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October 15, 2002

Hello -

I hope everyone enjoyed their three day weekend!


Due to the recent shooting near Arlington, Bethel 1 has postponed their meeting, scheduled for October 15. No replacement date has been set.


This past Saturday a few of our daughters traveled to the Masonic Home in Richmond to participate in Masonic Family Day. Our girls participated in some of the activities and spent some time with our Bethel grandparents.

On Sunday, a large group met at Mom Melanie's house for the Mystery Trip. We got in the cars and drove to Winchester. After passing Dinosaur Land 4 times, we finally reached our destination: The Corn Maze! However, because we got so lost, we got there a bit late and the maze was closed. Instead, we went through the Haunted House and picked apples! We then got in our cars and drove to Fuddrucker's for dinner. After dinner, the girls went to Bowl America to bowl a game - then went to the Hampton's house for a sleep-over.


Grand Visitation is THIS SATURDAY. Rehearsal will begin at 3 p.m., SHARP. You should bring your robes and food for the reception to the rehearsal. ALL MEMBERS WILL BE ASKED TO PROVIDE REFRESHMENTS AND ARE EXPECTED TO SUPPLY WHAT THEY ARE ASKED - REGARDLESS OF WHETHER OR NOT THEY ARE ATTENDING THE GRAND VISITATION! It is not fair for the few girls who are attending to supply all of the food for the G.V. You will be asked to bring certain items through your line officer. No, you may not change your item. The menu was created in September and we will not stray from the menu.

We want to make a good impression - so PLEASE, WASH and IRON your robe. Bring you with you: white hose, a long white slip and your white slippers. Remember, no nail polish. Also remember that you are allowed to wear two small rings, a watch and stud earrings (gold, silver or pearl ONLY.) No necklaces, toe rings, anklets, etc. YOU SHOULD ALSO BRING MONEY FOR PIZZA!!!!

On Sunday, we are offering another trip to a corn maze. We've found one closer than Winchester to go to - and the adults would like to get you there! We will be meeting at Mom Melanie's house at 12:30 p.m., please be ON TIME. Make sure that you bring money with you to pay for the corn maze. We will call when we are leaving the corn maze. Everyone should be picked up at Mom Melanie's house. Sign up with your Line Officer this week.

COMING SOON . . . . .

  • October 20 - NO BETHEL MEETING
  • October 21 - Counil/Line Officer Meeting at the Groner's House - 7:30 p.m.
  • October 26 - Halloween Party - - Set up begins at noon. Look for directions to appear on the Guardian's Corner next week. Sleep-over at the Hampton's to follow.
  • November 3 - Regular Bethel Meeting.

SAVE YOUR JARS . . . . .

Are you saving your PB and J jars? Please bring your jars to the GV and/or the Corn Maze. Dad James needs your jars!

IN TUNE WITH 22 . . .

Don't forget to give Mom Mona your ticket stubs/programs to get credit!


"Harmony is essential to all organizations . . ."

See you on Saturday,

Mom Melanie

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