July 15, 2002

Hello everyone!!


The Bethel returned yesterday from Grand Session - and boy is everyone tired! The girls had an excellent time and came back with lots of really wonderful ideas and Jobie spirit!

On Thursday night, Stacey Hampton represented the Bethel in the Grand Opening as one of the Honored Queens from 2001-2002. At Friday afternoon's Grand Bethel Meeting, Stacey Hampton was selected as the new Grand Bethel Chaplain, Mira Cox was chosen as the new Grand Bethel Representative to Maryland, and Kasey Lanham was chosen as the new Grand Bethel Representative to South Carolina. They were installed to their new position on Friday night. On Saturday night Meera Kapoor and Stacey Hampton represented the Bethel in the Grand Guardian Council Installation as the 2002-2003 Honored Queens.

One of my favorite memories from Session happened Friday night before the compeition awards were given out. Bethel 22 led the entire gymnasium full of Jobies in chants and cheers! At the awards ceremony, Danielle Heim was awarded a first and second place award in the Arts and Crafts competition and placed first in the Sewing competition! Congratulations Danielle!!

ON TAP FOR THIS WEEK . . . . . .


This Coming Soon pertains to the Line Officers and Council Members - - look in your email boxes for an annoucement of a called meeting. I need as many of you there - as this will be a very important meeting.

BIRTHDAYS. . . . .

Happy Birthday to Mom Alicia Szramoski on July 20.


"Bless and protect we pray Thee, our Master Masons who give us heritage."

See you all this weekend!

~*~Mom Melanie~*~

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