The logo above says it all - "To be one, ask one!" That's about all there is to it. With the exception of one or two state Grand Lodges (Connecticut is not one of them), Masons are forbidden to recruit members or ask non-Masons to join, no matter how well-qualified a Mason may believe someone to be. This is done to ensure that candidates come of their own free will. You don't need to be invited; if you're interested, act!

      The simplest way to do this is to ask a friend who is a Mason for a petition to join. Don't think you know any Masons? Ask around. Think of your friends and acquaintances, and who among them you greatly respect and admire, someone who may be well-respected in your community, church, or workplace. Chances are, he's a Mason. Ask older relatives; if they aren't Masons themselves, they probably know one.

      Still not having any luck? Watch your local newpaper's clubs & events listings; most lodges publish meeting times and places. Check your phonebook listings for "Fraternal Organizations." Once you've located a nearby lodge, simply contact or visit the lodge and ask for a petition to join. Most lodges meet once or twice a month, so check frequently for dates and times of meetings. You may not be able to contact anyone at the lodge other than days when meetings are being held.

      If all else fails, don't give up! You may also contact your state's Grand Lodge and ask for assistance. Our LINKS page has a link to Connecticut's Grand Lodge, which also has a directory of lodges within CT as well as links to Grand Lodges in other states. MASTERMASON.COM also maintains links to Grand Lodges and individual lodges listed by state. The Grand Lodge of your state, usually acting through the Grand Secretary and his staff, will be happy to assist you and put you in contact with a local lodge.


Membership Requirements

      In order to become a Mason, you must be male, at least 21 years of age, hold belief in a Supreme Being, and be of good character and under no "restraint of liberty." (No convicted felons, or Masons suspended or expelled in another jurisdiction may apply.) In addition, you must have lived in your state of residence for at least 6 months. Loyalty to one's country is an essential qualification; disloyalty in any form is abhorrent to a Mason and is a serious Masonic offense.

      It should be noted that you will be under some financial obligation to the fraternity, through entrance fees, annual dues, and possibly charitable donations. No man should enter into Freemasonry with the expectation that he will derive any financial benefit from it, to promote his business, in the hope of personal gain or advancement, or social prestige. Anyone joining under such unworthy motives will be bitterly diappointed.

sqcomp.gif - faith, hope, & charity       That being said, a man who enters into Freemasonry through the desire to build friendships, to become a better person, to learn, and to help others will find Freemasonry to be one of the most rewarding things he has done, and some of the most fascinating and uplifting experiences of his life.