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February 25, 2002

Hello everyone! I hope you all have recovered from a busy weekend!!


On Saturday morning the Bethel competed in the Northern Virginia Ritual Competition. We are all waiting anxiously for the results of the competition - - as our girls did wonderfully!!

Saturday evening the Alexandria-Washington Lodge No. 22 hosted their annual George Washington Birthday Dinner. The Bethel set up, served and cleaned up afterward. Thank you to Dad Matt Szramoski and Dad Rob Mertz for cooking sunch a wonderful meal. Thank yous go out to: Mom Mona, Mom Hampton, Mom and Dad Groner, Stacey, Jenna, Mira, Meera, Katie, Danielle, Kori, Kasey and Kailyn for working very hard to make sure that the dinner was a success. You were all given many high compliments from the Masons in attendance, and I know the Worshipful Master (Dan Clark) was impressed with the work you all did. ON TAP THIS WEEK..... On Saturday night, Mom and Dad Hampton will be hosting a Movie Night at their house from 7 p.m. until 11:30 p.m. I heard rumors that a comedy night was preferred amongst the members of the Bethel. Please bring $5 for pizza and have your parents pick you up at 11:30 from the Hampton's house. At least one more chaperone will be needed for this event.

On Sunday, we will have a regular Bethel meeting honoring Mother Mick, the founder of Job's Daughters. Mom Linda is planning a "birthday party" for refreshments - - so come ready to eat! Please come to the Bethel meetings in a dress or a skirt. Jeans, non-dressy pants, etc. are not permitted.


March 9 at 1 p.m. -- Tour of the Temple/Picnic


Just a reminder that your project proposals are due on March 13 at the council meeting. You are expected to come to the meeting and present your projects to the council members. Please have your ideas written down on paper and have enough copies for each council member (there are 9) so that we may refer back to your project during our business meetings. Please get in touch with each other and find out what types of projects everyone is planning on doing - - - we don't want all 5 of you to do the same project!!


A Past Bethel Guardian from 1955-1956 passed away last week. A card has been sent to the family on behalf of the Bethel.


Session information IS NOT in yet. It is expected to arrive this month. However, you can still plan!!!! If you do any sort of arts and crafts, or you plan an instrument -- you can enter competitions at session. Begin thinking about what it is you would like to enter. Information will be copied and given to you when it comes in.


"Beautiful and gracious in manner."

Have wonderful week -- see you on Saturday night!

~*~Mom Melanie~*~

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